Most Accurate Airsoft Sniper Rifle & Gun Of 2018

Whether you are looking for a new airsoft rifle or gun to improve your game or you just want a gun highly-adaptable to upgrades so it can grow as you improve as a player, having the most accurate airsoft gun may be in your best interest. 

Investing in the most accurate airsoft sniper rifle can help you aim farther, shoot more accurate, and be better at your game.

How Far Can Most Accurate Airsoft Sniper Rifle Shoot

Depending on which gun you invest in, the possible distance of your shot can change immensely. However, the majority of most airsoft guns can reach distances in a speed range of 60 meters per second (or 200 feet per second) to 125 meters per second (410 feet per second).

Even though most airsoft guns run along these distances and speeds, you can usually upgrade the original models, updating them so they can go further, longer, and faster. Unfortunately, some airsoft guns are not very compatible with upgrades but ranges can usually be increased by purchasing and making the investment in upgraded internals.

When you are investing in upgrades, you can usually increase your shooting range by an average of 170 meters per second (550 feet per second), which would be the answer to the question of how far and fast can the most accurate sniper rifles shoot.

What sets these sniper rifles in airsoft apart from other, more conventional options is that they are actually designed with speed and distance in mind to get the most effective range.

Already built in the design, these guns normally have lengthy barrels—which help improve and get the most accurate shot. The longer the barrel is, the more accurate the shot will be—and the more consistent it will shoot.

You can usually get as far as 100 yards or 300 feet with your shot but it can be easily lengthened depending on the upgrades and features that you invest in.

The Importance Of Accuracy in Airsoft 

No matter what type of airsoft game you're playing in, the accuracy of your shot is extremely important. Regardless of your skill level, if you have a marker that can give you the best chance of nailing your shot, you will find the most success in your game. There are a few things that can dictate how accurate an airsoft gun is.  

  • Hop-Up Unit
  • Inner Barrel
  • BB Weight & Quality
  • check
    Compression & FPS

With all of these different factors and features, you can get the most accuracy out of your shot, even if you are just a beginner.

How To Improve Your Accuracy in Airsoft 

Airsoft Accuracy Improvements

There are several different ways that you can improve the accuracy of your airsoft gun and they all don’t involve simply training your shot. There are certain things you can do with your gun that can help your accuracy and help you get the best chance of hitting your target.

Invest in Quality Ammunition

Having ammunition that shoots straight based on lack of surface imperfections, regularity and distribution of weight, the diameter of the BB, and the different minuscule variations that change from BB to BB, can increase the accuracy of your shot and the quality of your BBs. Even the smallest of differences can make the largest of impacts when you're taking your shot and it counts the most.

If you choose the better quality brands and material when it comes to ammunition, it should be consistent and predictable with one another—with not much room for deviation. You can also make sure that the BBs stay as consistent and accurate as possible by weighing, measuring, inspecting, and washing them before usage.

Keep It Clean

Having accurate shots also requires a bit of maintenance work on your part. To have the shot be as smooth as possible, you have to make sure to clean the barrel. Although you might think the smallest of residue can’t possibly make a difference—it can. However, this one is an easy fix—the barrel cleaning rod usually comes with the rifle and you can combine that with cleaning wipes, as well.

Investing in Good Hop-Up Parts

This part of your gun has the most direct impact on range and can give you over 30 m, generally speaking, of improvement in your shooting distance. However, when you are investing in this upgrade, consider your fps and playing conditions—the Hop-Up parts can be affected by different temperatures.

4 Most Accurate Airsoft Sniper Rifles & 1 Gun Of 2018



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1. WellFire SR-22

Editor's Choice

Bolt Action


9 lbs


2. WellFire VSR-10

Budget Friendly

Bolt Action


7.5 lbs


3. WellFire APS SR-2

Bolt Action


5.5 lbs


4. WellFire MK96

Bolt Action


6.75 lbs


5. Golden Eagle SR-25

Editor's Choice



7.0 lbs


Here are our most accurate airsoft sniper guns that we would recommend for your best shot.

1. WellFire SR-22 Bolt Action Type 22 Sniper Rifle

Most Accurate Airsoft Sniper Rifle Overall (Editor's Choice)


The WellFire SR-22 is a rifle that is realistic and has a fearful but awe-inducing reputation. The airsoft rifle is designed to shoot over 425 fps with various accessories to make the most out of each shot you take. It runs on Type 22 bolt action with the attached rail on the handguard that can make lasers and flashlights accessible while in-play.

The rifle is also designed with a 3-9x40 scope so you can make sure every shot you take is precise—especially with the tactical metallic adjustable bipod—ensuring the accuracy and steadiness when you pull the trigger. The body of the rifle is designed with a durable mix of high-impact polymer and metal with a rear stock. You can even use its featured ergonomic cheek pad for maximum comfort.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The WellFire SR-22 runs on bolt action with a single shot firing mode—perfect for setting that one shot and making it as accurate as possible. It runs with a muzzle velocity of 415-425 FPS and uses 0.20g BBs.

Even though you can easily focus your one shot on single mode, the magazine holds up to 30 rounds, giving you time and available shots to mark your target. The rifle is about 9 lbs, giving it enough weight to feel heavy-duty.

  • Designed with durable construction and material, regardless of how you play
  • Accurate, especially with the long barrel attachment
  • plus
    It is lightweight—perfect for those playing lengthy games but wants to hit hard
  • plus
    The bolt action is a very good add-on feature
  • plus
    Shock-absorbing end cap designed to reduce both wear and recoil
  • It can perform even better with iron sights and a better scope but this can be added-on manually

2. WellFire VSR-10 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Budget Friendly Accurate Paintball Sniper Rifle


For those looking for a quality gun that won’t leave their wallets empty, the WellFire VSR-10 is a great investment for their airsoft game. With a reputable brand name for one of the hardest-hitting products out there, this airsoft sniper rifle has an extended length, full-metal sniper barrel that pulls out two feet long!

The shooting speed of the WellFire Sniper Rifle is easily over 500 fps and is designed prided on accuracy and power. Perfectly made for players aiming for targets from long distances, this rifle has a fluted barrel and a muzzle break, making it a more aggressive and accurate option.

This gun has a 3-9x40 metal functional hunting scope and a 3x-9x adjustable zoom, which allows you to focus on your target better and easier while in-play. It also has a full-metal adjustable and foldable sniper bipod to steady your shot.

Fire Power & Accuracy

This airsoft sniper runs on bolt action, with a 30-round capable magazine attachment and focuses each shot with a bolt-action single shot firing mode. The speed can get up to 465-515 fps muzzle velocity and has a maximum effective range of over 240 feet, making it extremely accurate. The adjustable Hop-Up and weight of just under 8 lbs also gives this gun high credibility on the field. It shoots with seamless .20 g or heavier BBs.

  • Has a high-speed fps, yet the speed doesn't decrease the accuracy
  • Comes with an integrated speed loader
  • plus
    The scope and scope ring also allow you to see your target more accurately from a distance
  • plus
    The foldable and adjustable bipod allows you to focus and steady your shot
  • The BBs sometimes tend to fall out of the barrel

3. WellFire APS SR-2 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle


The WellFire APS SR-2 is designed for modular versatility. While you're playing, you can set up the rifle with the weaver rail, be assured with your grip with its grooved, ergonomic pistol grip, and can rely on the modular LE-style M4 collapsible/adjustable rear stock. Designed to be as realistic as possible, the rifle is heavy and built with a one-piece full-metal sniper barrel.

However, the heavy design is worth it. The rifle shoots out at quick speeds of 470 fps and accurately, with its 3-9x32 zooming scope. The rifle also comes with a metallic adjustable and foldable bipod for steadying your shots.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The bolt action single shot firing mode and operation, the adjustable Hop-Up, and the powerful spring can give your shot power and speed—with a muzzle velocity of 430-470 fps. The long barrel and rifle weight of only 5.5 lbs gives you the ability to shoot as accurately and easily as possible. It also has a 27-round magazine, which allows you to shoot a lot of rounds, with the best chances of hitting your target. 

  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran, it’s easy to hit a good shot
  • plus
    It has a high level of accuracy and high-speed fps
  • plus
    Easily and highly upgradable
  • After a lot of usage, the spring bolt tends to get looser

4. WellFire ShadowOps MK96 AWP


The WellFire ShadowOps MK96 uses authentic-looking magazines and has a powerful shot to make the feel as realistic as possible. The body is designed with enhanced, full-metal with a fluted outer barrel with a full-metal muzzle brake.

The gun is also built with an easy-access Hop-Up adjustment wheel so that you get the most accurate shot with minor tweaks, which can be done even while in the midst of playing.

The sniper rifle also has the most advanced railed 3-9x40mm Sniper Scope so you can magnify your target to get the best and most accurate shot. It also comes with a detachable, adjustable, and foldable full-metal bipod.

Fire Power & Accuracy

Its single-shot firing mode is run on Bolt Action, with a muzzle velocity of anywhere from  440-500 fps. The magazine also allows for multiple shots, with a capability of 40 rounds.

With the adjustable Hop-Up, and weighing just under 7 lbs, the gun can shoot out seamless .20 g BBs for maximum performance and accuracy out on the field.

  • Easy set-up of just five minutes or under
  • Magnifying scope is high-quality and allows you to aim easily for your target
  • plus
    Has a realistic weight and decent pull-back for the best gun feel
  • The bipod can wiggle a little so it isn't the most stable

5. Golden Eagle Airsoft SR-25 AEG

Most Accurate Airsoft Gun For A DM (Designated Marksman)


If you are a designated marksman and need a rifle to match, the Golden Eagle Airsoft SR-25 was replicated from the real SR-25. Designed with durable ABS polymer, the AEG is extremely lightweight, yet highly durable.

Accessories like a vertical foregrip, bipods, tactical flashlights, and lasers can easily be attached to the tough metal alloy of the gun. This airsoft rifle is also designed with an ergonomic motor grip and an injection mold with finger grooves so you can have the best grip and the most control while you're playing.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The Golden Eagle AEG runs on an automatic electric operation, hence the name, with an ABS polymer and metal RIS build. It can be used in three different firing modes, as semi-automatic, full-automatic, and with functional safety.

The airsoft gun can get up to 340-350 fps and works with seamless .20 g or heavier BBs. The metal version 2 gearbox also helps it to deliver pristine firepower and accuracy, along with its 300-round high capacity magazines, which allow you to shoot fire easily.

  • The metal body of the airsoft gun gives it a durable build
  • Although it says 340-350, the gun can get up to shooting 400 fps, for faster shots
  • plus
    The paint and design of the gun makes it pretty realistic
  • If you are left-handed, you're out of luck since the hand grip that it comes with is only designed for right-handed shooters

Final Verdict

Regardless of the level and type of player you are, you want to invest in the most accurate airsoft sniper rifle fun. We hope that this guide helps you invest in the airsoft rifle that not only fits your playing style and budget but also can get you your most accurate shot.

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