Paintball Tips For Girls

If you are just getting started on this intense and challenging game, you should be fully prepared with the necessary equipment and the knowledge you need before you begin. Not only should you be aware of the type of equipment you need and the rules but also tips to help keep you protected — from what to wear to first-time tips to help get your feet wet.

Before getting into your first game or after a few rounds in the field, you might have figured some of these out yourself, but there are some topics that your friends might not have told you. Especially if your guy friends are the ones that invited you to play paintball in the first place, they might not have realized some tips that you needed to know.

Choose Your Outfit with Purpose

Pick out loose clothing

Choose material that is easy to move around with, like sweatpants, but make sure they are thick enough to provide some padding. You can feel free to pack on the layers until you get used to the feeling of getting shot. Even though the paint comes off, it’s always best to choose clothes that you can harmlessly part from.

Don’t forget the girls

When you're out there playing, your guy friends might not have told you how much a paintball hurts, especially when getting hit in the chest. If you are wearing layers, you should be fine. However, for those times of the year where it is too hot for layers, look into buying a paintball chest protector or an extra-padded sports bra.

Even in paintball, colors matter

Although you are not looking to make a fashion statement out there on the field, you will want to pick your colors carefully. Before you go out to play, scope out the environment you will be playing in. For example, Some indoor playing fields have obstacles that are certain colors or a ground or walls that are specific colors that aren't exactly forest camouflage. Therefore, if you choose a forest green and the obstacles are royal blue, your camouflage won’t be as effective as you originally thought. If you're not sure what color the paintball field will be, aim for dark colors like black, gray, brown, and forest green.

Ponytail, bun, or braid

Although this might seem obvious, pulling your hair back will help you on the field. Just like any sport where there is active running, your hair needs to be pulled out of your face to be able to see. If you want to get into specifics — a very high ponytail or bun will be used best with most masks that you might use. You can also opt for a low, tight braid. If you are really worried about paint in your hair, you shouldn't be paintballing, however, a bandana can cover your hair. The paint usually easily washes out. It is oil-based, after all.

Wear running shoes or comfortable shoes

A thick shoe is your sweet spot but when it comes to aspects of your shoes, they should be: comfortable, able to run in them, and thick enough to have protection for the whole foot — but especially the toes.

Don’t forget your hands

Finding good gripping gloves to be able to handle equipment but provides enough padding so that it doesn't hurt when you take a shot to the hand is what you're aiming for. These gloves not only help you operate equipment, keep you warm, keep you protected but will also help you crawl on the ground without having to worry about hurting yourself.

Don’t be shy

If you are playing in a team-like setting, this is where we girls come out on top. We communicate much better, usually, than our male counterparts. Therefore, use this to your advantage. Even if you don't know the people you're playing with, talking can not only help you with your strategy but also help you develop some friends that share the same interest as you do, now.

Don’t be afraid of the paintball

The first shot will hurt you — shock you more than hurt. However, it’s not too painful and once you get over the initial hit, you'll start to really jump into the game.

Playing a new sport and wading into those unknown waters can be a scary feeling. However, if you have taken preventative measures, you should be ready to take it on and have fun — which is ultimately the purpose of the game — that, and showing up all those guys out there.

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