10 Best Paintball Barrels (2019)

If you really have developed a passion for paintball and are always looking for ways to improve your game, don’t stray too far from your equipment. One of the quintessential pieces of your equipment will be your barrel, and you should want to have the best paintball barrel out there.

Although your skill will develop over time and practice, a shot can be improved with a high-quality marker. Even though the marker you just bought might have a decent shot, you can always upgrade with a separately bought piece and choose one of the most accurate paintball barrels on the market.

If you need help navigating through the waters of choosing a paintball barrel that suits your playing style, budget, and marker, we can help you. After looking through a variety of different barrels, we’ve laid out our favorites and showed you aspects of the best paintball barrels to look out for.

Key Factors While Choosing The Best Paintball Barrel For Accuracy

When comparing various different products, there are certain basics that you should use to compare one marker with the other to find the most accurate paintball barrel. When you really want to improve your gun accuracy, there are five different components that define how good a shot the gun really has.


The most accurate paintball barrel will need to have a thread that matches the marker. This section of the marker’s barrel where it attaches or screws into the gun.


This factor can vary depending on your personal style of play. In general, however, a barrel should reach at least six-to-eight inches in length to be efficient. 


The bore of the barrel is the inside diameter. An easy test to see if your paintballs and bore matches up, is to simply place the balls inside the barrel. If they roll out, the paintballs are too small. If they get stuck, they are too big. Having the sizes match up will make your shooting much more efficient and accurate.

Vents (sub-heading)

These are the holes drilled directly into the barrel. The pressure sifts through these holes and ventilate out the extra pressure. When these vents are placed closer to the marker, your shot will be quieter. However, even if the shot is silent, the closer they are to the marker, the slower your shot will be.

Material (sub-heading)

Barrels can vary in material, like ceramic or Teflon. The type of material that your barrel is made out of will affect what type of paintball you use and how thin the shells should be.

What Paintball Barrel Length Should I Get     

Accurate Paintball Gun Length

As we stated earlier, to get the best paintball gun barrel, it depends on the type of game you have. However, the general length you should be looking for a high performance paintball barrel for accuracy is from six to eight inches.

Shorter barrels usually are more efficient with gas and are easier to maneuver in tight areas. If your style of play is right on the battlefield and you are used to getting in those fast shots or find yourself wedged and camping out in a hard-to-reach area and need to move around and take a shot, a shorter length is the right paintball gun barrel for your style.

Longer barrels are quieter, yet less efficient in gas. These are best used in sniper situations. So, if you like to play a higher game and nail those shots in from afar, a long barrel is the best option for you.

10 Best Paintball Barrels 2019





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1. DYE Precision GF Boomstick

Editor's Choice


52 grams


2. DeadlyWind NUll Carbon Fiber


55 grams


3. Dye Precision Carbon Fiber



50 grams


4. Tippmann A5 Flatline Barrel

Best Tippmann Barrel


34 grams


5. Empire Apex 2 Paintball Barrel


72 grams


6. Tippmann Sniper 16" Barrel


53 grams


7. BT Paintball 14" Apex 2 Barrel


71 grams


8. Deadlywind Fibur-X Carbon


59 grams


9. GOG Paintball Freak


57 grams


10. Empire Paintball Driver XX


58 grams


1. Dye Precision GF Boomstick Barrel

Best Paintball Barrel For Accuracy (Editor's Choice)

What We Like

The Dye Precision has a steady pressure porting, which is a Trademark of the Dye brand. This gives the barrel unparalleled accuracy as well as a long sound signature, ensuring that the barrel is not causing any excess sound when the gun is fired.

We also like that it is a two-piece construction, which results in a lightweight barrel that still gives you the level of performance that you would hope for. The stainless steel insert at the heart of the boomstick is a gun drilled, surgical grade insert, which will ensure that there is low friction, but high durability.

What We Don’t Like

The barrel comes in a variety of colourways, but the majority are incredibly bright, making this barrel a more suitable choice for speedball. The barrel is also better suited for more advanced players as beginners are likely to find the cost prohibitive, no matter how amazing the results are.

2. DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber Paintball Gun Barrel

What We Like

Go-to paintball gun barrel for paintballers looking for an accurate shot. The barrel is fourteen inches in length, which naturally will increase your chances of making the shot.

It is light to carry around. Even when comparing the DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber to the other barrels out there, it stands out when it comes to weight. Even if other barrels boast that they are lightweight, they truly need to be because of all the extra equipment that you carry around and the length of the game that you're playing. If weight is important for you, the lightweight design of the DeadlyWind will win you over.

It is durable. Most lightweight barrels are compromised when it comes to quality, however, with the DeadlyWind, that is simply not the case. The carbon fiber model with three-layer construction gives a maximum amount of protection of the jostle of the game.

What We Don't Like

Unfortunately, if you are a beginner, this barrel is not exactly for you. However, if you are a beginner and use a larger gun, anyways, you can navigate your way around the design.

Because it is not normally designed for smaller guns, that’s why it is pinned as being for more advanced players, however, the best paintball gun barrel for the advanced.

3. Dye Precision Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel

High-End Paintball Barrel For Advanced Players

What We Like

Top-notch quality, one of the top paintball barrels when compared to other barrels on the market based on quality. Its material is made of new carbon fiber barrel with surgical grade stainless steel with a mirror finish and wrapped with Aircraft grade carbon fiber.

The barrel is extra lightweight, which is great when you are playing and have to carry them around for a long time.

This barrel is a simple addition to make the marker much quieter, a silent shot, which is necessary, especially when you are playing on a short indoor field.

The accuracy of the barrel is also a definite pro of the Dye Precision Barrel Boomstick. Considering the name of the barrel, you can say that it lives up to its reputation. 

Shoots ropes all day long and shoots laser beams with the DM12 feature. Perfect for a speed barrel even if you have cheap paintballs.

The aesthetic appeal completely sets the Dye Precision Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel Broomstick from the rest.

What We Don't Like

If you aren't a speedballer, this barrel might not be tailored for you. Even though it works perfectly well, it is specifically engineered and designed for those with this style of play.

Needs an adapter to work on a Tippmann, which is one of the most popular brands out there. So if you have a Tippmann marker and are looking at this barrel for an add-on feature, you might want to consider this.

4. Tippmann A-5 Flatline Barrel with Built in Foregrip

The Best Tippmann Paintball Barrel

What We Like

It fits the older models, such as the ones for all the older versions of the Tippmann. It is specifically designed to fit this brand name, so if you are a follower and lover of this brand of markers, which is highly possible since it is one of the most popular brands out there, the Tippmann A-5 Flatline Barrel with a built-in foregrip is a perfect choice for you.

It is made of high-quality material for the price. Perfect for those looking to equip their Tippmann even when on a budget. It has a much better accuracy than the stock barrel with basic paintballs.

Adds significant distance, about fifty to one hundred feet of extra range than the factory barrel with a flatter trajectory.

The flat line sight is smaller than the default marker sight, so it sets it apart from the barrel that comes with the general marker.

What We Don't Like

To completely remove it from the marker, you have to loosen all three bolts of the barrel, which makes it a pain to clean. Obviously, you cannot avoid cleaning and maintaining, so this negative aspect of the barrel really throws the entire process off.

5. Empire Apex 2 Paintball Barrel - A5, 98, Autococker

What We Like

The multiple barrels of the barrel is a huge advantage when it comes to choosing the right barrel. The pros of this barrel is that it has a three-piece kit, which features a triple threat — three different barrels

The three different barrels vary in length, from fourteen to sixteen inches. Therefore, no matter what your goal is and what your style of play is, you can find a barrel in this 3-piece feature that fits you and your marker. Not only depending on your style, you can also switch them according to your needs and the game that you're playing.

There are multiple bore inserts — five to be exact. This means that you can shoot any size ball that you want. This set of barrels is at a great deal, a steal even when it compares to purchasing each of these products or pieces individually. When building up your arsenal, you should opt for this one.

What We Don't Like

The case that it comes with is of low-quality. However, even if that’s the case in this overall product, that usually means that the barrel itself works pretty well since that was the only negative aspect that we could find. However, if you are carrying the tools around during the game, you will need a quality case. You can pick a better case and include it with your purchase if need be, for example, if it’s really important to you. The case that it comes with is more of a pouch than a case. If you don't normally switch out your barrels, no matter what your level is, this barrel is a perfect fit for you.

6. TIPPMANN Sniper 16" Barrel

What We Like

It is a quiet paintball barrel. As its name suggests, the sniper is a silent barrel that can set you apart and get you the win you need in the game. Nailing the shot that will give you the points you need to defeat your opponent can come down to one shot. So being as quiet as possible is key. The Tippmann Sniper is known for its silence when it’s fired.

It boasts the Tippmann brand name, which is one of the most dependable and quality markers and accessories in the market, one of the most accurate paintball barrels.

The barrel is simple to maintain and care for it. For example, in general, to get the most out of all your equipment, you need to make sure they are properly maintained. The great thing about the Sniper 16“ barrel, is that it will minimize the necessary, tedious care. Even better, it can go a lot longer without having to be cleaned than other barrels on the market.

What Don't Like

This barrel is not built for range. Contrary to its name, although the Sniper was built for accuracy, it can only perform at its highest within a certain range. When you are playing with a style where you need to have great accuracy from a longer distance, you might need to look elsewhere. If you are playing in a closed arena or short distance, it is a great purchase.

7. BT Paintball 14" APEX 2 Barrel

What We Like

The increased range and the backspin effect gives your shots an overall larger range. Unfortunately, your shots will dip downward, which is something you might not be used to, however, once you get past it, you can really use it to your advantage.

To complete trick shots, the BT Paintball APEX Barrel is a great investment. Tilting your marker to get a better sight picture during the game normally hurts your chances of nailing your target. However, with this barrel, you can rotate the tip to still have the range benefits.

In general, the barrel is better than the one that normally comes with the Tippmann, so if you have the time and money to invest in a better barrel, the BT Barrel is one that should be your go-to. It is much better than the stock A-5 barrel.

What We Don't Like

The weight of the barrel might put you off, however, if you are looking for a real feel, it might be for you. It is heavy duty and has an overall robust feeling. This hefty barrel really completes the look for a Tippmann A-5, however, if you are looking for a lightweight barrel, try to stray away from this one.

Maintaining this barrel is a bit more difficult. You have to disassemble the tip when your paintball breaks in the barrel. If you leave it uncleaned, your shot will be swayed, just like with any other marker, however, the maintenance of this barrel takes much more.

8. Deadlywind Fibur-X Carbon Fiber Barrel

What We Like

Perfect for improving accuracy and grouping of shots because of the emphasis on keeping your paintball straight. The best paintball barrel for accuracy.

It is extremely, paper lightweight, even with the metal adapter located on the back of the barrel.

The extra additional inserts are also easy to put in and take out, sliding in and out very easily.

Once you get the thread adapter off, which seems to be the majority of the issues, the barrel works flawlessly. They are threaded in a reverse fashion and super tight.

Works great not only with a freak kit but also an invert mini. It is incredibly light, which is a great breath of fresh air when compared to other barrels on the market which are built for a realistic feel and are actually quite heavy.

What We Don't Like

The adapter is actually pretty difficult to remove the first time and is borderline dangerous with the threads. the barrel has two pieces with opposite threading. So the problem with this is that when you tighten the barrel into your gun, the opposite threading actually loosens, which causes the entire barrel to come apart.

If you don't have a freak kit or aren't willing to purchase one, the barrel is actually utterly useless and unusable. It has carbon fiber pieces in it from incomplete drilling and hole cleaning, which is pretty unfortunate.

You might need barrel sleeves to make it work perfectly because if you don't have them, the balls might drop after only thirty feet. After that addition, however, the shots are extremely accurate.

9. ​​​​GOG Paintball Freak Inline

What We Like

The Freak Inline is a one-piece barrel that can be customized to suit your needs without costing you a lot of money. It is a precision machined aluminum barrel that will accept all Freak inserts.

We also like that the one-piece design means that you can’t accidentally cross thread the front and backs like you could with a two-piece barrel. It also has a lot of straight porting, giving you an accurate shot.

What We Don’t Like

There isn’t much we don’t like about this barrel. This barrel only works with an autococker that threads, so it is not a universal barrel. It will not work with shorter guns as well. So if you originally had a 12” barrel and want to replace it, you cannot put this 14” barrel on it.

We also don’t like that this is not as quiet as other barrels that you can get, but with the low price, it might be an acceptable compromise.

10. Empire Paintball Driver XX

What We Like

The Empire Paintball Driver XX is a two-piece barrel with a standard bore size of .688. It is also cross compatible with pipe barrel backs and lets you mix and match sizes. You can get pipe backs in .678, .683, and .693 as well.

The accuracy on this barrel is excellent, giving you an outstanding performance rating. It also works with Empire Pipe Barrel backs, matching the sizing exactly, which will also increase the accuracy and the efficiency of the barrel itself. It will work with other compatible pipe barrel backs as well, so you are not stuck with the Empire brand.

What We Don’t Like

This awesome barrel only works on autococker threads, so it will not work with any other type of gun. That means it is pretty limited on the amount of guns that it will work with. That said, if it does work with your gun, you will not be disappointed with it.

Final Verdict

Paintball and Accuracy

In general, a paintball player is only as good as their marker and their marker is only as good as their barrel. Therefore, the quality of the barrel, not only in general but how it matches up to your style and level of play can highly affect and influence how effective your shot is.

Even though all paintball skills will improve over time, regardless of the quality of your barrel, investing in the best paintball gun barrel that also meets your budget is a great investment to improve your game. Especially since there are quality barrels that can match almost any budget, you have a much better chance of finding one that fits you, your style of play, and your budget.

We hope that this guide has helped you find the right paintball barrel for your game. Remember, the “best paintball gun barrel” can actually be different according to each player’s personal preference. What might work for your teammate or buddy might actually be pretty useless to you and your marker. However, one thing is for certain: even if you need the most accurate paintball barrel out there or a quiet paintball barrel, there is definitely a barrel that is for you.

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