Tippmann 98 Custom Review

One of the best paintball markers on the market, the Tippmann 98 Custom, has its stylish looks and high-performance features that not only will have your back—no matter what level paintball player you are—it also backs the prestigious Tippmann name. With this new model and our Tippmann 98 custom review, we will outline the features and what makes this marker stand out from the rest. From each feature to what is most important to you in a paintball gun, this guide will take you to through the important features that make the Tippmann the best of the best.

When reviewing this marker, we went through the various features that make a paintball marker attractive. From design to firepower and accuracy, you can choose the Tippmann 98 Custom if it meets your requirements for a paintball marker.

Our Tippmann 98 Custom Review Results

Fire Power & Accuracy
Overall Score 96%

What's The Tippmann 98 Custom Design 

Beginning with the way it physically looks, the Tippmann 98 Custom comes with multiple designs to choose from. Even though you can personally customize its appearance, choosing the design that works and best fits you can be a difficult decision.

However, looks aren't everything. Choosing the design of a new paintball marker also comes with the responsibility of adapting its look and performance to your paintballing game, tactics, and preference. At the end of the day, no matter what it looks like, you'll want and need a gun of the highest quality that performs up to par when on the playing fall.

The design of the Tippmann 98 is one to rely upon. Coming in several different colors, the selection variety is hard to beat, as the Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series can be tailored directly to your playing style and design preference.

This marker comes with anti-chop technology that deals exceptionally well with ball breakage, giving you nothing to worry about when it comes to having the design that backs up your style of play. The marker also comes with a proven in-line bolt system that gives the marker its reputation as being one of the most efficient designs out there. Both of these features help economically speaking when it comes to saving energy out there on the field and not having to reload as much as your prior investment. With this marker, you'll be using much less gas and saving economically, as well.

Firepower & Accuracy

When you're out on the field, you'll want a gun that is not only efficient and reliable but also one that delivers. The Tippmann 98 paintball marker is a design that not only comes with the brand’s reputation for quality and backs it up with a durability that will last years, it also comes with firepower and accuracy that will last—even after many uses out there on the field.

The firepower of the marker is hard to compare with anything else. Since you have a choice between the Co2 or compressed air, you can decide on your personal preference while playing or have it tailored to whichever field you're playing on. This will give you the freedom to be able to choose where you're playing depending on the source you use to back yourself up in your paintball marker. The marker also discharges at a measured 8-balls-per-second (bps). This means, that no matter what your level is, whether you're a beginner or expert on the field, that this marker boasts a superior firing ability that will help you meet your target.

Not only is the speed something to brag about, the accuracy of the marker also stands up to other paintball markers on the market, with ease. Another benefit to the feature is that the Tippmann 98 is highly customizable and upgradable, which means that, even though it is highly successful when it comes to firepower and accuracy if it somehow isn't enough—you can change it up with upgrades—improving your game on the field.

How Much Does Tippmann 98 Custom Weight

The weight of the Tippmann 98 is at 2.9 lbs., which means that you shouldn't have much of a problem carrying it out on the field—even if it’s in a day-long game. This will give you the advantage against teammates and opponents. With those heavier guns, the other players will be tired of lugging their markers around by the end of the game. With this marker—you can have an efficient gun and still have fun with all your extra energy, too. With this marker, you can essentially have your cake and eat it, too—with an efficient weight yet still adequate (above average) firepower.

Is The Tippmann 98 Custom Reliable

Not only does the Tippmann 98 have a 2-year warranty that gives the makers and marker and credibility, it is also a paintball gun with high quality to its name. If you ever have any issues with the marker—which is pretty unlikely—you can always return it and have your problem worked out with no cost.

It is reliable out on the field—which means that paintball breakage is at a minimum. With its anti-chop technology, its reliability on the field will eliminate the majority of the possibility that you won’t be able to get your mark because of ball breakage.

It’s also reliable under rough conditions, no matter what the playing field is like. That means you get as rough as you want to and the Tippmann will still work efficiently—despite extreme conditions or weather. Regardless of all the physical aspects of paintballing—crawling, rolling, jumping, and sliding—the Tippmann 98 stays its same self—weathering through any storm or style of play.

How Efficient Is The Tippmann 98 Custom Marker

The Tippmann 98 comes with, as we mentioned before, an inline bolt system. This makes it really efficient on the playing field because the system focuses on minimizing waste during the firing process. The marker is efficient when it comes down to cutting your Co2 usage, which is not only good for the game and environment but also your wallet.

It’s also extremely efficient when it comes to maintenance. The maintenance is extremely simple—requiring only a wipe down or some with a few drops of paintball oil for the interior aspects of the ASA.


The Tippmann 98 may make a little more noise than the usual paintball gun but it’s for a good cause. The massive 800 PSI operating pressure causes a bit more bang but it also allows your shot a more impressive range—over 150 feet!

It’s not the loudest gun out there but with that range, it is really efficient when it comes to accuracy on the field. The reach of the gun definitely makes up for the sound, giving you a tactical advantage.

Who Is The Tippmann 98 Custom Best For

For those who like to play as a sniper, as I just mentioned, the Tippmann 98 is excellent for you. Because of it’s extreme accuracy, especially when under pressure of those long shots, you can rely on the Tippmann 98 to be be your go-to guy when looking to pick off players from a decent range. Since it boasts reliability, quality customer service and is more affordable than most guns, it is a great option for players of all ages.

Since it is so simple to use, maintain, and customize, it is the perfect marker for beginners until you become more and more confident with your skills and individual games. Experienced players may also enjoy this marker because it gives them a longer lasting life because it is more durable and has a history of lasting years. It’s also highly efficient, therefore costing you less money. If you are a player on a budget, this gun may be for you, too.

  • The Tippmann 98 is durable, functional, and also extremely reliable—boasting a great reputation.
  • Always available to customize according to personal and player preference.
  • plus
    It requires almost little to no maintenance, which is definitely an attractive feature.
  • plus
    Its design has an anti-glare matte body that is o
  • Unfortunately, it makes a lot more sound than other guns out there because of its firepower.
  • minus
    Its design is much longer when compared to other markers.

Tippmann 98 Custom Final Overview 

If you're looking for an efficient paintball marker on the market that comes with all the stops—a squeegee, user manual, barrel sock/cover, and a small parts bag but don’t want to dish out the extra cash that’s usually on the price tag of a marker with this quality, the Tippmann 98 is for you.

Its customizable and upgradable access features are also primary points that may sway your vote. Not only are these upgrades easily available, they are endless and simple to install.

You can take whatever upgrade you want, whether it is custom stocks, cyclone feed system, electronic grips, high-end barrels or a very handy response trigger, and work it easily into your game—improving your skills and accuracy.

Overall, if you're looking for a paintball marker with quality upgrades, speed, and durability, the Tippmann has provided time and time again and with the Tippmann 98, it’s no different. The marker also doesn't discriminate. Whether you're a beginner, an intermediate or advanced player, you can benefit easily and immensely from the Tippmann 98.

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