7 Best Paintball Pants Of 2018

When playing paintball, not only is it important to have quality, protective gear but also be able to purchase high quality paintball clothes that fit your size, needs, and budget.

When it comes to pants, if you are playing more than once, you should invest in the best paintball pants that fit you, are comfortable and provide the protection you need while you're playing.

When it comes to choosing paintball pants, there are several factors that you need to look at that go beyond the importance of pricing and comfort. When playing paintball, there are certain aspects that the quality of your pants needs to cover — the basics and then comes in your personal needs and preferences.

What might work perfectly for your friends might not work at all for you. Therefore, when considering which paintball pants to invest in, you need to take into account not only the factors for the best pants for paintball but also your personal preference factors.

What To Consider While Choosing Paintball Pants 

Paintball Pants Material

Paintball is an extremely active, physical sport. Therefore, your gear and equipment should match that. Especially if you are a player who is not afraid to get dirty, there are certain factors that your pants need to cover to truly cover you.

When you are crawling through the mud, kneeling in the dirt, running over uneven grounds and diving into rough space, you need to find the perfect pants to fully protect your legs from harm.

The last thing you need when you are trying to play is to be worried about harming your legs, which might keep you from playing to your full ability.

The factors you need to consider when choosing paintball pants are: the weight, thickness, padding, size, number of pockets, color, style, fit, and ventilation.

Material Weight 

As the sport of paintball grows in popularity, manufacturers are increasing the science behind the material. Pants are getting lighter and lighter, which is fantastic for mobility on the playing field but can hinder you in protection. When you are considering your pants purchase, there are various options ranging in mesh linings, which can factor in heat and weight to your comfort. These factors might be essential when wicking moisture from your body and insulation when it comes to cold climates.


As we mentioned before, the thickness might be solely based on the mesh lining. If you are playing outdoors, you might want to consider thickness as a large factor in your pants purchase. If you are playing in the heat, having thick pants might make playing extremely uncomfortable, making yourself much hotter than normal. On the contrary, having thick pants are necessary when it’s cold outside and you need to keep warm.


Pants aren't only unique in thickness but also in padding. You can have padding implemented in the knee area, the groin or the hips, depending on the pants you decide on. Even though they add on extra protectiveness, it can cause your pants to be extremely bulky, which might be uncomfortable while playing. Before you make your decision, make sure you know where your priorities lie — between being comfortable and light or being protected.

Size and Number of Pockets 

In the midst of a game, the pockets of your pants might be your only method of carrying your essentials. How secure the pockets are and how many there are might affect your decision of purchasing and deciding on your pants. Protecting your gear and belongings might be just as important as protecting yourself.

You will also want to consider the size of your pants because you need them to stay on and have ways to make them feel secure at the waist and at the ankle.

Color and Style 

Here comes in your personal preference. This will differ from one player to the other. Although you might not think that you have a preference when it comes to color and style, you probably do. For example, if you are playing on an indoor field with a blue ground or blue obstacles, you probably will think it’s necessary to have blue pants. To choose a style and color congruent with the playing field or the one that makes you feel the most comfortable is an important factor.


The fit of your pants is also extremely important. As we mentioned before, sizing your pants to fit you and buying the correct size is important, just like with any material clothes but choosing a fit that allows you to move about freely, not one that restricts running because of its tight nature can also make a difference. Having pants that not only fit your body but also your playing style comes into factor.


Whether your inside or outside, the idea is clear. In paintball, you will be moving around and may find yourself in encroached, tight spaces that may not have a lot of room for you to breathe. Being able to purchase a pair of pants that have an adequate ventilation system will be crucial in your choice. Whether it’s because of mesh panels or laser perforation technology on the pants fabric, you need to find pants that have these features if it’s important for you.

7 Best Paintball Pants Of 2018



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1. HK Army Hardline Paintball Pro Pants

Editor's Choice


2. Exalt Paintball T4 Pants



3. Dye UL Pants



4. Empire F7 Contact Zero Paintball Pants


5. Gi Sportz Competition Glide Paintball Pants


6. Premium AIR Paintball Pants By 


7. Planet Eclipse Program Pants


1. HK Army Hardline Paintball Pro Pants

Best Paintball Pants Overall (Editor's Choice)

The HK Army Paintball Pants really accentuate durability, flexibility, and is made of a lightweight material of a combination of different fabrics. This means that you will have the protection you need while you're playing. They come with removable pads on the groin, knees, and hips. They also come with the additional features of ankle straps, integrated pockets, stretch airborne Kevlar knees and an elastic waistband.

  • Solid and durable for maximum protection with protective padding.
  • Comfortable with fantastic maneuverability, with sizes made to perfectly fit your body and movements. It is also lightweight despite the extra padding.
  • plus
    The color seems to stay bright and bold, even with washing.
  • plus
    Has superior stitching in the works so that there is no worry about breakage in the fabric.
  • The fabric is not as breathable as others. However, this makes it perfect for cold weather.

2. Exalt Paintball T4 Pants


The Exalt Pants have made-in features to maximize playability and come with add-ins that really set it apart from its competitors. It comes with the security of dual drawstring adjustments with additional belt loops for maximum fit and security. As for protection, the T4 pants come with pads in the knees, hips, and groins, along with Kevlar knees. The Exalt pants also have ventilation meshing and zipper thigh, dual swab pockets.

  • Best in comfort and is a good fit when the right size is chosen.
  • The material is breathable, regardless of the extra padding, which is perfectly placed in the knees with significant blockage. Reliable in protection.
  • plus
    Comes with velcro straps, making the fitting adjustable and secure.
  • Even though there is optimal protection in certain places, like the knees, other significant areas are left unprotected.

3. Dye UL Pants

The Dye Pants available in black and red, have an active performance fit and a harness lock, which makes it a perfect, secure fit for playing. The Dye: UL Pants are also extremely flexible, with a four-way stretch technology. They also boast their breathability. Being lightweight with two swab pockets, the velcro adjustments and bands set these pants apart from the rest. Their pockets are also water resistant, which is a great additional feature.

  • The pants are extremely lightweight, which make them perfect for comfort and playing long hours.
  • Not only are they lightweight, the pants are also very breathable, made of material that is water resistant and impenetrable from tears.
  • plus
    As mentioned before, the pockets are zippered and water-resistant. So when playing in the rain or in terrain involving water or sweat, you don’t have to worry about your essential items getting soaked or wet, like your phone, etc.
  • The pants lack in knee padding.

4. Empire F7 Contact Zero Paintball Pants

The Empire F7  Paintball Pants is a great addition to anyone’s gear and equipment. Coming with power stretch mesh panels, these pants are highly breathable and have soft material, making them a comfortable wear. The 4-way stretch groin panel also allows for an extreme amount of flexibility and makes the pants a candidate for full range-of-motion. They also come with laser cut vent holes which emphasizes breathability, even in the hottest of weathers. The hand pockets built-in to the pants have waterproof zippers and a microfiber cloth attachment by bungee so even in the midst of playing, you won’t lose or damage your valuables.

  • The fit is great with straps on the waist for optimum comfort.
  • Very lightweight and comfortable.
  • Comes in a tad too long with the pant leg length.
  • minus
    Ripping possible because of sizing and also the loop on the small of the back is awkward.

5. Gi Sportz Competition Glide Paintball Pants

The Gi Sportz Paintball Pants has optimal protection padding in the knees which is a great feature for players who are very active on the field and love to slide on the ground for cover. They come with an adjustable waist and cuffs on the ankles for increased comfort — you can set how tight or loose the fitting is, which really sets it apart from the rest. The pants are made of ultra-durable and lightweight material, which is great for a lengthy game, so you don't add any more weight than you already have to. The style is also modern with accent piping on the sides.

  • The material is lightweight and has an ample amount of breathability.
  • Has a perfect amount of padding on the knees for protection.
  • For some players, may lack protection in other areas aside from the knees.

6. Premium AIR Paintball Pants By Vintage Paintball

The Premium AIR Paintball Pants are heavy-duty but lightweight. A perfect choice regardless of your experience or skill level, the pants are a great fit for new and experienced players. With an adjustable waistband, elastic cuffs, and super quality materials, the all-around protection feature of these pants are great for any player. They are also even statistically 35 percent lighter than other pants because of the quality of the material.

  • Very comfortable pants with lightweight material
  • High-end quality in appearance and functionality
  • plus
    Have a unique vintage design that sets it apart from the rest
  • No padding but ample amount of room to add in padding, especially at the knee area.

7. Planet Eclipse Program Pants

The Planet Eclipse Pants come loaded with padding protection. Padding in these pants cover the groin, the knees, and some removable hip padding. The pants also come with two snaps, velcro, and zipper, which makes them perfect for a snug fit and with mesh lining for optimum comfort. All the straps and closures are adjustable, with anti-abrasive Kevlar knee strike zones. The swab pockets are quick access barrel style. What also sets these pants apart is that they have rubberized lumbar support on the back which also holds your pack at a comfortable level.

  • The padding is extremely thick all around and even has removable padding for add-in comfort, giving it access to remove if necessary.
  • There is a small zippered pocket perfect for essentials you cannot lose, like I.D. or jewelry.
  • plus
    The material has mesh for ventilation.
  • The front pockets, even if they are swab and barrel style, are not sealed or accessible by a zipper.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best pants for paintball, you might want to consider the pants we have in this guide. Since we’ve laid out all the necessary features and possibly deciding factors that set them clearly apart from one another, we hope to make your paintball pants purchasing process the easiest.

Choosing the best pants for paintball might be a difficult decision and based on personal preference can mean that you go through a few pants or brands to find the perfect product but once you find the perfect ones, you will never go back. We hope that our paintball pants picking guide has helped you in this process.

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