Best Beginner Paintball Gun For 2018

From the gear to how much it costs to play to what you should wear, the type of weapon you have is just one of the many questions that you probably will have when first getting into the sport.

However, the gun you first use can make all the difference and you should aim to get the best beginner paintball gun. Using equipment that is specifically tailored to beginners can help you make the transition from being a complete beginner to learning the “ins-and-outs” of the sport.

Even though you might just want to play for fun, you will still want to perform your best. You also might want to be the best on the field, and we’re here to help you no matter what the circumstance. To be the best and to perform your best, you will need the best beginner paintball gun.

What To Consider While Choosing a Beginner Paintball Gun

Paintball Starter Kit

When you're on the lookout for the best starter paintball gun, you will need to know the certain characteristics to consider when comparing one gun to another. We’re here to lay out the types of thing you'll need to know when you're crunching numbers — and not just the price.

CO2 or HPA 

The field that you're playing on can make the difference and sway your decision on the best paintball gun for beginners that you'll need. For example, if you know which center or field is closest to you and you recognize that you'll most likely be playing there most of the time, you should ask which they supply: CO2 or HPA.

Having a CO2 gun will be pointless if the field you're playing on only supplies HPA. This will take a bit of research on your part.

Mag Fed or Hopper Fed 

The difference between the two is how limited you are and how quickly the pellets come out of your gun. For example, Mag Fed is known as a magazine fed, which can only hold up to 20 paintballs, however, it is becoming more popular because of how quickly they come out. Hopper fed can hold 200 paintballs at a time. So your choice will depend on speed over quantity.

Tactical vs Speedball Style 

This option can be dictated by personal preference. Speedball style is a lighter gun that is less bulky and in general, much simpler to handle. However, if you are looking for a realistic feel and style, you will want to pick the tactical style.

Mechanical or Electronic Gun

As you can probably guess, an electronic gun is faster than mechanical and has a larger rate of fire shooting out more balls per second. They are generally a lot more expensive than machine guns and need much more maintenance to care for them. However, even though this might seem like a no-brainer choice, check in with your local field because it might not accept electronic paintball guns.

5 Best Paintball Guns For Beginner For 2018 



Play Style



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1. Tippmann A-5

Editor's Choice



3.1 lbs


2. Tippmann Cronus




3.7 lbs


3. Dye Proto Rize

Electronic Starter



2.6 lbs


4. Planet Eclipse GTek




2.05 lbs


5. Tippmann TMC

Magazine Fed



3.5 lbs


1. Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker

Best Beginner Paintball Gun Overall (Editor's Choice)

As an affordable choice, this marker is also customizable and is perfect for those looking to play woodsball or scenario. This is one of the best paintball guns for beginners.


The design of the Tippmann A-5 has enhanced ergonomics and a longer front grip. The design boasts a lightweight body which makes it easy to hold while playing and much lighter for beginners. It also has easy-to-remove push pins and can be changed from safe to firing mode simply with a two position external selector switch.

Fire Power & Accuracy

This marker comes with a Cyclone Feed System which is quick and accurate. It can fire up to fifteen balls per second, even without batteries. It has an 8.5-inch stock barrel which is stone-honed so that when it is shot has a reduced noise and improved accuracy.

  • The pros of this gun are that it is a quick change, it can field stripped in less than a minute even without any separate tools.
  • It has a light overall weight design and requires simple, little-to-no maintenance.
  • plus
    It is highly customizable and easily interchangeable. It can be upgraded for parts like the response trigger, however, the original format is just as functional as any upgrade.
  • plus
    Overall, it is one of the best beginner paintball guns for accuracy and general feel.
  • The gun is a little bit heavy and gets heavier with each customization

2. Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker


Great for the beginners out there, this paintball gun is extremely accurate and comes with the necessary tools you need to be successful and have a good time out there on the field.


The design of the Tippmann Conus Paintball Gun mixes in high performance with an incredible quality of durability. The package edition comes with a paintball mask as well, which sets it apart from the others. The gun has a built-in CO2 tank with a 200-round Gravity Fed loader. The 6+1 paintball harness also has six standard 140 round paintball pods.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The high performance ported barrel is tailored for accuracy, along with the vertical grip and carry handle. The firepower is backed with the 200 round gravity feed loader. This is the best starter paintball gun or mid-ranged level player because of the accuracy and solid set up. It boasts a precise shot.

  • The precision of the marker, even for a beginner’s gun
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • plus
    Great accuracy
  • plus
    Has noise reduction features to increase the player’s stealth
  • Velocity might be set too low
  • minus
    Possible CO2 leak

3. Dye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball Marker

Great Electrical Starter Gun

The Dye Proto Rize Paintball Maker is an easy-to-use, relatable marker found with features that are generally usually found on high-end guns. This means that you can get the most bang for your buck when it comes to paintball markers.


Coming with four different tournament firing modes, the Dye Proto also has an adjustable clamping feed neck that doesn't need tools to secure your Rotor, which really sets it apart from other markers in this price range.

The frame of the marker comes with dual density sticky grips, a no-slip regular sleeve, an adjustable aluminum trigger, and a low profile balanced design.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The barrel is 14 inches long and two pieces, which gives it unparalleled accuracy. The longer the barrel is, the more accurate the shot is, and with this gun, you cannot go wrong. The bolt spool valve technology with the updated RAMP solenoid gives a shooter shot with more accuracy, consistency, and efficiency.

  • Designed for top-level performance, yet great for starters
  • It is accurate and easy to use and set up
  • plus
    It is smooth and quiet and can go through thousands of rounds of paint without a single problem
  • plus
    It is perfect for a first electronic gun for anyone. It also a great, wide variety of colors to choose from so that it fits your outfit, team colors, camouflage or personal preference
  • plus
    It has a DYE UL Airport on and off button that provides easy to connect or disconnect options between your air source and the Rize MaXXed.
  • Not as air efficient as higher end guns

4. Planer Eclipse GTek 160R Paintball Gun

The Planet Eclipse Paintball Gun is great for beginners but also works for those more advanced players. This Gamma Core drive train comes in a variety of different colors as well to fit your personal preference or your favorite colors. It can also match your terrain. Literally been named the best “bang” for your buck.


The gun has an all-metal aircraft-grade aluminum construction with a quick-release bolts removal. The AT-Pipe air transfer system also sets it apart from other guns. It has an OLED user interface as its standard and an AT-Pipe air transfer system. The marker also has a quick-release bolt removal.

Fire Power & Accuracy

Known to outperform every other marker in its price range for power and accuracy. The marker is shown to be accurate and quiet when its shot. It is one of the best guns for your money and still doesn't diminish in quality because of the bargain that you're getting as a customer.

  • It is extremely quiet and can shoot many rounds of paint without breaking
  • It requires little to almost no maintenance
  • plus
    Quick assembly, no tools required
  • plus
    It shoots smoothly and efficiently, with the spool of the marker providing a nice and low sound signature on the field
  • plus
    The pattern of the shots is also consistent.
  • You might want to update the trigger down the road

5. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

The Tippmann TMC is a heavy duty marker for those looking for an accurate shot and a real feel. This marker is a great marker with a realistic feel which has over four stars in its review of over 100 reviews. This marker is a good choice when you're looking for choosing a gun that not only has a good performance but also a heavy, realistic feel for one of the best paintball guns for beginners.


It is designed with an AR-15 style, magazine fed and extremely authentically styled as an AR Tactical Carbine Marker. The marker is a full pneumatic marker and is an AR-15 style shroud with built-in 4 sided picatinny rails. The over-molded rubber grip is a great component of the design that allows for comfort and easy holding.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The firepower has a dual feed option, either you can use the MagFeed or traditional loader. Either way, the high-performance in-line bolt system works great under pressure. An accurate shot and since it can be magazine fed, it gives you rapid fire and a fast shot.

  • The paintball marker can be used with a hopper or magazine fed, which allows for versatility based on preference.
  • The trigger is easy to pull and has a durable aluminum receiver
  • plus
    The gun can be fully accessorized which gives you, the player the freedom and access to more unique options
  • plus
    The gun’s design also allows for enough space for standard weaver/picatinny rail attachments. You can also get the paintball gun in black or in tan color.
  • CO2/HPA tank is actually a bit slower than the mag fed tank and it is heavier set than most other paintball markers

Playing Paintball For The First Time

First Time Paintball Players

If you are playing paintball for the first time, you might want to invest in a paintball marker that is easy to use and you get the highest quality for your money. Once you have registered, scoped out your location and figured out what to wear, you should now be able to focus on your equipment.

Most paintball gun places have equipment that you can rent and use for the time that you're playing, but if you are looking to get more serious or regular with your paintballing visits, you might want to invest in equipment.

Some pieces of equipment that you'll need will be part of this basic list: a gun or marker, a mask, a hopper, an air tank, and paintballs. For equipment that is not required but suggested, you can bring: clothes that camouflage into the environment, water and snacks, a screwdriver or Allen wrenches, and extra o-rings.

Final Verdict 

When you are looking for a paintball marker to match your preference and skill, you might need a little help. We hope that our guide has helped you navigate the waters of purchasing a paintball marker for your best starter paintball gun.

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