Most Accurate Paintball Gun For 2018

When it comes down to it, the quality of your tool of choice can dictate the success you have on the field. You can train your aim and get it on point every time when you're in a target practice type setting, but once you're on the field, that’s when it starts to count.

Being pushed under pressure, hands sweating, and your team counting on you to make the shot can easily be enough to take you out of your game.

However, if you’ve invested in accurate paintball guns, you can rely on your equipment a little more than your confidence.

If you're looking for the most accurate paintball gun on the market, we have a few that can help you hone in on your target and be reliable enough to hit it when it counts the most. Let us take you through our guide on picking out the most accurate paintball gun and what you need to know.

The Importance Of Accuracy At Paintball 

Most Accurate Paintball Gun

Regardless of what type of player you are, whether you're one who likes to get down and spray out shots with a calm nature and precision or you're a speed player and need the accuracy of your gun to mark your target, bottom line is, that you need to have an accurate paintball gun that’s got your back.

The dependence of your success as a player is the accuracy of your shot. Even if you're playing on an amateur-basis, your team is still counting on you to knock off hits and be able to gun someone down with point-and-shoot accuracy. Investing in the most accurate paintball gun can help not only your game but can help your team. These products rank the highest in accuracy and when it comes down to landing those Hail Mary shots, it can mean the difference between winning and losing for your team.

Types Of Paintball Markers

Depending on the type of player you are, your accuracy and your tallied hits can depend solely on the type of gun you have. A paintball marker can either be a short range shooter or a long range. Identifying which one best suits you or what type you need for your game is also crucial to your success.

Short range

When you're scanning the market, short range markers are the most common types of guns you'll find. They are extremely popular because most games are being played indoors on short-medium fields. Purely focused on their purpose of delivering the shot in a short-range paintball game, these guns are your go-to when you're also just getting started and need to depend on a gun to make the shot. Most beginning paintballers start off with these types of games, so they will be needing this type of marker.

Long Ran

For the more advanced, long range paintball guns are for specialized long distance shooting. Since they can hit their target at such a far, sniper-distance, they are usually much more expensive than short range. But if you are looking to improve your accuracy in a short amount of time, it might be worth it to invest in a long range marker.

How To Improve Your Accuracy

Having the most accurate paintball gun might not be as effective as you would have hoped if you don't know how to improve your accuracy.

Gun Maintenance 

You're only as good as your last shot. The good news is, maintaining your paintball gun is actually quite simple, but there are a few tips you need to know and follow to keep it running smoothly.

1. Never use oil in your gun that isn't specifically for paintball markers. This is necessary to keep your O-rings functioning properly. Also, use the right amount of oil. If you have too much, your gun will be more susceptible to collecting dirt in it.

2. Keep it clean, always wipe it down after use and scoop out the mud or dirt from the inside and outside of it.

3. If you can avoid it, try not to take your gun apart too often. However, if you are taking it apart, remove the barrel and get it clean with a squeegee.


Even the most accurate paintball guns can’t improve your shot on their own. Just like in every sport, improving takes practice, and just like with any skill, repetition is key to being able to nail the action even when stress comes into play. If you're looking to practice, finding out where the closest shooting range can help you improve your accuracy. Most shooting ranges these days even have a specific area devoted to paintball players.

Purchase Parts To Improve Accuracy Of Your Current Gun

Extra additions to your marker can also help you make the most accurate paintball guns even better. You can simply upgrade your marker with barrels which are most effective within the first six inches, tanks like a high pressure air tank instead of a Co2 bottle, or triggers, like a double trigger, response trigger, and electronic trigger.

Now that you know what you should look for in a paintball marker, here are our top five paintball guns, judged on design, fire power, and accuracy.

5 Most Accurate Paintball Guns Of 2018



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1. Empire Axe

Editor's Choice



2.4 lbs


2. Planet Eclipse ETEK5 




2.2 lbs


3. Empire BT Dfender

Woodsball Choice



4.2 lbs


4. Tippmann X7



3.14 lbs


5. D3FY Sports D3S



2.5 lbs


1. Empire Paintball Axe Marker

Most Accurate Paintball Gun (Editor's Choice)


The Empire Paintball Axe Marker has an extended grip frame which is a new grip that is updated from the last model for increased comfort while you're playing. It also has a unique push-button bolt removal system, which makes maintenance much easier than ever before.

The dust green and dust black colors also benefit when you're on the playing field and are looking for a gun with camouflage colors. This marker also has multiple adjustable firing modes, which keeps your enemies on their toes, with Semi, PSP ramping, NXL, and Millennium ramping modes all available and at your fingertips.

Fire Power

With all the different modes on this marker, this high-end paintball gun can unload paint at quick speeds unmatched on the market. The best part is, it doesn't take much effort from you either. The e-trigger system is not only dependable, it is also highly adjustable, which it needs to be, depending on the type of game you're playing and what you need from your gun.


Possibly the most accurate paintball gun on the market, the Empire Paintball Axe Marker is for intermediate to advanced level players who want to put dependability in each one of their shots. When paired up with a quality HPA tank, you can be unstoppable.

  • Easy maintenance for the clean up after and before each use
  • The marker is also quieter, which can allow for a better shot when on the field
  • plus
    It is also a lighter weight model, which improves your experience. Speedball is a breeze without having to deal with an auto-loader
  • We didn't find any!

2. Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Gun

High-End Most Accurate Paintball Gun


The Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker has multiple features that set it apart from other guns on the market. Not only does it have a larger valve chamber, it also has a magnetic trigger return, ramping and semi-auto modes, a contoured dual-density grip and console for comfort but also infra-red break beam sensors, which we think really sets it apart from most.

The Eclipse also comes in a variety of different colors, from black, red, blue, and white to Earth camouflage, Forest camouflage, and other unique patterns that will set you apart from the rest.

Fire Power

The shot quality and feel of the gun has been rumored to be much better than the Axe, so if you're looking for a speedball marker, this might be your perfect go-to gun. The fire power can be handled from different level types of players, from novice to a pro.


When it comes to accuracy, the trigger can be adjusted but when it’s done, the marker provides you with accuracy like no other and constant precision.

  • The camouflage color for wood paintballing, perfect for mid-range marker, light and durable.
  • Good deal for this type of quality and perfect for speedball type play.
  • Needs to be cleaned because the paint heads too far into the gun, however, the maintenance normally doesn't seem to be a problem.

3. Empire Paintball BT Dfender Marker


The Empire Paintball Dfender Marker looks heavy duty in its own right. However, it is not only reliable because of its appearance; it also has the additive features to keep it at a high class in design and productivity. The marker has a self-calibrating loader speed sensor and break-beam eyes in its breach to prevent ball cops.

The maintenance is basic and easy, not needing many tools and minimal battery change. The marker also boasts a lightweight feel and is filled with magnesium shells for high strength when it comes to shooting and landing your mark.

Fire Power

The integrated hopper and full equipment usually mean frequent reloading but it also means more power with every reload. The burst mode also is a popular favorite for its power and speed.


The long barrel boasts an increase in improved accuracy. The Empire Marker makes it simple to make your shot, although it is a bit heavier.

  • Comfort while holding and the various designs and colors available for serious camouflage.
  • It comes directly set up, right from the box
  • plus
    Extremely accurate.
  • It is longer and heavier than usual but that’s out of a personal preference to the user.

4. Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker Gun


The Tipmann x7 Phenom Paintball Marker Gun gives the feel of a real gun but comes with the fun of a paintball marker. Highly efficient, the Tipmann has pushpin construction which makes it easy for field stripping when you're in the middle of a game and has a two position selector switch, which is adjustable while you're in the midst of play.

The marker boasts an all-metal trigger that improves stability, all the while having a compact and lightweight aluminum body, which is contrary to its visual appearance, which looks heavy duty. The marker also has a quick release magazine with a built-in tool storage, perfect for rapid play and release.

Fire Power

As its heavy-duty visual suggests, the fire power also comes with a sound to make it more realistic. The toggle is smooth upon adjusting and can shoot out rapid fire without having one ball break in the barrel, despite its power.


Lightweight and accurate, the marker shoots also with speed. Accuracy doesn’t have to be compensated because of its high-speed full auto option. The mark can still be hit every single time.

  • Boasts accuracy and high-speed shots
  • Lightweight material
  • plus
    Customer service and warranty is also a plus even though you probably won’t need it

5. D3FY Sports D3S Paintball Gun


The D3FY Sports D3S Paintball Gun sets apart from the rest because of the design, colors, and various attributes in its design. The marker comes with auto cocker threads, an F2 Bolt Engine, and lower pressure operation.

Coming in various different colors for optimal camouflage or for personal preference, you can purchase the D3FY Sports Gun in black, grey, red, green, white, teal, and other combinations of colors. The gun also has four different modes of fire, which can improve your rapid fire accuracy. It has Semi, Full auto, PSP Ramp, and 3 Shot Burst.

Fire Power

A fast shooting marker, the D3FY Sports Paintball Gun boasts performance as its top priority, loading out shots at a good range and a high speed. Its fire power is equipped with the ability to run through multiple — thousands of rounds without having issues upon usage.


The lightweight material yet sturdy design makes it simple to land your shot. The marker boasts a strong performance with its accuracy.

  • Accuracy and reliability when it comes to making the shot under pressure.
  • The marker is also easy to maintain and easy to program.
  • plus
    The company delivers fast and the gun shoots fast.
  • plus
    Highly recommended for new players and beginners to paintball because of its simple-to-use features.
  • It uses a lot of air, leakage, the reg spring and the heavy tinkering it needed as it came right out of the box.

Accuracy & Ammo 


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When it comes down to it, accurate paintball guns rely a lot on its various features, ammo among them. High-quality paint is necessary for a high-quality shot. If you cheap out on your ammo, they will break easily on the way to your target. Even if you have the best marker out there on the market or the most accurate paintball gun, your low-quality paintball will make it not only harder to hit your target but also can clog up your paintball gun. Having a clogged up marker can make you run into a whole other mess of problems of what you don't need when trying to play.

Final Verdict 

After reading this guide, now you know what it takes to get not only the most accurate paintball gun but the various features and different characteristics you need to look out for when trying to improve your overall accuracy in the game. Not only can your gun make a difference to your game, there are also other components and materials that come into play.

We hope that this guide has helped you understand better what you need to know when it comes to maintenance, features, characteristics, and extra additives. We also hope you take into consideration the various models we’ve ranked for you to choose which paintball gun is perfect for your level, budget, and overall target goal.

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