5 Best Beginner Airsoft Guns For 2018

Airsoft is one of the best tactical games that you can play, getting a real experience without going so far as to using real ammo.

If you are just getting into the sport, you might not know exactly where to begin and what the best beginner airsoft gun is, but that is where we, at ExtremeSportsLand, come in.

No matter what you know about airsoft already, you should focus on getting the best airsoft gun for beginners you can. But how can you know what to get if you are just getting started? We can help break that down for you.

Several factors go into knowing what the best starter airsoft gun for you is, including how much you already know about airsoft, what your role on the team is, what your budget is, and how serious you want to be about the sport.

There are different models, power types, and position designs that will all alter how the game is played for you. Some models remain constant throughout the years, not changing much, whereas newer models will be introduced and have completely different functionalities than the older models do. Let’s look at what to consider.

Your First Beginner Airsoft Gun: What To Consider

Airsoft Team Role

When you are ready to get your first starter airsoft gun, you have to consider several factors to know what kind of beginner airsoft gun is best for you. You will have to think about what position you would like to play in the game, the type of gun you would prefer to use, and what price range makes the most sense for you.

Your Role In The Team 

Every airsoft team has a set of positions that each member should abide by in order to have an efficient and successful game.

1) The Rifleman: The rifleman is the main striker in the game whose goal is to reach the final objective. These players have to be versatile and really have a handle on all of the other positions. There are two rifleman positions in the game of airsoft. The first one is the urban rifleman will engage the enemy at close range. The other is the field rifleman who engages the enemy in an open space at a great distance.

Picking a Beginner Airsoft Gun: If you are a rifleman and looking for the best beginner airsoft gun, you need a minimum barrel length of 10 inches in order to shoot at a distance. Long barrelled rifles are ideal for field rifleman since you will not be shooting at close range. An urban rifleman should aim for a rifle that is less than 10 inches to be able to move better in tight spaces.

2) Designated Marksman: The designated marksman (DM) stays by the rifleman and helps to hit the targets that the rifleman cannot. The DM is always moving, which is what separates it from the sniper position.

Picking a Beginner Airsoft Gun: A DM will need a specific type of gun, which is specifically designed for the DM position: a designated marksman rifle or DMR. DMRs have long barrels to shoot at long distances like a sniper rifle, but that has a free float handguard or bipod to make it easier to manoeuvre.

3) The Sniper: The sniper is a stationary position usually perched on high ground in order to have a great view of the enemy. Snipers scope out the area, watch for the enemy, and usually only wipe out critical opponents.

Picking A Starter Airsoft Gun: Sniper rifles usually have long barrels that can reach targets at a distance with accuracy. For a starter gun, a spring rifle might be the less complicated, not having to worry about the components of gas powered or electronic rifles.

4) Support Gunner: The support gunner has the job of clearing the way for the riflemen. This position uses a high quantity of BBs to provide cover for the rifleman in order to move forward.

Picking a Starter Airsoft Gun: Because they need to be able to shoot a lot of ammo quickly, support gunners need rifles that have a long barrel and the ability to operate like a machine gun.

5) Scouts: This position rarely even uses an airsoft rifle. They move ahead of the team to observe the enemy and report back to the group. They must be light-footed and quick.

Picking a Beginner Airsoft Gun: Scouts need small guns, like submachine guns, because they travel quickly and need to be unencumbered. These guns do not shoot far, but a scout would only ever need to shoot up close.

6) Grenadier: In real battle, a grenadier is a rifleman who has grenades. In airsoft, the grenadier is like a rifleman, but has the ability to spray BBs.

Picking a Beginner Airsoft Gun: A grenadier needs an assault rifle because they are lightweight and can use a “grenade” launcher to spray the BBs.

5 Best Beginner Airsoft Guns Of 2018



Team Role



Check Now

1. JG M4A1 Rifle

Editor's Choice



7.0 lbs


2. JG AK47S Rifle

Budget Friendly



7.75 lbs


3. ICS M4A1 Rifle

High Performance



6.5 lbs


4. Golden Eagle SR-25



7.0 lbs


5. WellFire APS SR-2

Bolt Action


5.5 lbs


What Type of Beginner Airsoft Gun You're Looking For 

Types Of Beginner Airsoft Guns

AEG (Automatic Electric Guns):

An AEG is battery-powered, giving you a fully automatic operating rifle. The battery is usually rechargeable and the rifles themselves have multiple modes to choose fun, including semi-automatic and full-automatic, letting you operate your airsoft rifle like a machine gun. An AEG is the most popular style of airsoft gun for airsoft enthusiasts but also for people who are looking for the best airsoft gun for beginners. They work when the gears turn inside the gun, compressing the piston and creating a blast of air to launch the BBs. These guns usually can fire anywhere from 600 to 900 rounds a minute, mimicking a live ammo machine gun.

Gas Powered Guns:

Gas powered airsoft guns use compressed gas, usually CO2, to drive the shooting mechanism. They do not operate in the same way as the AEGs. Before the introduction of the AEG-styled rifle, gas power was the way that most players preferred to go. Gas can be affected by the weather, however, and they do not have the same full-automatic shooting power that you can get with the AEGs. Gas power is usually the preference for the smaller guns, where having an electric board doesn’t make sense. Regardless, some airsoft players still prefer gas over electric.

Spring Powered Guns:

Spring powered airsoft rifles are definitely the least complex of the three types of guns. They do not need the fuel or power in order to operate like the other types. This also means, however, they do not have the same shooting power that you can get from a gas powered or electric rifle. For beginners, however, having a simple rifle to test out how the game works might be a good idea. You also need to rely more on accuracy with a spring powered gun since the BBs will not shoot as quickly.

1. JG Airsoft F6604 M4A1 Carbine Rifle

Best Beginner Airsoft Gun Overall (Editor's Choice)

The best beginner airsoft gun is the JG F6604. This carbine rifle is an easy-to-operate AEG, making it a great introductory piece to help you navigate how the electronic systems work as well as getting your feet wet in the game itself.


The F6604 M4A1 comes with a 14.5 inch barrel, making it a good choice for shooting at long distances. The material is a lightweight polymer, which is not as durable as full metal, but it does make it easier to carry around. While it is lighter than a metal gun, this one is still on the heavy side of the scale at 7 pounds. Polymer will hold up in battle though and should not break if you happen to fall upon it.

The gearbox is fully metal, ensuring that the internal mechanics of the gun should not break on you during the game. Cleaning it is not speedy or simple, but you should not need to do that during battle, giving you plenty of time after the game to figure that out. The stock is also adjustable, allowing you to make sure that you are comfortable with how you hold and operate it.

Fire Power & Accuracy 

JG F6604 is an AEG, meaning it is a battery-powered rifle that has the option to fire either semi-automatic or full-automatic as you prefer. The muzzle velocity is 400 to 420 feet per second, using the standard 0.20g BBs. The magazine holds 300 rounds, which is pretty middle-of-the-road for airsoft guns. This offers a rapid rate of fire, which can be good, but also might be a little intense if you have not played much airsoft yet.

Who It’s Best For

This airsoft rifle is just a great all-around starter airsoft gun. It has a long barrel to help ease you into sniping or acting as a DM, but it could also work for a rifleman as well, though its max range is about 120 feet, meaning it might not get the range you would hope for to be a sniper. Because it is easy-to-use and operate, it works well for those just getting into the sport.

  • ​Great muzzle velocity of 420 feet per second
  • ​AEG allows semi-automatic and full-automatic modes
  • plus
    Polymer construction is durable and lightweight
  • plus
    Ergonomic motor grip for easy handling
  • plus
    Long barrel aids with distance and accuracy
  • Not as long range as other AEGs

2. JG Full Metal Gearbox AK 47S Airsoft Rifle

Budget Friendly Starter Airsoft Gun

The best beginner airsoft AK 47 you can get on a budget is the JG Full-Metal Gearbox AK 47s. It brings with it the reliably, durability, and accuracy that you need to be competitive in airsoft and is still easy to operate.


This is a heavy-duty AK 47 with a polymer receiver. Its gearbox is all metal. It is designed to take seamless .20 gram or heaver BBs, giving you the option to move up to something heavier if you prefer.

The JG AK 47S is 34 inches in length and has a 455 millimeter inner barrel. The tactical metallic rear folding stock allows the gun to adapt to your style of play. This AK 47 is a little heavier than other guns due to its metal body, coming in at 7.5 pounds. The only parts of the gun that are not metal are the grip and the forestock, meaning this gun is going to be able to take a beating. The grip on the gun is ergonomic, allowing your hand to fit comfortably around it without trouble.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The JG AK 47S has a muzzle velocity of 380 to 410 feet per second. The magazine is a gear-wind up design with a 600-round capacity. As most AK 47s are, the JG can operate both semi-automatic and fully automatic. This gun also comes with a precision polished tight bore barrel that improves the gun’s overall durability, but also improves accuracy since it has no possible catches internally.

Who It's Best For

AK 47s are essentially machine guns, intended to fire a lot of ammo in a short period of time. As a result, they are best suited for support gunners who need to provide a lot of cover for the riflemen. Because the magazine has a higher capacity, you will be able to get off more rounds, covering for your teammates on the field. The distance of the JG AK 47s is not far enough to make it work for sniping or really being a rifleman. It only shoots a little over 100 feet with accuracy.

  • High velocity, reaching up to 410 FPS
  • 600-round capacity magazine with a gear wind-up
  • plus
    Precision polished tight bore barrel
  • plus
  • plus
    Versatile and adaptive to any kind of gameplay
  • Heavy, weighing in at 7.5 pounds before you put the BBs in

3. ICS Full Metal M4A1 Airsoft AEG

High Performance Beginner Airsoft Gun

If you are looking into the best starter airsoft gun that is high performance, the ICS M4A1 is the right choice for you. The gearbox on this gun is easy to access and change if you would like to as well.


The ICS M4A1 was designed specifically to give its users the best level of quality possible, which is why the gun is made almost entirely out of metal, minus the grip which is ergonomic to promote a better grip on the gun when you fire. The stock barrel that it comes with is high quality. Some players like to switch out their barrels when they get a new gun and upgrade it to something of a better quality, but the barrel that comes with the ICS Full Metal M4A1 is already a high performance barrel and does not need to be changed out. The carry handle on this gun also can be removed, making space for a sight.

Fire Power & Accuracy

With a 13.5 inch outer barrel, the ICS M4A1 is set to get some distance. The muzzle velocity is 400 to 410 feet per second, making it very fast. The M4A1 has both semi-automatic and full-automatic modes, allowing you to play as you would prefer. The magazine can hold up to 450 rounds, putting it at a higher quantity than average, though not as much as the JG AK 47S. The firing speed will shoot about 10 rounds per second, making this one of the best M4’s that you can get.

Who It’s Best For

The M4A1 is a high-powered airsoft gun, acting like a machine gun. This makes it better for DMs, support gunners, or even the riflemen, allowing you to specifically how you would like to gun to operate through its electronic system. This is still a diverse gun, however, so even if you are just a beginner getting started, you might still find that this gun will work for you as an intermediate or advanced player as well. Since it is built for durability, you could own it long enough to improve your skills.

  • High speed muzzle velocity of up to 410 feet per second
  • ​Great magazine capacity at 450 rounds
  • plus
    Full metal design, including gearbox
  • plus
    Easy to take apart to change out parts or repair
  • plus
    Stock barrel is remarkable
  • Selector level is too easy to switch, making it easy to do accidentally

4. Golden Eagle Airsoft SR-25 AEG

Best Starter Airsoft Gun For A DM (Designated Marksman)

The Golden Eagle Airsoft SR-25 is an AEG rifle that is known for its accuracy as well as its speed. It is the best beginner airsoft gun for a DM and has even been reported to work well for a sniper.


The design of the SR-25 is a polymer body, which should make it a little easier to operate and carry than the full metal guns. It might mean that the gun looks and feels a little less realistic than others, but it definitely pays off in your speed. This rifle is upgradable, so it should be able to grow with you as your airsoft skills improve and your level of game changes.

The gun comes with a Picatinny rail system to allow you to add onto the gun as you would like. The polymer foregrip is a stick style, giving you a more realistic feeling, though the polymer does detract from this feeling. The grip is one of the features that you can switch out if you would like.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The muzzle velocity of the Golden Eagle Airsoft SR-25 is not as fast as some of the other guns that we have reviewed here. The velocity can reach up to 350 feet per second, which might not be fast enough for some players, while beginning players might find that the velocity is better suited to their needs. The magazine has a 300 round capacity, which is pretty standard for this type of gun.

Who It’s Best For

This is a DMR, meaning it is a perfect choice for DMs on the field. Offering a good combination of speed and accuracy, the Golden Eagle SR-25 is a great intro gun if you are going for the DM position on the team. It could work for a rifleman or a sniper as well, but ultimately this one was made to work for the DM role.

  • Upgradable, allowing the gun to grow with you as a player
  • Superior ergonomic grip for the ultimate hold and control
  • plus
    Realistic visual look as a replica of the real SR-25 DM rifle
  • plus
    Full metal gearbox that is resistant to damage
  • plus
    Folding front and rear combat sights, keeping them out of the way with a scope
  • Not a versatile gun, you need to be sure about your role before purchasing this one

5. WellFire APS SR-2 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle

The final beginner airsoft rifle that we will be reviewing is the WellFire APS SR-2. This is specifically made to be a sniper rifle, taking into account its ability to be accurate at a long distance. This is definitely the best starter airsoft gun for snipers.


The WellFire SR-2 is a bolt-action, single shot sniper rifle. It does not have all of the added parts that you would find with an electronic airsoft rifle, so it is built a little lighter, coming in at 5.5 pounds. It is not meant to have more attachments than adding on a scope. The barrel of the gun is one-piece, all-metal, and long, giving you both stability and range. The rifle also comes with a bipod to increase your shooting stability and letting you rest a little while you watch and wait for your opponents to appear.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The WellFire APS SR-2 has a high velocity, shooting at 470 feet per second. The magazine can only hold 27 rounds, but since snipers only take the necessary shots, the low amount should not matter too much. The SR-2 is not a gas-powered or electronic rifle, but instead operates off a spring and bolt system. The bolt itself is built to be heavy duty which adds extra power to each shot that is taken. Another reason for having such a low magazine count is that only one BB can be released at a time, so each shot is valuable and will need to be executed with precision.

Who It’s Best For

This is the best beginner paintball gun for snipers. With its incredible distance and accuracy, as well as the gun’s ability to be customized, it is a great beginner airsoft gun and one of the best sniper rifles you can find on a price. This will not work for any other role on the battlefield, especially since it only holds 27 rounds in its magazine, operating off of a spring system. Sniping is not about spraying the field, it is about patience and precision.

  • Weaver rail for optics mounting
  • LE-style M4 collapsible and adjustable real stock
  • plus
    One-piece, all-metal long barrel
  • plus
    Tactical rear stock adjusts to shooting conditions
  • plus
    Heavy duty bolt assembly for added power
  • The cock gets loose and will need to be tightened if firing repeated to prevent it from falling off

Basic Types Of Beginner Airsoft Weapons

Different Airsoft Starter Guns

While we have looked over the different roles that you would need to consider when you are creating or joining an airsoft team, you should also understand what the differences between each style of gun actually are. A lot of the models will overlap each other, but they were all initially designed for a specific purpose.

  • M4/M16: The M4 is based on the popular M4 assault rifle, which is a variation of an AR 15. These styles of guns are generally very popular. The M4 is shorter and lighter than the M16, but it still has the same fire power as its predecessor. The M4 is built to resemble the real assault rifle as closely as possible, giving players a more military feel. They also can come in spring, gas, or electronic power.
  • MP5: The MP5 is a submachine gun, which is used mostly for special operations or to maneuver in tighter situations. They do not have the same range or accuracy that you can get from other models, but it you have been forced to use it, chances are you are at close range, ducking fire. Some players choose this because it feels more like you are part of a SWAT team or are in special ops.
  • AK47 / AK74: One of the best-known military assault models in the world, the airsoft AK 47 is popular because of the amount of rounds that it can shoot quickly as well as the feeling that you are shooting a machine gun. The AK 74 was an update that was short-lived, but nonetheless has its own airsoft replicas out on the market. Either way, the semi-auto or full-auto rifles are consistently being recreated and sold in slightly different varieties.
  • Assault Rifles: Assault rifles can really encompass a lot of different airsoft gun models. They can be used in just about every situation, from long range shooting to fire fights. They are essential in the game of airsoft. Some of the models include: M4, M16, AK47, G36, and FAL. These will all have the option of being semi-auto or full-auto, letting you should as much and as quickly as possible. They are the most popular type of airsoft guns.
  • SMG (Sub Machine Guns): Sub machine guns, or SMGs, are smaller, full-auto guns which are usually used when you need to be able to sneak into somewhere or maneuver in tight quarters. This is usually what scouts prefer to keep on hand if they need to take a shot at someone. They are not known for accuracy, but they can help you if you are in a bind. Popular SMGs include: MP5, P90, MP7, and the KMP9.
  • Shotguns: Shotguns might be a good choice for hunters, but they do not work quite as well in airsoft. They are always single chambered, giving you only one BB at a time, but without all of the distance and accuracy that you get from a sniper rifle. They will not work if you are hoping to aim well, but better for defense if you need to get people away from you.
  • Pistols: In airsoft, pistols are not used as a primary weapon. Instead, they operate as a sidearm in the event that something happens to your primary weapon. They are small and easy to carry and conceal, making them good in tight quarters, but otherwise, a pistol does not really have a big place on the battlefield. You could use it to provide cover for yourself while you repair or reload your primary gun.
  • Sniper Rifles: Sniper rifles are specifically made for snipers to use. In the game of airsoft, you are going to want a rifle that is not only high powered, but one that has long range and great accuracy. Snipers do not fire off many rounds and each shot has to be taken with great care and consideration. Some of the more popular models of sniper refile are the M14, SVD, PGM, and LRSA.

Final Verdict 

Getting into airsoft should be a fun and exciting experience, which can be helped by having the right gun for you. There is not an easy one-size fits all type of gun available for airsoft, so you really do need to know what you are planning on doing before you buy a gun. How you are intending to play, which includes your role, is going to be the biggest determining factor when you are looking for the right gun for you.

If you are not entirely sure what role that you are going to play, you can get a more versatile gun. The most versatile, best beginner airsoft gun is the JG Airsoft F6604 M4A1 Carbine Rifle, which is an AEG and versatile enough to help out many different airsoft roles. Meanwhile, snipers would need a completely different style of gun, like the WellFire APS SR-2 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle, in order to completely act on their role well enough.

Knowing where you fit into your team and how much you would like to play should be the major factors you look at before you purchase your first beginner airsoft gun.

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