History Of Paintball: Origins and Evolution

Paintball Origins & Evolution

According to the Sporting Goods Association, they have ranged that around ten million Americans across the country play paintball. However, its popularity hasn’t limited to just this generation. The origins of paintball can be traced back a few decades. Combining outdoor hunting and that survival adrenaline and the idea of hunting, paintball was invented.How It All …

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Does Paintball Hurt?

Does Paintball Hurt

Banter in the office has seen me signing up for a paintball competition with the boys. My first thought was that it would be a nice way of getting closer with my colleagues and my manager, until I spoke to my wife about it. How much does paintball hurt? Was all she asked. Nobody seems …

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What Are Paintballs Made Of?

What Are Paintballs Made Of

If you’ve ever played paintball, chances are you’ve gone home covered in brightly colored paint. But have you ever thought about what exactly that paint is, and what makes up a paintball?  While the specific ingredients vary by manufacturer, the paintball as a whole isn’t made of your standard interior wall paint or the stuff the artist …

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Paintball Strategy and Tactics 101: Beginner Paintball Tips

101 Beginner Paintball Tips

Paintball is a game where strategy is the key to victory. If you are a paintball newbie, but would love to dive into the military style tactics leading to a sweet victory, then you should DEFINITELY read up on the tips given below. Why? Because chances are, you’ll be up against pros or paintball veterans who …

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How To Play Different Types of Paintball Games

Different Types Of Paintball Games

Think you’re an ace at video games and want to relive your first person shooter games in real life? Paintball is the easiest and most fun option, one that takes you over different scenarios, terrains and even actually handling the equipment in a team based situation. Before you think it’s just a point and shoot game, …

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Different Types of Paintball

Different Types Of Paintball

Want to unleash your competitive spirit? Well, paintball is the answer to your wants! Paintball is a competitive sport that involves the use of paintballs, which are fired from paintball guns, and these paintballs burst on impact, marking you as eliminated if they hit you. Just when you thought that paintball was simply running around with …

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