Most Powerful Airsoft Gun 2018

Whether you have a spring airsoft gun as a slow beginner just looking to play or you've invested in an electric gun that is as realistic as it gets, depending on the player you want to be should dictate the gun you have.

Investing in the most powerful airsoft gun definitely has its perks but all-in-all if you don't back up the walk and talk with some skills, then you can’t show off how much power you have.

Investing in a precise and powerful airsoft gun, no matter if it’s a sniper rifle, a fully automatic machine gun or a high-powered sidearm, can be the difference between being last on the field in knockout play or being the first one out and losing battery quickly. The most powerful airsoft guns have a balance between firepower and accuracy.

No matter what role you're playing, power carries a lot of weight in the midst of battle. If you want to weed out the most powerful airsoft pistol or the most powerful airsoft sniper rifle from the bunch, then this guide will definitely help you to choose the best.

From taking you through the ins-and-outs of FPS and the various roles you can play—and the specific guns you'll need for each—the powerful gun guide is the only guide you need for all the information you could ever want to know.

What Does FPS Mean In Airsoft

In airsoft, there is a measurement used to dictate how fast your bb is going, it’s called “FPS”. This acronym stands for feet per second. This is one of the most important details to know about your gun before you purchase it because most fields usually have caps or limits on what the FPS of your gun can be.

The combination of the power of your airsoft gun and the weight of the bb (which is usually a standard .20 grams) is what determines your FPS. However, you can easily measure the FPS with a chronograph.

Most on-field FPS standards usually range around 350 or 400. Therefore, if you have an extremely high FPS, your gun’s full potential and power might not even be allowed!

What Role Are You Going To Be Playing

Airsoft Role & Powerful Gun

Choosing your airsoft gun and choosing a role to play during airsoft skirmishes often go hand-in-hand. They both have an effect on the other. Especially if you are going to playing a certain role, you will need to have the suggested gun to equip you in your duties.

If you are planning on joining a competitive team, you'll probably be assigned a certain role, so it’s better to be familiar with them, have one in mind, and also have the equipment that pairs well with its specific duties.

Certain factors can determine which role you'll be playing. Although you might be just assigned a role from your future teammates, they probably are determining it not only by which roles are available but by factors like preferences, skills, weight, and experience.

Sniper Role

If you want to take and land shots as a sniper, you need the most powerful airsoft gun. Players in this role are often extremely far away from their target, situated far up and out of the way so that they can pick off players from a hidden location.

A sniper has to target the most important enemies to really take down the team—their best player, other snipers, and the team leaders. They also have to be amazing at camouflage and really stay hidden.

With this role, one shot has to count. That means they have to be patient and then nail their shot. The sniper rifle and pistol (for short-range combat) are perfectly compatible for the sniper’s duties. 

Assault Role 

An AEG is the perfect airsoft gun for the assault role. This player is the center of the patrol and must know the ins-and-outs of the attack strategy. All the other riflemen and assaulters will be looking at you to know what to do next and how to do it.

As an assaulter, you'll be getting to the close quarters areas first in line. This means that you need a powerful AEG to be able to successfully clear each room or building before you lead your squad inside. They are depending on you so you need an AEG to also depend on.

It is also helpful if you get an AEG that is easy and quick to reload—especially when you're on the move. You dictate the momentum of your team, so the last thing you want is to slow them down as you're reloading.

You Need a Sidearm 

Not only are they powerful in a physical way, they also heavily influence the tactics and strategy of your team on the battlefield.

Although it is often seen as being a backup weapon, the sidearms are the perfect go-to if you're under a close-quarters assault. They are much more maneuverable than other primary weapons and are extremely lightweight, which means that they aren't much to add onto your equipment.

You can also use your non-dominant hand when shooting with a sidearm since it’s very simple to operate and you don't have to switch the weapon onto your shoulder.

If you're purchasing a pistol, go for the gas-operated sidearm as those are often the only ones allowed in airsoft.

Okay, ready to start investing in your airsoft inventory? Here are our most powerful airsoft guns:

3 Most Powerful Airsoft Guns Of 2018






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1. WellFire VSR-10

Sniper Rifle

Bolt Action


7.5 lbs


2. JG AK47S

Assault Rifle



7.75 lbs


3. KWA M93R II




2.6 lbs


1. WellFire VSR-10 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Most Powerful Airsoft Gun Overall (Editor's Choice)


If you're looking for a rifle that is lightweight and maneuverable so you won’t ever be spotted because of sound, the WellFire is for you! It also packs a punch, strong enough to reach 400 FPS. It is also an extremely affordable rifle, even though it is pretty powerful. Efficient right out of the box, the WellFire VSR-10 is also easily-upgradeable and can work even better for you if you make the investments. You can upgrade the sears, the air compression system, and so much more.

However, with all the extra accessories included, the fluted outer barrel, the front and rear sling points, and with the bottom and top rail segments for optics, you won’t feel like you'll need an upgrade—ever!

Fire Power & Accuracy

With a reputation of having one of the hardest shooting bolt action on the market, WellFire’s newest product has a barrel that measures out to be over two feet long—giving you the best chance at nailing your target! Even though it feels heavy—the weight gives you a realistic feel that makes the gun extremely accurate, even at 500 FPS.

The extended length of the sniper barrel is put in place specifically to be more accurate and more powerful than the standard VSR. It is perfect for a sniper role player looking to hit targets from a very long distance.

  • It has an extremely high FPS
  • The Speed Loader makes it quick to fire multiple shots
  • plus
    It has a quality scope and scope ring
  • plus
    The attachment comes with a Bipod, perfect for a sniper
  • plus
    Shock-absorbing end cap designed to reduce both wear and recoil
  • plus
    Fantastic accuracy and easy to operate, right out of the box.
  • You have to tighten the "bolt Cap" often so it doesn't come off

​2. JG Full Metal Gearbox AK47S Airsoft AEG Rifle

Most Powerful Airsoft Assault Rifle


With a tactical metallic rear-folding stock, the JG Full Metal Airsoft Rifle is a great investment for the sniper role. An average shot with this airsoft gun is 390-400 FPS and uses .20 g bbs. However, it can get up to 410 FPS if allowed.

What sets this rifle apart from the rest is that it is extremely versatile and can be adapted, no matter what type of game is in play. If you are going to playing on an outdoor field or in an indoor arena, you can easily maneuver and engage in close quarter combat—especially since it’s collapsible and foldable!

The magazine that it comes up with is capable of firing 600 rounds! It can also operate in semi- and full-automatic modes.

Built with a polymer receiver, the design of the all-metal gearbox is over two feet long—at 34 inches and weighs in just under 8 pounds.

Fire Power & Accuracy

Working in both semi- and full-automatic modes, it has an adjustable hop-up and comes with a precision polished tight-bore barrel. Not only is this amazing for its durability features, it also improves its accuracy. That’s because there is nothing inside the barrel that can alter the shot of the gun. This gun boasts a balance between power, accuracy, and reliability.

  • The assault rifle boasts a high velocity, with a speed able to reach up to 410 FPS.
  • The gun is also able to handle a 600-round capacity magazine with a gear wind-up mechanism.
  • plus
    The addition of the precision polished tight bore barrel increases accuracy and decreases the chances of a shot going off-course.
  • plus
    The possibility of being versatile enough to adapt to any kind of gameplay makes it extremely attractive—even for those players who are not snipers.
  • It is heavy, weighing in at 7.5 pounds before you put the BBs in—meaning it will get even heavier.

3. KWA Airsoft Full Metal M93R II Gas Blowback Pistol

Most Powerful Airsoft Pistol


The M93R, a gas blowback with a folding forward handle, is a great addition to your inventory—if you're looking for power. This pistol has a 3-round burst mode and packs a ton of firepower and cycle speed. This pistol is designed using high-grade steel alloy and is made of a full-metal exterior. This robust design makes it not only durable but its extremely fast slide also makes it highly functional.

It also comes with semi-auto firing and an integrated flip down front handle. The realistic construction of the gun—although it is quite heavy—is what makes this gun attractive. It also has an adjustable hop-up and can be stripped on the field quickly and easily, making play—even for a beginner—enjoyable.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The adjustable hop-up can handle .20 bbs and even higher and heavier (if the field you're playing on allows it)! This means that you’ll have the heavy shot to back up your accuracy.

With a gun range of 150 feet, you can switch easily from your sniper rifle to this one! You'll nail your target whenever you need to, even in the heat of the moment.

  • The metal slide makes it easy and smooth.
  • It has a 3-round burst and full auto mode, which makes it fun to shoot.
  • The outside of the barrel is made of plastic.

How To Upgrade An Airsoft Gun To Get Higher FPS

Even if you have an accurate, the most powerful airsoft gun, you might still need—or want—to upgrade it! There are so many different upgradeable parts in airsoft guns, it might be a difficult choice picking where to start!

However, if you want to upgrade your airsoft gun for a better performance, the place you should begin is with the internal barrel. Working from the inside out, focusing on these internal parts can get you a better performance, overall. From there, you can easily upgrade the adjustable hop-up unit and then if you still are not happy with the performance or want to get it even better—head to the gear ratios.

Switching to a higher-capacity with your battery can also be an upgrade worth mentioning. However, you should only do this AFTER you've done all possible upgrades on the gears and internal features.

Normally, players go for upgrades when trying to get a higher velocity and FPS through:

  • They invest in a tight-bore barrel.
  • They upgrade the spring and the battery.
  • The look into getting a high-speed gears.
  • check
    They upgrade the metal spring guide and metal bushings.
  • check
    Upgrading the hop-up bucking and nub.
  • check
    They add a metallic or reinforced tooth piston.

All these upgrades can definitely have an effect on your FPS. It’s also good to know that when you're increasing your FPS, you're also increasing your range. Therefore, before you go and upgrade your airsoft gun, you want to make sure that you can still play with it on your local field or course. You also should want the rest of your gun to still be able to comply with the upgrades. For example, you will definitely want to think about getting a high torque steel gear set at a higher ratio, investing in a  spring guide, and looking into a reinforced steel piston and a high torque motor. Just doing these upgrades alone, you'll see an increase in your FPS anywhere from 20 to 100 FPS.

Final Words

Investing in the most powerful airsoft gun, although can be costly, is usually worth the money. The great part about these airsoft guns is that no matter if you are a beginner or have been playing airsoft for decades, you can still operate the majority of these products right out of the box—with little instruction needed. This means that even if you are just starting out now to play airsoft, you can still take the chance of investing in a powerful airsoft gun. That is because they are easy to use and easy to shoot.

This guide should have helped you in laying out the various features that are important when comparing one powerful airsoft gun to the next. Although you might not have the most powerful airsoft gun out there on the field—though these guns can help, it is important that you have the most fun!

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