Planet Eclipse Etha Review 2018

If you are into paintballing and are looking to raise your game without sacrificing something in your wallet, you might want to stray away from the Tippmann brand and check out what Planet Eclipse can offer.

No matter from what background you come from, whether you are a beginner or a professional player, the Planet Eclipse Etha is a perfect choice. Although you might be looking for some very specific features that will pertain to your personal preference, this is still a solid marker.

If you are looking for a paintball gun that is affordable and want to try it out to see what you like because you are relatively new to the sport, the Etha is for you, as well.

Instead, in this Planet Eclipse Etha review, we’re going to lay out the guide you need that takes all the components you're looking for in a paintball marker and gives you the information you need to make an adequate decision. We know that when it comes to getting the perfect paintball marker for your style and level of play might be the hardest decision you make — especially when it comes to your paintballing career.

In this review, we’re going to take you through the ins and outs of what you need to know about design, firepower and accuracy, weight, reliability, efficiency, sound, and laying out the final pros and cons of the marker, making it extremely accessible and simple for you to compare the Planet Eclipse Etha to other paintball markers on the market.

Our Planet Eclipse Etha Review Results

Fire Power & Accuracy
Overall Score 97%

What's The Planet Eclipse Etha Design

When it comes to design, the Etha 2 differs from the original, completely. It is re-designed for optimal performance and highly upgraded in its look and its build. It has a hose-less air transfer system, which makes it simple to access and fill up, and has a POPS ASA assembly, which makes it easier to put together, especially when you're in the midst of play on the field.

The outside body of the marker is made of GRN composite and the inside of the body is made of aluminum. This is what sets this marker apart from the others. The different type of material from the inside to the outside ensures that the marker is protected on the outside, yet efficient and smooth on the inside. It is powered by a Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain and comes in three different colors.

The marker uses a spring return, which means that the bolt is sent back into position automatically after each shot is fired. This makes the marker simple to use. It has nylon composite materials in its eye cover, feed neck, and grip frame, which makes it highly durable on the field of play. Even though this isn't seen as a viable option for more advanced players, its material is actually really durable.

Planet Eclipse Etha Fire Power & Accuracy

Its stretched out grip spacing makes it easy to shoot, and its accuracy and detailed build make the shot hit its target, easily. Since it is built with a single-piece GRN frame and foregrip, the hold of the paintball marker has no effect on the shot. If anything, the grip makes your shot much easier to take.

When it comes to firepower, it’s based on the features related to pressure. In the Etha 2, the paintball marker has an SL3 regulator, which handles the variety of tank pressures. When you can change the pressure, you can change the power behind the shot. The two-piece barrel that it comes with lets you fire using a few different modes, which sets it apart from other markers and lets you have a more adaptable game, adjusting to not only your personal preference but to whatever the game calls for. Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is also able to shoot in semiautomatic mode.

Though it is able to rip off consecutive shots quickly, it doesn't take away from nailing an accurate shot. The Etha 2 is an affordable paintball marker that has it all: the quality, accuracy, and firepower behind the shot.

How Much Does Planet Eclipse Etha Weight

The overall feel of the Etha 2 is light and comfortable, especially because of the material that the marker is made out of. This makes it perfect for those beginners looking for an easy paintball marker to begin or for more advanced players who are used to playing for hours and maybe days at a time. Its aluminum body makes it extremely lightweight, which is great for a long, drawn-out game. With the barrel and the material, it weighs in at a little bit over two pounds in total. It also comes with a comfortable feel, which of course, is also attributed to its weight.

Is Planet Eclipse Etha Reliable 

Coming from a high-quality brand, Planet Eclipse is a reliable brand on its own. The Etha 2 is a reliable, dependable extension of the motto behind their brand. Its feed neck, eye covers, and grip frame take a part in the reliability and durability of the marker. The high-quality regulator also offers a lot of reliability. This improves performance and gives it the reliability to give you what you need when you need it through various firing modes and different pressures.

How Efficient Is The Planet Eclipse Etha

Not only is it air efficient, it is also battery efficient, which makes it overall, very efficient in the long run. The efficiency of the marker comes as a pleasant surprise. It has been known to be able to dish out a multitude of shots with minimal ball breakage and various modes depending on the personal preference and what the game specifically calls for in the moment.

Since we are talking about efficiency, you also need to keep in mind that since it can be adjusted from high to low pressure, it helps you decide on what you need to be the most efficient on the field. 


Since the upgrade, the shot has gotten quieter than the original, whereas before it had a louder kickback. Now it’s a silent shooter that keeps up and hides well with top-of-the-line markers. It also has very little kickback on a consistent basis. Keeping up with the higher-end markers is no problem at all, and since it is so quiet on the field, you won’t even see it coming as it keeps up with other markers on the market, too.

Although this might be one of the negatives of this paintball marker, it is not extremely loud to turn you off to the idea.

Who Is The Planet Eclipse Etha Best For

Speedball & Planet Eclipse Etha

Since it is so easy to use, it is perfect for beginners. What sets it apart is the fact that it also has features that are normally only found in expensive paintball markers. Therefore, this makes it great for both beginning-level players because of its easy-to-use capabilities and more-advanced players who are looking for a top-shelf paintball gun for cheap.

If you're still not won over with all the concepts of this marker, here is the layout of pros and cons so that you can easily compare the Etha to other markers out there. Although the balance between the two seems pretty uneven, you might want to consider reading through them, especially if you are looking into putting the features of one marker next to another.

  • Extremely easy to use, which makes it perfect for beginners and easy to clean and maintain
  • Has enough additive features for more advanced players
  • plus
    Has reliability to keep paintballs for breaking as they are shot through
  • plus
    Has rapid-fire options, for any style of play
  • Louder than most other markers but is not extremely loud.

Planet Eclipse Etha Final Overview 

No matter what your experience level is, the Planet Eclipse Etha is a great choice for you as a player. For those looking to save a little money on their investment but don't want to compromise quality, the Planet Eclipse Etha is reliable maker that can be used by beginners and also experienced players.

It is a smaller, lightweight gun, making it perfect for players who favor long games, which normally can get very tiring when you have to lug around a heavy marker. It is also perfect for beginners trying to find out what they need or what their personal preference is. If you are more experienced and already know what you want but don’t want to make a large investment in a marker, this is perfect for you.

The features that come along with the marker are mainly found in expensive paintball guns but are exclusively offered in this tight-knit packed paintball marker.

In conclusion, it is a fun, worthy paintball marker built for different levels of players. The appeal comes not only from the extra features but also from the accuracy, weight, and total overall experience.

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