7 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles Of 2018

The sniper is one of the best-known roles in the game of airsoft. The best lookout and most patient player, the sniper has to be cool-headed while still having a steady hand and solid focus.

Regardless of your natural ability and experience, however, your game will never be as great as it can be if you are using the wrong equipment.

Great sniper will need the best airsoft sniper rifle in order to be competitive in the airsoft game. But what should you look for in a sniper rifle? How can you know what makes one rifle better than another? Whether you are tight on a budget or you’ve got tons of spare change, there is the best airsoft sniper rifle out there for you.

You just have to know what you are looking for.

From the barrel and maker to the scope and the model of the gun, a good airsoft sniper rifle will have many features that can affect the overall speed and distance of the rifle.

Sniper rifles have a lot of overlap in between their features, so you might need to test out a few before you know which one is the right one for you. Here’s a guide to help you find the best airsoft sniper rifle for you.

What To Look For In A Good Airsoft Sniper Rifle 

Specifications Airsoft Sniper Rifle Guns

When you begin your search for the best airsoft sniper rifle, there are several factors that you should consider. You will need to look at the barrel length, what it is made out of, the accuracy of the rifle, and the type of accessories that you can mount on your airsoft sniper rifle.

Barrel Length:

One of the most important aspects of an airsoft sniper rifle is the barrel that it uses. While barrel length is part of it, it is not the only thing you should be looking at in a sniper barrel. Generally sniper rifles have longer barrels, but remember the longer the barrel, the more time the BB stays in the gun, which can affect the accuracy. The ideal barrel length is between 350 up to 500 mm.


When it comes to the material of your sniper rifle, you need to remember that there are several pieces to a rifle to consider. The stock of the gun, the body, and the barrel could easily all be made up of different material. When it comes to the body, having metal can give you a realistic feeling, but it will be heavy. Polymer, however, is durable and lightweight, but does not have the same realistic feeling. Your barrel should be metal.


It is essential that your sniper rifle be incredibly accurate. Since snipers are typically perched on high ground, only taking out VIPs, it is essential that they get the shot right the first time because there might not be a second chance. On the higher end, airsoft sniper rifles can shoot 500 feet per second accurately, but ideally your range would be between 350 to 500 feet per second, reaching up to 300 feet away.


Airsoft sniper rifles also have the option for some add-on accessories to improve your overall game. A good sniper would need to have a sight, red dot, or scope in order to see in the distance effectively. You should also have a collapsible bipod in order to keep your rifle steady while you wait for your target as well as ensuring that your gun is camouflaged to keep you blended in while you wait.

7 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles Of 2018



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1. WellFire SR-22

Editor's Choice

Bolt Action


9.0 lbs


2. WellFire VSR-10


Bolt Action


7.5 lbs


3. WellFire APS SR-2

Budget Friendly

Bolt Action


5.5 lbs


4. KJW M700

Gas Sniper Rifle



7.0 lbs


5. WellFire VSR-10 OD

Bolt Action


4.1 lbs


6. Double Eagle L96

High Performance

Bolt Action


9.0 lbs


7. WellFire MB13D SR-2

Bolt Action


6.25 lbs


1. WellFire SR-22 Bolt Action

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Overall (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the top airsoft sniper rifle is the WellFire SR-22. It’s a bolt action rifle with a scope and bipod and it's quite affordable.


The WellFire SR-22 comes with a metal barrel and a polymer stock. The body is finished nicely with a mix of the metal and polymer. It’s not the most lightweight airsoft sniper rifle out there, coming in at 9 pounds, but you will not be running with it as a sniper like you would in other roles. The overall length of this rifle is 47.24 inches, with a 500mm barrel. The stock comes with an adjustable and ergonomic cheek pad. It can be adjusted in the length to make it fit you as an individual better. The bipod that comes with the gun can easily fold up so you can move positions without fighting it.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The magazine capacity of the WellFire SR-22 is 30 rounds, so as long as you are taking worthy shots, it should last you the whole game. This rifle has a great effective range over 200 feet. The SR-22 is a bolt action rifle so it fires just one shot at a time, which is ideal for snipers anyway as firing multiple shots would give away your position easier.

The muzzle velocity is between 415 and 425 feet per second with the standard .20g BBs. The scope itself is fully adjustable for windage and elevation using the adjustment screws that are mounted on the sides. It also has its own metal mount and scope rings.

The scope is great at finding long distance targets while still helping you maintain the best accuracy possible. The Wellfire SR-22 also has an extended length high performance sniper barrel, which should not need to be replaced, unlike other stock barrels in different rifles. This rifle is meant to be high performing right out of the package.

Best For: 

This is really a great weapon for airsoft snipers of any level, though the scope might take some getting used to. It really cannot be used well for any other role as it does not have enough rounds for most positions and is too heavy for a scout.

  • Effective range of 200 feet
  • Muzzle velocity between 415 to 425 feet per second
  • plus
    Excellent accuracy
  • plus
    Full metal barrel
  • plus
    High-end precision scope
  • Heavyweight for a polymer stock rifle at 9 pounds

2. WellFire VSR-10 Bolt Action W/ Scope & Bipod


Another one of the best airsoft sniper rifles that you can get, the WellFire VSR-10 also comes with a bipod and scope. It is an alternative WellFire model to the SR-22.


The WellFire VSR-10 is a full metal bolt action sniper rifle, meant to give players a more realistic feeling on the battlefield. As a result, the gun is relatively, heavy, though not as heavy as the SR-22. The VSR-10 weighs 7.5 pounds, which is a more middle of the road weight as far as sniper rifles are concerned. It comes with an integrated 20mm weaver top rail mount to allow you to add on any attachments as well as front and rear sling hooks.

The extended length of the barrel is 24 inches. The only part of this rifle that is not metal is the stock which is made out of a polymer material to enhance the comfortability. This WellFire model also has a fluted barrel as well as a muzzle break that really affects the look of the rifle itself.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The WellFire VSR-10 come with a 30-round magazine capacity, which is what you would expect from a bolt action sniper rifle. The muzzle velocity of this rifle is between 465 to 510 feet per second, making it one of the fastest rifles that you can get. The maximum effective range for this rifle is over 240 feet. The only issue is the barrel that comes with the rifle is made from aluminum with a plastic tube, make it easy to damage from overtightening.

You might want to upgrade the barrel on this one when you buy it. The barrel itself is long as well, coming in at 24 inches. Remember that length does not always mean better accuracy. The scope that comes with it has a 3x to 9x adjustable zoom to improve aim.

Best For: 

The Wellfire VSR-10 is meant for snipers and would not work well with any other role on the battlefield. The metal body would provide players with a more realistic gameplay, making this is a good choice for players hoping to have a more military simulation type of game.

  • Muzzle velocity of between 465 to 510 feet per second
  • Great effective range at 240 feet
  • plus
    All-metal build gives a more realistic gameplay
  • plus
    Rails for additional attachment mounting
  • plus
    Adjustable and collapsible bipod
  • Barrel is not the best quality and should be upgraded

3. WellFire APS SR-2 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

Budget Friendly

If you are in the market for the best airsoft sniper rifle, but are on a budget, the WellFire APS SR-2 is a great choice to give you a quality rifle at an affordable price, especially since it comes with the scope and bipod.


While the price on this SR-2 is less than other airsoft rifles out there, the quality is not any less. This rifle is made by WellFire, which is well-known for its quality rifles. The SR-2 comes with a metal barrel and a polymer stock, weighing on 5.5 pounds. There is an adjustable bipod that comes with it as well, but it is removable if you would prefer to not use it. The bipod can be adjusted to sit steadily on just about every type of surface out there and can also be collapsed in order to carry the rifle.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The muzzle velocity on this bolt action sniper rifle is 420 to 470 feet per second. The magazine that comes with it has a 27 round capacity, which is about normal for most of the sniper rifles out there. The magazine is also not the easiest one to load and might require some practice in order to work well. The scope that comes with the SR-2 has great accuracy, adjusting from 3x to 9x.

The elevation and windage are also adjustable, using the side-mounted screws. The scope can be removed and replaced as well. The bolt is a little tough to pull, especially when you start using this rifle and might need some practice in order to loosen it well enough to use.

Best For: 

This airsoft sniper rifle is best for snipers who are more beginning to intermediate level players. It could be a little too involved for beginning players who have never played before, but might not have enough features to keep the more advanced players happy. It does not have a realistic look to it either, making it a poor choice for military simulation players.

  • Lightweight, only weighs 5.5 pounds
  • plus
    Great muzzle velocity at 430 to 470 feet per second
  • plus
    Comes with quality, detachable bipod
  • plus
    The package is a great option for players who are just starting out
  • Not realistic in appearance, especially with the polymer body

4. KJW Full Metal M700 Sniper Rifle

Gas Sniper Rifle

If price is not a concern for you, another great choice is the KJW M700, which is a gas sniper rifle, making it a little different that the others we have reviewed here.


The KJW M700 is a full metal gun, meaning both the body and the barrel are made out of metal. The gun is not heavy, however, weighing 7 pounds. This is a takedown M700, meaning you can completely disassemble the body quickly if you need to. It does not come with a scope or bipod, so those will need to be purchased elsewhere, unless you are using it as a DMR. A DMR would not need a bipod. The rifle is all black, so you might want to add some camouflage to make sure that you blend in well on the battlefield.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

Unlike the WellFire models that we have looked at up to this point, the KJW is a gas powered rifle. The gas allows you to operate the rifle at a semi-automatic level instead of just as a bolt action, giving you more options as a player. The M700 comes with a 10-round magazine capacity, so you will want to upgrade that when you get this rifle.

The muzzle velocity of this rifle is listed at 450 feet per second, but all personal reviews by people who have used this in the field report that it easily reaches over 500 feet per second while still having enough power to hit the target hard. While it does hit hard, it still manages to be accurate as well, giving you a powerful field experience.

Best For: 

While this is considered an airsoft sniper rifle, the semi-automatic option of it makes it also a good choice if you are a designated marksman and could also function as a DMR. This rifle works great for players at any level looking for something a little extra high-powered. It also has a more realistic appearance to it than other rifles out there.

  • Muzzle velocity of 450 feet per second, but players have reported getting more velocity
  • High powered, hitting targets hard
  • plus
    Semi-auto functionality to give you variety as a player
  • plus
    Easy takedown allows you to separate the pieces quickly
  • plus
    Full-metal rifle, but still is lightweight
  • The 10 round magazine that comes with it does not make sense with the semi-auto ability

5. WellFire VSR-10 Spring Action W/ Scope

Another good choice from WellFire is the VSR-10, which is a spring action sniper rifle that is also budget-friendly.


The WellFire VSR-10 has a combination between metal and polymer, with a metal barrel and a polymer stock. There are internal mechanisms, however, that are in the plastic polymer that you might need to change out, including the spring guide and the cylinder since they will take a lot of wear.

It weighs 7.5 pounds, which is the middle of the road for a sniper rifle, neither heavy nor light. The barrel is black while the body is a green color, which should make you blend in easier on the field. The barrel measures 24 inches. This rifle also comes with a scope and bipod to give you the accessories you should need as a sniper.

The bipod is adjustable and collapsible letting you manoeuvre it as you need to while still making it easy to carry. The bipod is rail mounted, making it easy to remove if you would like to. The hunting scope that comes with it is 3x to 9x adjustable as well. Overall, the build of this rifle is excellent, which helps its effectiveness during battle.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The magazine capacity for the WellFire VSR-10 is 30 rounds, which is what you can expect for a spring action sniper rifle. The muzzle velocity is high-speed, clocking in at 510 feet per second. The maximum effective range on this sniper rifle is over 240 feet, which is about right for a sniper rifle. This rifle is also very quiet which will help you stay concealed on the battlefield. This is a perfect choice for players hoping to hit far, but still remaining accurate.

Best For: 

This is an airsoft sniper rifle that is definitely intended for use by snipers and there really isn’t any other role on the field that would work as well with it. It might take a little while to sight in, making it harder for newer players, but otherwise, this is a good choice for players of all levels.

  • Great muzzle velocity at 510 feet per second
  • Budget-friendly
  • plus
    Great design, making you naturally easier to blend in
  • plus
    Effective range of more than 240 feet
  • plus
    Very quiet, allowing you to remain concealed
  • The spring guide and cylinder are plastic and could wear down over time

6. Double Eagle Full Metal L96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

High Performance Airsoft Sniper Rifle

If you are more interested in a high performance weapon, the Double Eagle L96 might be the best airsoft sniper rifle for your needs.


The Double Eagle L96 is a full metal bolt action sniper rifle. The rifle is a little heavier than some of the other models, weighing in at 9 pounds, but as long as you are positioned in one location for most of the battle, the weight should not be an issue.

This is a long rifle, with an overall length of 44.9 inches. The grip and stock of the L96 are made out of polymer to help with your overall comfort on the field. The bipod that comes with the gun has a built-in quick release receptor and is mounting on a rail system to make it removable if you would like. This model has the Picatinny optic rails as well, allowing you to adjust or change the scope as you would like.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The Double Eagle L96 has a solid muzzle velocity of 420 to 460 feet per second. The magazine capacity is the standard 30 rounds, which should last you through the entire game if you are using your rounds correctly. The L96 is considered to have a high power point accuracy performance to give you the ability to hit the target the first time. Because the grip is designed for comfort, you should be able to easily keep your rifle trained on your target without exhausting yourself.

Best For: 

This is a great high-performance airsoft sniper rifle, which would not work well for any other role on the field. The bolt action ability means that it should be used mostly for snipers. The L96 does not have a learning curve and should work well for beginners and more advanced players alike. This model is based off the standard issue rifle of the British Army, which also makes it a good choice for players who like a military simulation style of game.

  • Good muzzle velocity at 420 to 460 feet per second
  • High powered point accuracy
  • plus
    Has a 20mm Picatinny rail system for optics mounting
  • plus
    Comes with a built-in quick release bipod receptor
  • plus
    Comfort designed grip helps keep it trained on the target
  • It is really long, which could make it more awkward to carry

7. WellFire MB13D APS SR-2 Sniper Rifle

The final sniper rifle that we will review for best airsoft sniper is the WellFire MB13D APS SR-2.


The WellFire MB13D APS SR-2 is a special ops airsoft sniper rifle that is bolt action. The rifle has a full metal receiver and outer barrel, making it more realistic and heavy duty, but the gun itself is not heavy. The rifle weighs 6.25 pounds, making it one of the lightest sniper rifles that you can buy. The long integrated optics rail will allow you to mount various accessories on it, including the scope that comes with it. The length of this SR-2 is 39.5 when retracted and goes up to 42.5 when extended.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The muzzle velocity of this airsoft model is between 450 to 500 feet per second. It comes with a 25 round magazine capacity, which is a little less than the average sniper rifle magazine, but it still should last you through a game if you fire conservatively. It has a great effective range of more than 120 yards, which is about double of what you can get with some of the other sniper rifles out there.

The one big disadvantage of the rifle is that when one BB is chambered and the gun is tilted downward, the BBs can roll out, causing you to lose rounds and forcing you to reload. As long as you pay attention to where you have pointed the gun, however, it should not be a problem. The adjustable hop up that comes with it increases your overall effective range, allowing you to hit targets further in the distance than you might anticipate.

The fire is also incredibly quiet, making it easy to sneak up behind targets or hit one from a distance without them ever expecting it.

Best For: 

The WellFire MB13D APS SR-2 is built to be a sniper rifle, but it could also work for a scout due to its lightweight design. Anything heavier wouldn’t work for a scout, but this will. The gun is easy to operate, making it an easy choice for players of any level.

  • Great muzzle velocity at 450 to 500 feet per second
  • Full metal receiver and outer barrel
  • plus
    Lightweight, only weighs 6.25 pounds
  • plus
  • plus
    Design allows you to blend in with your surroundings
  • The BBs can roll out if the gun is tilted downward, allowing you to lose rounds

​What Is An Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Before we hone in on what an airsoft sniper rifle looks like, we should take a look at what the sniper itself does. The sniper is a specific role that is not always as what is shown on television. The sniper does not usually move from position or take down hundreds of people. The job is still important, however. Snipers usually remain in one or two places on the battlefield, keeping watch and removing any VIPs that come their way.

An airsoft sniper rifle is a rifle that has a long effective range, is relatively quiet, and is very accurate. It is crucial that the sniper get the target on the first try rather than subsequent tries because after the first shot is fire, the sniper’s position will be revealed. A sniper rifle has to have a good scope, usually has a reliable bipod for stability, and a fairly long barrel.

Different Types Of Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifle Types

Even though the majority of sniper rifles are spring action, there are actually three primary forms of power when it comes to airsoft snipers rifles: spring, gas, and electronic. Each of the different types have their advantages and disadvantages, but they all have a place on the airsoft battlefield.

Spring Sniper Rifles: 

Spring-powered airsoft guns use a spring to launch the BBs out of the barrel of the gun. The vast majority of sniper rifles are spring action. They work as single-shot weapons, so they will not spray a lot of rounds if that is the style of play that you would prefer. They are not capable of operating semi-auto or full-auto, but they are the preferred gun for mil-sim scenarios or for snipers. Spring-powered guns have fewer mechanical parts which means there is less to go wrong during battle and they are much easier to fix if something breaks. Additionally, the guns are reliably accurate which is another reason why some players prefer them.

Gas Blowback Sniper Rifles:

Before AEGs came to be, the most popular type of airsoft fun was the gas-powered gun, though they are still preferred by many players. Using compressed air, usually CO2 or green gas, the gas-powered guns work by the compressed air pushing the round out of the end of the rifle, without needing to cock the gun each time. They still have recoil, much like a live ammo gun, giving you a realistic feeling in the same. Gas-powered guns can either be semi-auto or full-auto by simply holding the trigger down.

AEG Sniper Rifles: 

Automatic Electric Guns, also known as AEGs are the newest type of airsoft gun on the market. As technology has progressed, the technology of guns has also moved forward. AEGs are powered by a battery and electronic circuit board, allowing you to set the type of fire power you would like to use. As a result, they are consistent and reliable, though usually the most expensive of the lot due to the higher cost of the materials. They have quickly moved to being about as popular as the gas-powered guns as players prefer not relying on having a full gas canister or having the canister in the way.

How Far And How Fast Does An Airsoft Sniper Rifle Shoot

Ideally, an airsoft sniper rifle needs to be able to shoot far and quickly in order to take out targets without exposing the sniper’s position. A good sniper gun will need to have an effective range well over 150 feet, but many can go beyond 300 feet. The muzzle velocity should also be over 300 feet per second, with most being between 450 to 500 feet per second, depending on the type of sniper rifle you are using. The less speed that your rifle has, the more time the BB has to drag in the air, which might make you miss a target you would have otherwise hit.

The ability to have a good effective range and the muzzle velocity depends greatly on the barrel as well as the fire power of the individual rifle.

There is a lot of variety out there between the range and speed, however, so you will need to confirm that the rifle has what you want before you buy it. Even among the same makers, the speed of the rifles can vary a lot, so do not assume that all of the guns are the same. The models are all very different and fire differently.

What Are The Advantages Of Airsoft Sniper Rifles Over Assault Rifles

Airsoft Sniper Rifle vs Assault Rifle

When you are considering a sniper rifle, you might ask yourself why you, as a sniper, should not just purchase an assault rifle and have more versatility that you would not get from a standard sniper rifle.

Remember what the role of the sniper does. A sniper is a person who is usually stationed from a high point to survey the area, provide reconnaissance to other team members, and take out unsuspecting targets from a distance.

They need to be quiet and concealed. An assault rifle will blast many rounds at once with less accuracy than you would get from the single shot sniper rifle, revealing your position while you still might not hit the target. You need to be stealthy as a sniper and conserve your rounds, neither of which is possible when you are using an assault rifle. Assault rifles are better left for riflemen or support gunners who need the ability to fire more quickly and closer.

Why Every Team Needs A Sniper & What They Do

Sniper Role

The role of the sniper is one that is often misrepresented in western culture. Instead of taking out targets by the hundreds, the sniper is a more conservative role who mostly watches the gameplay or wait until they are close enough to take out.

The sniper will sit in one spot for most of the game, taking out the VIPs who happen to get in the effective range of the gun.

The sniper is the ultimate watcher, helping the team from afar.

The other players are more involved on a hand to hand level, but the sniper stays up and can help facilitate teammates by providing recon information. Without a sniper, most everything would be on the ground, without having a good set of eyes on the time to make sure they are not just running into the other team unexpectedly.

How To Upgrade Your Sniper Rifle

While we all hope that our airsoft rifles will be perfect right out of the box, the reality is that not every sniper rifle is going to have the right amount of quality to meet your needs. In some instances, the stock parts of your rifle are just fine, but they do not work for you as an individual - then it might be time to consider upgrading the rifle.

Upgrades would allow you to customize the rifle to make it your own and match with what you would hope to get from your sniper rifle. While there are many parts of the rifle you could upgrade, when it comes to sniper rifles, the three primary upgrades are the bipod, the scope, and the barrel. Some people like to add on or remove rails as well or change out the trigger for a better pull, but we are just going to take a look at the three most common upgrades.


Believe it or not, your bipod can have a huge impact on the impact of your game. Most of the sniper rifles automatically come with a bipod, but the level of quality between them varies greatly. The ideal bipod will have an adjustable height that allows you to situate the rifle exactly where you want in order to watch out for your opponents. Your bipod also needs to be collapsible so you are not carrying a large bipod when you need to move position. If your bipod is not adjustable or cannot sit on any type of surface, it might be time to upgrade.


Most of the airsoft sniper rifles come with a scope that has the capability of zoom, but you might also want to upgrade your scope from the one that came with the gun. This is personal of course, as some of the scopes that come with the rifles are already higher performing than ones that you can get separately. You might need to practice with your scope a couple of times before you can be sure that the scope is not going to work out for you and you need to upgrade to a different one. You could also change your scope for other optics options depending on your needs.


While many of the airsoft sniper rifles might come with a great stock barrel, if it did not, you are not going to have a good time with the gun. The ideal type of barrel that you should have with your sniper rifle all-metal. Metal barrels are more stable, sturdy, and usually have less internal friction, resulting in a much better shot altogether. The length of the barrel is mostly a personal preference as there is no guarantee that you will shoot any better with a longer barrel. Regardless, if your barrel is poor quality, you are not going to do as well on the field.

Final Verdict

Ultimately when you are shopping for the best airsoft sniper rifle, you will need to think about what you are going to want from the rifle. Are you just a sniper? Is your position more versatile? How you play can affect the type of gun that you want.

The best airsoft sniper rifle that you can get in 2018 is the WellFire SR-22, which has an excellent muzzle velocity as well as a good effective range, making it a great overall choice for snipers in airsoft. WellFire in general has a lot of great sniper rifle options and is a great brand that might have just what you are looking for.

While you might want a rifle with a semi-auto capability, such as the KJW M700, most of the sniper rifles will be bolt action and work well for you. Think about what you expect from your sniper rifle in order to know which the best airsoft sniper rifle is for you.

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