The Psychology Of Extreme Sports & Infographic

Many of us watch extreme sports, feeling a leap of excitement when we watch death defying stunts or tricks. And I’m sure many think, “I could never do this.”

But for those who are actually an integral part of the Extreme Sports World, this is just taking life one day at a time, doing the things you love to do.

What goes on in the mind of someone who about to leap off a cliff in a wingsuit, or go mountain biking down steep terrains or even someone who is about to tackle Everest? Are they scared? Worried? Nervous? Do they even feel fear?

The team at Extreme Sports Land wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes for people who do Extreme Sports and created this Infographic after their research to shed some sort of light in this world – which is becoming more popular day by day.

Extreme Sports Psychology Infographic

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Many studies reveal the psychology of extreme sports athletes – they are inherently more confident in what they do than most other people. This is because of many weeks, months and even years of rigorous workouts, regular practice sessions mental preparation, and fitness of both body and mind to overcome the challenge of the task ahead.

Fear is something that holds many of us back – I would love to be able to leap off in a wingsuit – feeling one with the birds, but I keep thinking that I’ll have a heart attack on the way down – and I’m not old by any means.

Behind The Scenes

What we see on videos posted on YouTube is only the tip of the iceberg – the part that does bring fame and glory – but without the rigorous training behind the feat, the feat wouldn’t be possible. It is not so easy to take up an Extreme Sport on a whim. You can decide to go biking around the park near your home, or go hiking in the hills or trails nearby, but tackling big mountains and racing down death defying angles needs a different kind of mind set.

You need to not only train your body – but also your mind. Extreme Sport athletes work on mental and physical exercises, honing and perfecting their techniques, as their knowledge and strength are the only things they can rely on when out in the field.

Just like any successful project has stages of prep, hard work, research and more – similarly, training for extreme sports activities is no piece of cake either.

Stages of Prep

You need to first find an Extreme Sport you’ve always been aching to try out – don’t do it under peer pressure or go for it on a whim without any prior training. You have to start strengthening your muscles, some which you probably forgot you even had.

On the bright side of things, extreme sport athletes have super clear concentration, better reflexes, lower anxiety and let’s face it – in way better shape than the average person. Studies of extreme sport enthusiasts reveal that these people don’t let their fear control them. Instead, they use that fear to act like a constant reminder of the dangers that lie ahead so that they are always better prepared for the situation at hand.

Not only that, they also use the fear to push their limits. When we go beyond what our minds advise us not to, you get an adrenaline rush that make you feel euphoric.

This euphoria is better than any drug in the world, and it’s a way of your brain rewarding you for surpassing the challenge that your mind registered.

Extreme Sports is More Common Than You Think

The world of Extreme sports is not confined to just a specific few who are deemed crazy with a death wish. More and more people have ventured into this world, to get a taste for the thrill of life and danger, but with a dose of caution.

Amateurs can now try sky diving, mountaineering, bouldering, rock climbing, or shooting at each other while playing paintball. The only difference is you have a lifeline and a support system that will prevent you from harm’s way – while the experts take a leap of faith in their own abilities to tackle the danger ahead. Have you always wondered what it feels like to be a sniper? Airsoft is another great extreme sport that's very popular. Gather your friends, grab the best airsoft sniper rifle, and enjoy the thrill!

If you want to try out an extreme sport, all you have to do is switch on your TV or go online – there are so many different extreme sports to choose from. All you have to do is choose your preferred extreme sport and follow through with it.

No guts, no glory.

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