Tippmann Gryphon Review 2018: The Good, the Gory, and the Guide to Sort It All Out

If you are new to paintball and are looking for the perfect marker, the Tippmann Gryphon Starter Paintball Gun is exactly what you'll be needing. Not only is the brand one of the best on the market when it comes to quality and popularity, it also a perfect starter kit to get anyone out there playing upon arrival.

Knowing what kind of paintball marker to purchase for your games can be confusing, since there are so many options out there, with so many different features — each one adhering to a particular player. However, our Tippmann Gryphon review will lay out all the necessary information you may need to be certain which marker you're looking for. Not only does it come with a decent price tag attached to it — especially if you are just starting out, you don't want to drop a house payment on a marker that you don't even know you'll use— it is easy to use and also even simpler to maintain.

In this Tippmann Gryphon FX review, we’re going to take you through the various details that may sway your decision when choosing one paintball marker over another. From design to weight to efficiency, we’ll cover all the doubts or questions you need to be answered here.

Our Tippmann Gryphon Review Results

Fire Power & Accuracy
Overall Score 94%

What's The Tippmann Gryphon Design

Since it is perfect for beginners, the Tippmann Gryphon is a built with lightweight material so that even in the longer games, you won’t have to put it down to rest because of tiredness. The design of the marker is based on a simple and traditional design, drawing its features from the Model 98.

The marker is made with the bulletproof Tippmann design, which requires really, very little maintenance, making it perfect for any beginner. The package comes with a few items that are designed specifically for a started. However, going back to the marker: it has a rigid front rip and sports a ten-inch long ported barrel which is great for accuracy but not too long to be overwhelming. It has a blade trigger that is specifically designed for a smooth trigger pull transition into shooting.

The package also comes with a Proto Primo paintball hopper, an anti-fog paintball mask, a 20-oz. CO2 tank that requires fill up upon arrival, a padded chest protector, a neck protector, half gloves ranging from small to medium, a paintball harness, and 140 round pods, making an above adequate starter’s kit for any paintball beginner out there.

Tippmann Gryphon Fire Power & Accuracy

As you can see from the design, the firepower behind the Tippmann Gryphon isn't designed for professionals but is still wicked powerful. Its performance when honing in on trigger pull, firepower and accuracy comes down to its build

Since the pull of the trigger is shorter than most, you can’t hold your shot too long but only requires two fingers for the pull. The speed of the paintball marker was also really decent, especially for a “beginner’s” designed paintball gun. It could deliver on average, up to eight balls per second (8 bps) when it was equipped with the gravity fed hopper.

When it comes to the components of firepower, it does have a kickback but after you fire a few in a row, it becomes a little smoother.

The accuracy of the marker could be simplified down to its 10-inch barrel. Regardless of the circumstance, it delivers an accurate shot decent for anyone playing, especially for beginners who need to hone in on their skills. Since the brand is backed with quality, you can definitely put your trust in Tippmann markers to be able to hit their target, no matter the distance, skill level, and circumstance, with an average distance of 150+ feet.

How Much Does Tippmann Gryphon Weight

Weighing in at merely 2.046 pounds, this marker is extremely light. Perfect for those beginners who aren't used to carrying all the gear or used to the extra weight of the clothes, it is a light option to be able to carry it around until you figure out what you like.

One of the top gun-makers in the industry, the Tippmann Gryphon is perfect for those looking for a casual-playing marker that can be easy to maintain and is hardly a hassle while you're playing. Especially if you are just getting into the sport, the last thing you need is a marker to weigh you down so you don't enjoy the game, itself.

Is The Marker Reliable

Known or being reliable and durable, Tippmann doesn't set the Gryphon apart in any case. Even though it is pretty affordable and built with the beginner in mind, it doesn't mean that the reliability and durability of the marker are knocked off. Even after and during the wear and tear of a game, in the midst of a heated battle, you can rely on the Gryphon to be able to dish out a shot, without breakage, and hit its mark. This is the sign of a great marker.

How Efficient Is The Tippmann Gryphon

It is highly efficient, with minimal ball breakage and an accurate shot. It also is durable in the sense of being protected from mud and dirt while playing.

Overall, it is a highly efficient marker, requiring little-to-no maintenance, getting fewer leaks than other markers and needing few repairs.

The great thing about the marker is that it can hold multiple types and numbers of upgrades. That means that if something about the marker isn't up to your standard of play, you can easily “fix” it.


The Gryphon has a quiet shot, with a long enough barrel to be able to deliver the shot with accuracy, it also provides enough quality that masks the sound and can deliver a simple shot. Although it is not specifically built for the sniper, for those playing casual paintball for fun, it is really efficient.

Who Is The Tippmann Gryphon Best For 

Tippmann Gryphon Is A Beginner Paintball Gun

Perfect for those beginners looking to try out any types of fields and paintball, since it is inexpensive, it can fit any playing field, whether it’s speedball or woodsball. It has an internal gas line and is easily upgraded and lightweight so can be played on most fields with those CO2 fillings.

This package is an absolutely perfect investment for the beginner or those looking to play casually. Since upgrades are easily adaptable on the marker, if you are looking to play more serious, you can easily upgrade the marker. However, the package comes with everything you need to play in one simple, inexpensive purchase.

Although it can be used by a paintball player of any level, having the Tippmann Gryphon can be a great investment, even if you have been playing for years. For those looking to invest in the purchase of a paintball marker, you have to first set apart a few components to know what you really want. You have to know how much you are willing to invest, how often you want to play, and how serious you want to become. If you just need an efficient paintball marker, that can last through the rough and toughness of a paintball gun, this is the perfect marker for you.

  • It is inexpensive and very simple to use, making it perfect for beginners to invest in
  • Has an internal gas line
  • plus
    It is adaptable to any type of play, whether it is woodsball or speedball
  • plus
    Although it is a basic gun, it is easily upgraded for when you want to become more serious of a player
  • plus
    It is lightweight and easy to carry during a longer game
  • plus
    Hopper can hold 200 rounds
  • plus
    You can use CO2, compressed air, or nitrogen to power it
  • Although easy to maintain, it is hard to take apart and might take a little bit until you figure out how to do it
  • minus
    Its trigger pull causes a slower fire speed, however, for a starter gun, that’s hardly a hindrance.

Tippmann Gryphon Final Overview

In conclusion, finding the perfect paintball marker for you can be a hard decision to make. However, we hope that our Tippmann Gryphon FX review has helped lay out a few key points that you need to look at before you invest in a purchase of a paintball marker.

Your investment in the Tippmann Gryphon will definitely help you in your paintball game. It is simple to use, it doesn't break easily and doesn't break the balls in the barrel when you're shooting, either. It is efficient and highly upgradable, which makes it attractive for any level of paintballer. It is lightweight, which makes it perfect for those looking to play without having to be weighed down by other markers that really have the weight and feel of a real gun. This paintball marker sets itself apart from the others because of its ease of use, which also includes lugging it around the field.

For an investment in an all-around paintball marker, the Tippmann Gryphon is not only a complete gun, it also comes with the entire package of what a starter needs. With all the extra accessories for protection, you can also rest assured that for your next game, you will be prepared.

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