5 Best CO2 Airsoft Pistols For 2018

Being equipped with the best CO2 airsoft pistol can give you the advantage you've been looking for, especially when in short-range, close combat. Having the tools you need to succeed on the course or field starts with the tools you equip yourself with.

That also doesn't just mean going out and purchasing any airsoft pistol on the market—it means getting the best CO2 airsoft pistol that fits your preference, budget, and playing style.

Pistols are compact and easy to use, the learning curve behind the way they work is very short and simple. That way, investing in an airsoft pistol makes it an easy choice for beginners. Even if you aren't used to carrying around a small weapon, you'll get easily acclimated to the feel and function of it. They are also designed to have a realistic look and feel, which can make you feel that much more of a serious player. The best CO2 airsoft pistol will come with the authenticity of appearance in most brands’ products you're considering.

Co2 vs Green Gas Airsoft Pistols - Benefits Of CO2

When comparing different types of airsoft pistols, you can have your pickings of a couple of different variants—from green gas/propane to red gas/CO2.

Co2 vs Green Gas Airsoft Pistols

Green Gas/Propane 

This gas is essentially propane mixed with a silicone oil, scented with another chemical to make it bearable for players to use and not cough out their lungs. Most guns on the market are fueled with green gas.

Red Gas/CO2  

Using the same power as paintball guns, airsoft can also be powered by CO2. However, unlike those large tanks that you usually see attached to paintball guns, they come enclosed in the airsoft pistol, decreased in size and compressed into 12g capsules. Compared to other gases normally used in airsoft, you'll have more pressure.

Benefits of CO2

Not only does CO2 add high-pressure to your gun, it also has a disposable cylinder and uses a power outlet—which makes it easy to refill. Upon purchasing, it comes pre-filled already with 12 grams of liquid carbon dioxide and if you're willing to make an investment, can come with refillable reservoirs. Normally, these spaces are seen with paintball guns but are reserved for the finest CO2 guns, too.

When making the comparison to pre-charged pneumatic guns, CO2 airsoft pistols don't require a pressure regulator—since the airsoft guns run on low-to-moderate power. When converting the liquid CO2 to its usable form, it also doesn't need a very big tank—using just the right temperature to form.

Co2 Airsoft Pistols and Velocity

If you're looking for speed, CO2 airsoft pistols can get you the velocity you need. With a muzzle velocity of 400 fps—even up to 600 fps—even though most fields only allow 400 FPS. If you have a faster gun, it might be worth your while to play on an outdoor field, which usually has less strict regulations.

CO2 airsoft pistols also will give you more consistent projectile speeds across the board. Using pressurized steel 12-gram cartridges of carbon dioxide gas, the speed of the shot is unaffected by extreme temperatures.

Blowback vs Non-Blowback Co2 Airsoft Pistols

Another decision you have to make when purchasing a CO2 airsoft pistol is if you want your gun to perform with non-blowback or blowback.

Here are also a few features explaining the two:

Blowback Pistol 

The blowback pistols use compressed gas to fuel their power, insinuating the trigger response, adding the recoil, and causing the slide to shoot back—just like a real pistol. Blowback guns utilize much more gas to propel the BB and reload the gun. However, they are much more realistic than the non-blowback variation.

Non-Blowback Pistol

Non-blowback gives more consistent air to the shot because it doesn't have to use some of that air for blowback purposes.

Non-blowback guns also don't have as complicated of a system and fewer moving parts than the blowback, which means less maintenance, an easier cleaning process and less chance of breaking something.

Across the board, these types of pistols are much more affordable and are generally used by beginners because of the economic save of gas and price range. They also require less build up to the shot, leaving you responsible for just pulling the trigger.

5 Best CO2 Airsoft Pistols Of 2018






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1. ASG TAC 1911

Editor's Choice


328 FPS

2.2 lbs


2. Colt M45A1

Budget Friendly


330 FPS

2.3 lbs


3. WG M87


430 FPS

2.2 lbs


4. KJW M9A1

High Performance

CO2 & Green Gas

340 FPS

2.1 lbs


5. WE M9


300 FPS

2.5 lbs


1. ASG STI TAC Master 1911 CO2 Blowback Pistol

Best CO2 Airsoft Pistol Overall (Editor's Choice)


This pistol was designed with the most precise attention to each part of the construction, which was built using full-metal construction material. Made to highly resemble the accurate reproduction of the 1911A1, this airsoft pistol is an excellent replica, perfect to play with, right out of the box.

The gun is powered as a blowback, making it much more fun and realistic to shoot. With its rubberized material on the comfortable polymer ergonomic grip, you can get a comfortable feel while you're playing and shows the brand’s attention to detail in the design. There is also a skeleton trigger in the design, which is another fun feature, along with the built-in tactical rail. This rail allows you to upgrade the pistol easily, making it very accessible for add-ons like a flashlight or a laser.

It also has a hidden internal hand grip compartment to store the green gas cans and an adjustable hop-up system for power.

Fire Power & Accuracy

With a solid amount of firepower and accuracy, the metal magazine attached to the pistol can hold up to 24 rounds and can hold up to a 12 g CO2 cartridge. Shooting from anywhere between 310-330 fps, the airsoft gun uses .20 BBs. This is a great airsoft pistol to have in your lineup if you are playing indoor. Weighing in at just 2.2 lbs, it packs a lot of power for a lightweight gun.

  • The airsoft pistol has a solid number of fps. Normally since most indoor courses have a 400 fps restriction, it’s a nice range
  • The grip is comfortable, especially because of its polymer ergonomic material.
  • plus
    The slide of the blowback is smooth
  • When playing indoors, the fps might be a bit on the lower end of the range than most guns out there

2. Cybergun Colt M45A1 CO2 M1911

Budget Friendly


With an authentic looking design, the Colt 1911 airsoft pistol has a beavertail safety design, a polymer frame, and a non-slip pistol grip that is not only comfortable but makes your pistol look extremely realistic. Especially if you are going to play airsoft more and more, this unique design is a great one to invest in if you're going to add in attachments and modifications later on—like lasers and flashlights underneath the barrel. The design also comes with front and rear sights so you can concentrate on your enemies, no matter where they are relative to you.

The gun uses a Hop-Up BAX System so it can increase its distance in shot and range. It’s also built durable, with a full-metal design and a fixed slide and magazine.

Fire Power & Accuracy

With semi-auto and safety functionalities, this airsoft pistol has the perfect firepower and design to be used in CQB environments. Using .20 g BBs, the CO2 propellant of the Cybergun Colt 1911 can fire up to 330 fps as a CO2 non-blowback operation. The Hop-Up feature also helps the distance of its shot range.

  • As an authentic looking replica of the real thing, this airsoft pistol is heavy enough to be realistic and is accurate enough to go with you as you grow as a player.
  • It is also highly upgradeable, with a simple add-on possibility to its body.
  • plus
    You can use this gun for target practice since it is highly accurate.
  • plus
    Although it is beginner-friendly, you can use it even as an intermediate or advanced player because of the power behind its shot.
  • plus
    The design of the body exterior is made extremely well. You don't have to worry about it getting banged up a bit during play.
  • The magazine of the gun doesn’t hold as many rounds as some other pistols on the market

3. WG M87 Archer


The Archer Full Metal Pistol has the authentic look of a real pistol and the real blowback feel of a real firearm’s shot. With its stippled ergonomic pistol grip, the design has an extremely authentic feel and look about it. Designed for more intermediate or advanced players, this airsoft pistol can shoot up to 430 fps (you might want to take a look at the guidelines of the restriction when you're playing on an indoor course). It is designed with a full-length Picatinny top rail, scopes, and is highly upgradable—with attachment options possibly built right on. You can add tactical flashlights, lasers, and other attachments right on the pistol, for your best game on the field.

The design runs with a gas blowback feature for a realistic recoil effect. It also has a functioning side lock and lever safety, fiber optic front and rear sights, a 13-round single stack magazine and comes designed for realistic disassembly. You can use this pistol as your primary gun or as your sidearm.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The firepower behind this pistol is a fully operational CO2 Gas Blowback, with a full-metal design and polymer grip covers. It can be shot in semi-automatic modes with a functional safety. The shot range can get up to 430 fps with a 400 minimum range of muzzle velocity, using standard .20 BBs. There is no Hop-Up with this model but it can hold a 13-round single stack magazine while on the playing field.

  • The fps (speed) of the gun is relatively on the high side, especially for an indoor course
  • The slide of the blowback is smooth and solid
  • plus
    The grip is also relatively comfortable, especially for playing long games
  • The fps is a bit low for an outdoor course or field

4. KJW M9A1 Railed Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol


This airsoft pistol runs semi-automatically, with a full-metal body. Running on a gas blowback operation, the KJW M9A1 airsoft pistol is truly powerful, designed with a metallic finish to make it as realistic as possible. It is designed with an ergonomic pistol grip for comfortable yet powerful trigger pulls.

As a realistic airsoft pistol, it has two tones, a functional safety switch, and a full metal slide and barrel. The body is also designed to equip Picatinny attachments, which make upgrading relatively easy—even for beginners.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The firepower behind this gun is operated on a semi-automatic gas blowback mode, with a filler of a 26-round magazine. This airsoft pistol, designed with a full metal body, slide, and barrel can shoot up to 340 fps, making it a perfect airsoft pistol, with its lightweight design (only 3 lbs) but still able to pack a punch—and a fast one!

  • The designed look of the airsoft gun is highly realistic, making the gun as authentic as possible
  • It is also light enough to carry around but heavy enough to feel powerful in your hands
  • plus
    The pistol has an accurate shot, which is contributed by the flawless magazine function
  • plus
    If you have smaller hands, the Vertec grip is definitely better for you—if you have larger hands, then you should change the grip
  • The barrel is standard sized, not elite

5.WE Tech Airsoft Full Metal M9


This gas blowback pistol not only acts the part but looks it, too. Instead of the black/dark finish that normally comes with the airsoft pistols, this brand stands out, with its silver color and design.

One of the highest quality airsoft pistols on the market, the body is full-metal with a full-metal slide. It is designed in such a way that it eliminates excess recoil, which leaves you able to shoot accurately—with just enough power and kickback. It’s the perfect balance between power and realism.

The hand grip is highly textured and comfortable with a functional safety switch, as well. Extra features of the pistol include the chamber, the safety, the slide stop, hammer, barrel, and trigger, which are all made from reinforced metal in order to give the user the ultimate pistol feel.

With an easily accessible safety, the pistol also features reinforced hammer and recoil springs, an internally enforced structure of the firing pin, and an optimum high flow valve.

Fire Power & Accuracy

This blowback not only looks real, it feels real—with unmatched firepower to blow all your opponents away. With its full metal body, you can get that heavy feel that can hold the firepower. The WE Airsoft M9 gun is capable of running on semi and full auto modes.

  • The pistol has a nice and realistic kickback to it with its powerful recoil—but not too much
  • The grip of the pistol is comfortable and functional
  • plus
    The gun is easy to take apart, which increases functional maintenance
  • plus
    It has decent capacity and fps speed
  • Not super gas efficient

Why You Need An Airsoft Sidearm

Sidearm Pistol Benefits

When you're playing airsoft and you're in close quarters, using an airsoft pistol can get you as close as possible to cover because you'll have a smaller target but you should aim to use the CO2 pistols because they have more consistent shots.

Especially if you're planning to play somewhere where the temperature is extremely hot or cold, the best CO2 airsoft pistols are less affected by it—if anything, they're not affected at all. The best part about it? You can also buy the 12 g cartridges that you need of CO2 in bulk, saving your time and money.

However, being able to use an airsoft sidearm and maneuver easily throughout the game and course (especially if it’s a small one indoors), will put you at a major advantage. You can not only inconspicuously maneuver throughout, your small gun also creates a smaller target for other players to be able to get to you.

How Much Does Co2 Airsoft Pistol Usually Weigh 

Although the weight of a gun is definitely an important factor to carrying it around with you throughout the game, you have to realize that what’s advantageous about these pistols is that they generally weigh much, much less than the other airsoft guns—and they're much smaller, too!

Even though you cannot pinpoint a specific weight as an average for these types of guns, you can expect that they can come in weighing anywhere between under a pound and four pounds. However, this might also vary because the pistols come in a variety of different sizes.

What else affects the weight? The material that the pistol is made out of affects the weight. For example, if you take two pistols of equivalent size but one made out of different materials—like full metal or plastic, you'll get two different sizes.

Full Metal vs Plastic Pistol 

If you want to save money but still get the power of a blowback pistol, you can opt for a plastic one or one that has very few external metal parts. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for—the plastic guns really feel like a toy rather than feeling realistic. Therefore, if you really want to get that authentic gun feel and power, you need to feel comfortable with dishing out the extra money. 

The CO2 blowback guns come in different material and different types of designs—to get as realistic, as possible. The full metal ones, however, are much heavier in weight and most players like to think they shoot better.

Maintaining You Co2 Airsoft Pistol 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, one of the most important things you ought to know is how to maintain or care for your airsoft pistol. Especially if you have one that runs on CO2, you should know the ins and outs of treating it. If maiyou're just putting in that CO2 gas straight from your 12 g cartridge, you're basically just feeding your gun untreated gas. This will ultimately take years off of your gun’s lifespan and the quality of its usage will go down! You can easily clean and maintain your pistol, before and after every usage.

This is done by easily applying a bit of silicon oil to all the moving parts of the gun (they are normally pretty easy to disassemble). You also should apply lubricant to the seal of the gun where the CO2 goes in or else there is a possibility that it might start leaking.

Final Words 

If you're looking for the perfect CO2 airsoft pistol, this guide should give you an idea of what to look out for and which ones are going to be a good fit for you. Take into account your budget, your playing style, and the scenario or course you're going to be playing on—all these factors will affect which type of gun you need.

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