How To Play Airsoft: Tips For Beginners

Dominating on the airsoft field is the ultimate objective for every beginner airsoft player. But how do you reach the level where you can be a force of nature on the field?

Understanding how the game works, the different roles, as well as what gun to use, all factor into how well the game is going to work out for you. Airsoft is so much more than target practice. It is a competitive, extreme sport that lets you work in a team to complete missions.

Where do you begin? Getting started in the game might seem a little overwhelming at first, but we have airsoft tips for beginners to help you out.

Basic Rules

Airsoft Basic Rules

Every airsoft field is going to have its own set of rules for play. Regardless, there still are some general rules that you should follow.

  • Airsoft works on an honour system. If you have been shot, time to sit out. Lying about whether you are shot will not get you invited to play again and you could forfeit the game.
  • A hit is when a BB hits any part of your clothing, body, or gun. You should shout that you have been hit, hold your weapon over your head, and walk to the respawning area.
  • Respawning is when you have been hit and are allowed back in the game. Do not re-enter the field before the set time is up.
  • Pay attention to where you are shooting. Do not shoot players in the head and make sure the shot is appropriate for the distance. They may be plastic pellets but they still can hurt you.
  • If an opponent has the drop on you and requests you surrender, you surrender, even if the game’s rules don’t say that. The opponent could have just shot you up close, but instead gave you the option of not being shot.
  • Play your role on your team. Know your part and what you are supposed to be doing on the field. This is a team sport and you can only win if you work as a team.
  • Wear all of your safety gear on the field and do not remove it until you are safely off the field.
  • Go with what the game moderator says, do not argue with them.
  • Most of all, be respectful, courteous, and have fun.

Operating Your Airsoft Guns

There are three primary types of guns used in airsoft: spring-powered, gas-powered, and electric. Here are some basic tips to know in order to operate your gun.

  • Remove the battery or gas canister when you are done playing.
  • Continual shooting will heat up your gun and can cause overheating. Overheating can result in damage.
  • Do not try to fire if your gun has jammed. Fix the jam, then get back into the game.
  • Never load your magazine greater than its capacity. It is safer to put in a little less than it can hold. This is true regardless of your magazine size or type of gun.
  • Do not force a trigger if it is sticking or won’t pull back. A trigger should move easily. If it isn’t, something is wrong.
  • Keep your gun clean and oiled in between games.

Playing Airsoft For The First Time

When you are playing the game for the first time, there are some basics that you should know.

  • Watch the veteran players’ strategies and movement. You can learn a lot about what you are supposed to be doing.
  • Wear the right protective gear, including goggles and a mouth protector. It would be a bummer to lose teeth during your first game. You should also wear camouflage to blend in better.
  • Take your hits and leave the field. It’s ok, everyone gets hit. Don’t lie about it and ruin it for your team.
  • Know what your gun is and how to use it before your first game. You should know what its range is already so you know how close you need to be to make a hit.
  • Never point your gun at something that you don’t intend to shoot.
  • Stealth will keep you in the game longer.


Airsoft Roles

In an airsoft team, every member has a set role to play in order to help the team be successful. You cannot choose a role blindly or accept a role assigned to you without knowing what you are getting into. The primary roles are:


The rifleman is essentially a pawn piece who moves toward the ultimate objective. They run the risk of being a target, but usually travel with support. A rifleman is a versatile role who can cover lots plays, including attack, ambush, flanking, as well as others. Popular rifleman weapons are M4 and AK47 airsoft guns.


The sniper usually sits most of the game. This person is up high, surveying the field, watching the enemy, and taking out any important opponents they can.


The scout will run ahead and scope out the enemy territory, keeping tabs on where the enemy is and what they are up to. The scout does not carry a rifle because it makes running hard. Instead a scout will use a pistol.

Designated Marksman: 

The DMs stay by the rifleman, helping take out the enemy and move toward the ultimate objective. The big different between riflemen and DMs is the rifles they use. DMs use a specific type of airsoft gun as well: a DMR.

Support Gunner:

Support gunners are the most terrifying players on the field. They provide the cover needed in order for the rifleman and DM to move forward. They spray BBs in high quantity to clear the way.


Similar to a rifleman, a grenadier has the same type of weapon as a rifleman, but also has a “grenade,” which in airsoft means a large quantity of BBs that shoot at once. They have the same job as a rifleman.


There are several strategies for how to play airsoft.

  • Organization: First and foremost, you should know your role on the team and what you are supposed to do.
  • Communication: Know what hand signals your team uses to communicate and keep communication open.
  • Don’t Sit Still: Unless you are a sniper, you never want to be in the same place for long.
  • Cover Fire: When you cover for someone, you will spray a lot of BBs to clear the way. It will make a lot of noise so only do that if you are trying to get away from the enemy.
  • Take your Time: You do not want to rush to the finish. Instead, be patient, don’t shoot without thinking, but also don’t hesitate too long and get yourself shot instead.

When you are learning how to play airsoft, one of the most important considerations that you need to remember above everything else is that it is a team sport, not an individual sport. Working together as a team with good communication as well as acting with honour and respect will make the game more fun for everyone and get you on the team’s good side. You want to be invited back to play again, so follow the rules, be smart, and pay attention. Above all else, have a safe and fun game.

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