7 Best Airsoft SMG (Submachine Guns) For 2018

There’s so much more to choosing the best airsoft SMG than just power, aim, and price. 

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran with an airsoft gun, you will eventually know what your preferences, what type of guns and which features are best for you—which can help you more specifically narrow down the various SMGs (submachine guns) out there. 

All airsoft guns are different—whether it’s by shape, size, and strength. However, every player is also different, so you have to know what features are most important for you and that will lead you to be able to choose the best airsoft SMG that fits the bill. For some, you will want extreme stopping power, others will be perfectly content with a gun that can accurately place their target with extensive range.

In this guide, we're going to not only compare the best airsoft MP5 & SMGs out there, we're going to break down the guide for the buying process, taking each feature and factor that you should take into account before making the purchase.

Let’s first take you through the various advantage of choosing an airsoft SMG and then go into what type of player you should be if you choose to use one.

Advantages Of Airsoft SMG (Submachine Guns)

Airsoft SMG Advantages

Especially if you are new to airsoft, you might choose a role without even knowing it, simply by choosing a particular airsoft gun. To choose the airsoft gun perfect for you, consider these features and factors that can directly affect how you will play.


You'll need an airsoft SMG that is compact and easy to carry around. Especially since most games last for a long time and can cover a good amount of distance, you should be able to carry your weapon around with you and stow it away without any issues.

Not having to worry about a longer barrel can also help with maneuverability when your playing in close quarters combat or fighting room-to-room. It is extremely ineffective if your barrel is snagging on your surroundings when trying to clear a building.

Even when you're not playing, being able to store it in your house or garage without it taking up much space is also a great feature to have, especially if you are living in an area without much room. Having a compact gun will also lessen the chances of another play spotting it out on the field—and you all know, the less conspicuous you are, the better.


This might look different for everyone because every player is a different size, weight, and have various limits of strength. Therefore, it’s important that you are sure that you feel comfortable when carrying the gun around and it’s not as much of a weighted burden—especially if your target is a few miles away.

Another reason why you should opt for a lightweight SMG is to be able to conceal it as much as possible. That way, you have the best chance of being able to take someone out without having them spot you first.

Great At Close Range

Depending on your game style or strategy, you might want to opt for the SMG because it is great at close range. If you are more of a sniper, you shouldn't opt for the SMG because it isn't exactly designed with the preference of long-range shots like a long rifle is.

The submachine gun is an automatic weapon that weighs less and is smaller than an assault rifle and a full-sized machine gun.

Especially if your strategy plays to your strengths of shooting point-blank shots, the SMG is perfect for it and can be accommodated or upgraded to your personal player preference.

What Type Of Player Uses The Best Airsoft SMG

The SMG is a perfect fit for an urban rifleman. If you have been playing airsoft, you will notice the various roles or positions of certain players, which is normally based on skill and also personal preference. If you tend to be more like a rifleman, then your best bet is to invest in the best SMG on the market.

Most of the other players will also be riflemen. They are the ones the team turns to, to deliver the majority of the strike force to the other team. Basically, if you think of chess, the riflemen are the pawns and are very versatile—and have the main role of completing objects like attacking, flanking, and ambushing the other team.

The SMG, as we mentioned earlier, is perfect for the urban rifleman, which will usually be within 120 feet of distance to their opponent.

7 Best Airsoft SMG (MP5 & UMP 45) Of 2018



Play Level



Check Now

1. GameFace GFSMG

Editor's Choice



3.3 lbs


2. H&K MP7 GBB

High Performance



5.75 lbs


3. HK UMP 45 



5.3 lbs


4. ICS MX5-A5



5.0 lbs


5. KWA KZ61 Skorpion

Budget Friendly



4.0 lbs


6. ICS MX5-Pro



7.0 lbs






4.0 lbs


MP5 vs UMP 45 - Which Is The Best Airsoft SMG

MP5 vs UMP 45 Airsoft SMG

As we already mentioned before, the best gun for your situation and your player preference can change from player to player. Therefore, when trying to choose between the best airsoft MP5 and the UMP 45, you can take these features into account, where they both bring certain factors to improve one’s game.

The MP5 is the one most airsoft players turn to, which features the suppressor and collapsible stock, which makes it perfect for the player who plays in a CQB or MOUT environment. Especially with its compact size, players with the MP5 don't have to worry about being able to wedge themselves into small spaces can be tricky with their profile and weapon.

You can also easily upgrade your MP5, which sets it apart from the UMP 45. The magazines are also longer and much narrower than the other types, making it perfect to carry around multiple mags—with a large variety of high and mid-caps, too.

Even though the UMP 45 has a small profile, it still packs a punch with its stopping power.

The bolt actuates from the gas, which is located in the magazine of the UMP 45, which gives it a whole new, realistic experience when shooting the two-round burst—with a LOT more recoil.

1. GameFace GFSMG Airsoft Submachine Gun

Best Airsoft SMG Overall (Editor's Choice)


The high quality GameFace ASRGTH GFSMG is an electronic submachine airsoft gun. The design includes a drum magazine that gives players an extra realistic experience when using it during battle. This best airsoft SMG is designed to be a replica of the SMG that were used in the Vietnam War, including a drum mag. The drum mag cannot, however, be changed for a straight mag if holding a drum mag was not comfortable for you.

A classic style of SMG, the ASRFTH does have a timeless design that many players aim for. The gun itself is very light, weighing only 3.3 pounds, making it easy to carry and to use in any amount of space.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The ASRTH uses a 8.4v Nimh battery, operating as an electronic SMG. There are two modes to choose from: semi-auto and full-auto, allowing you to truly experience the sensation of firing a machine gun. The drum magazine that comes with it can hold up to 800 rounds. Even though that is more than most of the other guns out there, you will still blow through them quickly if you are firing at full-auto.

This SMG can fire up to 300 rounds per minute, so depending on how much you are firing, you could go through a lot of rounds in a short period of time. It has a good muzzle velocity, shooting up to 320 feet per second. Due its compact size, this SMG is great in CQB.

  • Has both semi-auto and full-auto modes to choose from
  • High-capacity magazine holds 800 rounds of ammo
  • plus
    Shoots up to 300 rounds per minute
  • plus
    Shoots up to 320 feet per second
  • plus
    Shock-absorbing end cap designed to reduce both wear and recoil
  • Drum mag cannot be swapped out for a straight mag

2. H&K MP7 Navy Gas Blow Back SMG

High Performance Airsoft SMG


The H&K MP7 GBB is designed to be a 1:1 replica of the Heckler & Koch MP7, which is still used in militaries around the world. This design is meant to help you have the most realistic experience on the airsoft field, giving you a more military game simulation.

Designed with a high polymer body, the MP7 is lightweight and durable. Polymer might not be full-metal, but it still is powerful while making it lighter for you to carry. The stock on this gun is a 4-point adjustable stock, which will allow you to position the gun in four different ways to get the best handle on it. There are also metal accessory rails that will allow you to mount sights, flashlights, or even a bipod if that is the type of play you are going for.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The H&K MP7 has a good muzzle velocity, firing at 390 feet per second. This high performance airsoft SMG fires using a gas blowback system, giving you an extra realistic type of gameplay. The magazine for this gun holds 40 rounds, which will most likely not last through an entire airsoft game. The adjustable stock allows you to position the gun in different ways, helping to improve your accuracy when firing.

This type of gun does offer both semi-auto and full-auto modes, but considering that the magazine only holds 40, you would be best served by being conservative with your shots on the battlefield. If you live in a colder climate, the gas blowback system might be a little slower as the gas is affected by temperature changes.

  • Realistic gas blowback
  • Great muzzle velocity, shooting at 390 feet per second
  • plus
    4-point adjustable stock, allowing you to hold it how it works for you
  • plus
    Metal accessory rails for mounting
  • plus
    1:1 replica of the real H&K MP7
  • Low magazine capacity, only holding 40 rounds

3. HK Licensed Airsoft UMP 45 Submachine Gun


This airsoft submachine gun is truly versatile, with an integrated quick change spring design so players can quickly switch out different AEG power springs, without having to touch its gearbox. With this design, you can use one AEG, regardless if you are playing CQB indoor or outdoor. This airsoft gun also has an HK UMP45 AEG electronic trigger switch, which means that you can pull the trigger much faster and you don't have to worry about the contacts wearing down.

Some other features include the adjustable hop-up unit and rear sight, the full-length top rail, the functional charging handle, the quick-change spring option, the folding skeleton stock with the rubber-butt pad, both integrated forward and rear sling mounts, and an ambidextrous selector switch.

Fire Power & Accuracy

This airsoft gun runs through an electric automatic mode, through its ultra durable fiber polymer body with full metal internals. The HK Airsoft SMG also takes seamless BBs weighing at .20 g or heavier, and also comes with a semi and full automatic mode.

The magazine can hold up to 400 rounds with a hi-cap magazine included and serves a rate of fire of 800 rpm.

  • It has a lightweight design and is compact with a folded stock
  • The gun shoots out 800 fps with a fast rate of fire.
  • plus
    It is durable, made of a hard plastic design
  • plus
    Comes with High-Cap Magazine
  • plus
    Shock-absorbing end cap designed to reduce both wear and recoil
  • Unfortunately only takes stick-type batteries

4. ICS MX5-A5 Submachine Gun AEG Airsoft SMG


The ICS MX5-A5 Submachine Gun is a perfect choice for players in tight spaces with lowlight conditions. This SMG is designed with a high-density polymer body and comes with an integrated flashlight handguard, a safety spring tension release, steel gears and metal bushings, an adjustable hop-up unit and front and rear iron sights, a retractable telescoping stock, and a tactical flashlight.

With this design, colored in black, you can easily play conspicuously in low-light settings. The SMG weighs just 5 lbs, which is perfect for players who are engaging in long, winding games for lengthy amounts of time.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The ICS MX5-A5 SMG is operated as an electric automatic gun, with three different firing modes—semi-automatic, full-automatic, and with functional safety. It has an adjustable hop-up and can shoot with .20 g or heavier seamless BBs.

  • Well-designed with the hop-up adjustment giving it that extra power.
  • Perfect for a night game or one with low-lighting, this gun has the included flashlight for any indoor or night op.
  • plus
    When you are looking for the perfect gun to have when you are the type or have the strategy of game that forces you to go through and maneuver in tight spaces.
  • plus
    Comes with an instruction manual for beginners, a cleaning rod for maintenance, and other tools needed for optimal execution. 
  • It comes with a standard version 2 gearbox instead of a split gearbox.

5. KWA KZ61 Skorpion SMG

Budget Friendly SMG


The KWA KZ61 Skorpion Submachine gun is a compact airsoft gun with excellent range because of its built-in KWA Type 3 Hop-up unit. It has a foldable stock that compacts the pistol to only 10 inches in length, which can also be removed for an even shorter body. It is designed with a non-slip surface contact pistol grips and has front/rear sights that are perfect for takedowns in a small area—even in the dark. This gun is also extremely mobile, with lanyard retention loops that are built in, which leaves your hands free.

The KWA Skorpion Gun also comes with a fully functional bolt carrier, an ambidextrous charging handle, and is made of high-quality metal and polymer parts.

Fire Power & Accuracy

Regardless of its lightweight design of only 4 lbs, the KWA Skorpion Gun has a powerful recoil and can shoot up to 330 fps. It can dish out 20 rounds per second with three different firing modes. Through gas blowback operation, you can choose semi or full automatic with functional safety. To fire, you need seamless BBs weighing in at .20 g.

  • When shooting in semi-automatic, you have consistent accuracy and grouping
  • The gun comes with reliable magazines and smooth blowback action
  • plus
    The full-automatic mode is highly intimidating and perfect for play
  • plus
    The gas efficiency is good and there is no magazine wobble
  • plus
    High-quality design and body with a fantastic finish that will not have you playing with quality but with style
  • The Hop-up is a little complicated to use
  • minus
    The wire stock design can be seen as flimsy and not fully as durable as you may have hoped

6. ICS B&T BT5 MX5-Pro MS1 Airsoft Submachine Gun


The MX5-Pro MS1 Submachine Gun is a great, lightweight and easily-used gun that is perfect no matter what your level is. It is designed with a polymer lower receiver external build with a metal upper receiver. What sets this airsoft gun apart from the others is the split gearbox that is easily replaceable and upgradeable.

Some features of this airsoft gun include the safety spring tension release, a 230-round high capacity magazine, a tactical and integrated flashlight handguard, tri-burst firing mode options, steel gears, adjustable front and rear iron sights and a hop-up unit.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The MX5-Pro Airsoft SMG runs through an electric automatic operation, with various different firing modes like semi-automatic, a three-round burst, full-automatic, and with functional safety.

Along with its various firing modes, you can get up to 400-420 fps using .20 g seamless BBs. The adjustable hop-up is also a great feature that this gun has to contribute to its firepower. Although it weighs 7 lbs, it makes up for the heaviness in power.

  • It has a very accurate aim and shot
  • It has various shooting-modes, especially the 3-round burst
  • plus
    The trigger poses a quality and light reaction—you don’t have to press too hard
  • plus
    The 400-420 fps is a perfect speed for quality yet to be within the ruling standards on the field
  • Heavier than most airsoft guns at 7 lbs

7. KWA KMP9R  Submachine Gun SMG 


The KWA KMP9R SMG is a fully-automatic, brutal airsoft gun that gets the job done. It can fire 20 rounds per second and 1,200 rounds per minute. Its fiber-polymer composite build with a steel barrel makes it lightweight yet durable—and highly maneuverable. It comes with a tactic rail underneath the front hand guard area. The design also has a rear folding stock that can be removed when you need to be as inconspicuous as possible—probably in CQC play.

Fire Power & Accuracy

This airsoft gun fires in an extremely realistic way—with both the blowback and the sound. Run on NS2, it can be either put on semi or full-automatic mode. Switching between these two modes are easy—just push the left-to-right moving knob perfectly located above the trigger. You can even fire semi-automatic on full-automatic mode simply by pulling the trigger halfway down.

  • It is compact and small, making it a perfect gun for someone looking to be conspicuous
  • It can shoot out 20-24 rounds per second
  • plus
    One of the loudest GBB on the market
  • To be used indoors, you have to modify the gun to a lower fps by integrating the flute valve.
  • minus
    The vertical foregrip seems to interfere with the folding stock but you just have to screw to tighten the grip down

Final Verdict

With all the various airsoft submachine guns on the market, it’s hard to decide which one is the best airsoft SMG. Especially if you are relatively new, you might not realize how much your game can be affected, simply by the type of airsoft gun you have. 

However, we hope that this guide has helped lay out some features for you that are most important and can help you decide which SMG is a good fit for you! With all the guns out there to choose from, you can bet that chances are, you'll find the perfect one for you, your strategy, and your game.

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