What Are First Strike Paintball Rounds

Most paintball rounds are limited to the power of the paintball gun itself get the best accuracy and velocity. This is not true when it comes to the Tiberius Arms First Strike paintballs. Using a different design that increases their aerodynamic ability, first strike paintballs can take your paintball gameplay to the next level. But what exactly is a first strike paintball and what is it that makes it better? If you have been wondering whether you should invest in them, we have the answers that you need.

What Does First Strike Mean?

First strike refers to the speed and accuracy that you can obtain using that type of paintball. Unique in the world of paintballs, first strike paintballs use a combination of aerodynamic technology and fin technology to create a ball that travels efficiently through the air, reaching its destination more easily than standard paintball rounds. Because of the improved design, you are more likely to hit your target on the first shot, rather than potentially missing and giving your location away to your opponent.

First strike paintballs specifically refer to the Tiberius brand that created the impressive design. While there might be some knock off brands out there, you will want the Tiberius Arms First Strike to ensure that you are getting the quality that you need for what you are paying for. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that you are getting the accuracy you need.

How are First Strike Paintballs Different Than Standard Rounds?

First Strike Paintballs vs Standard Paintballs

Even less experienced paintball enthusiasts can see the difference between standard paintball rounds and first strike paintball rounds. It is important to note, however, that first strike rounds are meant for mag fed paintball guns and do not work well in a hopper. Realistically, because mag fed guns require more attention to aim, first strike paintball rounds really make more sense to the mag fed paintball gun user.

When you are struck by a first strike paintball round you might feel like you have been hit harder than you would have been with a standard paintball. The reason isn’t that they do hit harder than a regular paintball, but rather that the velocity of the paintball does not drop off as quickly with a first strike round, so it hits with more force traveling at a faster speed. Even wind will not affect a first strike paintball round the same way as a standard round. This is due to the improved aerodynamic design with a first strike round, making it move smoother in the air and is less affected by the environment itself.

First Strike Paintball Rounds Ballistics

Looking at the ballistic differences between first strike paintballs and regular paintballs, first strike paintballs are reported to be 25 times more accurate than a regular paintball. Therefore, the simplest answer when it comes to the difference between the two is that a first strike paintball is going to travel will less interference through the air, making it hit the target cleaner, faster, and harder, making it much easier to hit your target the first time. The design itself has a right way to be placed into the magazine. First strike paintballs have a fin that allows them to be more aerodynamic. A standard paintball does not have the added fin. It is this visual difference than can let you know if the rounds you have are first strike or not.

Do They Work With Any Paintball Marker?

Paintball Markers Fits First Strike Paintball Rounds

While the first strike balls may have been created by Tiberius, that does not mean that you need a Tiberius gun in order to use them. Many brands of paintball guns are compatible with first strike rounds, but even if you happen to have a gun already that you love to use and it does not load the first strike rounds, it does not mean that you cannot use them. Many paintball markers have the ability to be adapted in order to handle the first strike rounds using a conversion kit.

The reason that first strike rounds cannot be used in any old gun is that they are shaped differently than a standard paintball. They are a little larger than the standard paintball and therefore need a properly bored barrel to travel through. If the paintball marker has a tight barrel, you might need to change out the barrel to be able to use the first strike paintballs.

Additionally, as was mentioned earlier, it is important to remember that if you have a hopper, first strike will not work. These are designed specifically for mag fed paintball guns in order to improve your accuracy. With a hopper, accuracy is less emphasized since you have a lot more rounds to burn through quicker. With a mag fed gun, your focus should be on accuracy and using rounds only when your target is in sight.

Are First Strike Paintball Rounds Worth The Extra Cost?

When you look at the price difference between a first strike paintball round versus a regular paintball round, you might first be confused at why it costs more. But the truth of the matter is that you are going to need fewer first strike rounds during a battle than you would with a regular paintball round. The first strike paintballs are far faster and more accurate, so you have a better chance of hitting your target the first time. You will wind up using more regular paintball rounds in order to get the same target. Because you are more likely to hit the target the first shot, the paintballs are absolutely worth the price.

Bottom Line

The bottom line to whether you should get first strike paintball rounds depends entirely on what time of game you are interested in playing. If you are already using a mag fed paintball gun because you are interested in a more strategic military-styled game, then first strike paintballs can really alter your accuracy and ability on the battlefield. You will be able to shoot quicker, with less drag in the air, and improve your overall accuracy. If you like every paintball to count during your game, first strike paintball rounds are definitely worth it to try.

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