7 Best Airsoft M4 Guns Of 2018

One of the most popular assault rifles that airsoft players have in the game of airsoft is the M4. The M4 is usually a semi-auto weapon that can help you out on the battlefield.

From the material type to speed and the gearbox and ergonomics, we are going to breakdown the needed features of the M4 so you can choose the best airsoft M4 out there.

But how can you know what you need to get from an M4 when you have never shopped for one before? The best thing you can do is to consider what your role in the game is and look for the features that you would want the most from your best airsoft M4 gun.

What To Look For In An Airsoft M4 Gun

Airsoft M4 Specifications

If you are looking for a military-style M4, but don’t know where to start, we will help break it down for you. M4 is one of the most popular styles of military rifles in the U.S. and it has smoothly crossed over in to the world of airsoft. Naturally you will want the best M4 airsoft gun you can get, so this is what you need to look for.

Metal or Polymer:

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is whether you want metal or polymer. Metal will give you a more realistic appearance and better resemble a real M4. Metal will also weather much slower and hold up against a beating better. Metal is, however, incredibly heavy and can be difficult to manoeuvre. Metal rifles are also more expensive. There are great high quality polymer rifles on the market that also hold up well in the long run.

Internal Parts: 

The internal parts of your airsoft M4 include the gearbox, which is the actually mechanical function inside of the casing of the gun. The gearbox can come in either metal or polymer as well. Metal is less likely to break on you, so metal gearboxes are preferred. You need to make sure that the model of gun you have opens up easily in order to oil or repair the internal mechanism.


Ergonomics refers to the ease, efficiency, and comfort of something in the working environment. In terms of airsoft, this is referring to the ability to hold your airsoft M4 easily and comfortably. Having a good grip on your rifle will of course make you a more accurate shot. Taking away the worry of strongly holding your weapon will give you an opportunity to concentrate on the shot itself. You will also be able to hold the gun for longer periods of time without your hand getting too tired.

  • Length: The standard length of an airsoft M4 is 33 inches with the barrel around 14.5 inches. While most of the M4s come with the standard length, you are better off with a 16 inch barrel to improve your accuracy. The difference on your effective range is negligible between the two lengths, but most M4 players have reported the 16 inch barrel upgrade is a better option.
  • Accessories: The airsoft M4 has a variety of accessories that can improve and customize your rifle. These include noise suppressors, ergonomic grips, upgraded triggers, charging handles, and even topics, including sights. The accessories that you want depend on the type of M4 that you got to begin with as well as your own personal preference. For example, if you buy an airsoft M4 with a great trigger pull, but a lousy sight, you can get a different sight.
  • check
    Foregrip: There are two types of foregrips that you can get for your M4: a vertical foregrip or an angled foregrip. Vertical is exactly as it sounds where the grip goes up and down. An angled grip goes more with what is natural for someone to hold onto. Because of this, angled foregrips are a better option with the M4, allowing you better control with a more natural hold. You might want to try both to figure out which feels right to you.

​Power & Velocity: 

​The typical muzzle velocity of an airsoft M4 is between 200 and 280 feet per second. Velocity can be a tricky thing, because if you get too much power, you can overshoot your target or injure them. If you have too little, the shots will not reach the target. Having a velocity in the 200 range is a nice middle of the road and completely workable on the battlefield.

Ability To Upgrade Your Airsoft M4:

Best airsoft M4 models should give you the ability to upgrade your gun. The most common upgrade is the barrel. Some players prefer an aluminum barrel that is a little longer than the standard, but of course it is a personal preference. Some stock barrels are fantastic while others might need to be changed out for something more efficient. Other upgrades include the trigger where you might want to change out for an electric trigger for a quicker pull. Having the ability to upgrade if you want to is a big plus.

Ability To Customize Your Airsoft M4:

When we are talking about customizing your M4, we are referring to having a rail system on top of the rifle. The rails will allow you to add on features to the gun in order to make it better-suited to your needs. Common add-ons include flashlights, sights, or even red dots, depending on what you are hoping to get out of your M4 airsoft gun. Not everyone is going to need the ability to customize his or her gun, but having the option is better than finding out you need it later.

Battery Size & Type:

If you are going to last throughout the game with your AEG, you will need to make sure that you have enough juice to get you through. The standard battery for an AEG M4 is the 11.1V LiPO. You need to make sure that the battery is well-charged before the game so that you do not wind up with a dead battery and find yourself without a gun on the field.

7 Best Airsoft M4 / AR-15 / M16 Guns Reviewed






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1. KWA SR7 M4 Rifle

Editor's Choice


360 FPS

6.7 lbs


2. JG M4A1 Rifle

Budget Friendly


410 FPS

7.0 lbs


3. Lancer Tactical M4

High Performance


420 FPS

6.8 lbs


4. KWA LM4C M4


390 FPS

6.0 lbs


5. KWA VM4A1 M4


380 FPS

8.5 lbs


6. G&G CM16 M4 


340 FPS

5.0 lbs


7. Lancer Tactical MK18


340 FPS

4.1 lbs



Best Airsoft M4 Gun Overall (Editor's Choice)​​​​

Our choice for the best M4 airsoft gun is the KWA SR7 M4. KWA’s AEGs are well-known for their superior performance and construction and the M4 model is no exception.


The construction of the KWA M4 is all-metal, including a full-metal receiver, barrel, and the internal mechanism. This gun also has the picatinny rail adapter system to allow you to customize the gun as you would see fit. The overall length of the DEVGRU is 28 inches when retracted and 31 when extended with an inner barrel length of 10.75 inches. The barrel thread is 14mm and threaded counter clockwise. This is an AEG gun as well so it does operate using a battery.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

This M4 has both the semi-auto and full-auto modes to choose from for battle. The DEVGRU is a quick-firing gun with a muzzle velocity of 340 to 360 feet per second as well as a rapid fire of 20 rounds per second when you are on full-auto. The magazine has a max capacity of 120 rounds, which is fairly middle of the road, meaning other M4s will have either larger capacity or smaller capacity. The capacity you need depends on the type of firing you are intending to do. Full-auto will burn through more rounds quickly than semi-auto does.

Best For:

This a great choice for rifleman or grenadiers alike. It does have the grenade option if you are in the grenadier role. This M4 can also work well at any ability level, from beginners to advanced players.

  • Has both semi-auto and full-auto modes
  • ​Lightweight, coming in at 7.4 pounds
  • plus
    High velocity between 340 to 360 feet per second
  • plus
    Rapid fire with over 20 rounds per second
  • plus
    6-position collapsible stock
  • A bit too long for close quarter battles

2. JG Airsoft F6604 M4A1 Carbine 

Budget Friendly

The best M4 airsoft gun on a budget is the JG F6604. This carbine rifle is an easy-to-operate AEG, making it a great introductory piece to help you navigate how the electronic systems work as well as getting your feet wet in the game itself.


The F6604 M4A1 comes with a 14.5 inch barrel made from a lightweight polymer. The gearbox is fully metal, ensuring that the internal mechanics of the gun should not break on you during the game. Cleaning it is not speedy or simple, but you should not need to do that during battle, giving you plenty of time after the game to figure that out. The stock is also adjustable, allowing you to make sure that you are comfortable with how you hold and operate it.

Fire Power & Accuracy:

The JG F6604 is an AEG, meaning it is a battery-powered rifle that has the option to fire either semi-automatic or full-automatic as you prefer. The muzzle velocity is 400 to 420 feet per second, using the standard 0.20g BBs. The magazine holds 300 rounds, more than some competitors. This offers a rapid rate of fire, which can be good, but also might be a little intense if you have not played much airsoft yet.

Who It’s Best For: 

This airsoft rifle is just a great all-around starter gun. It has a long barrel to help ease you into sniping or acting as a DM, but it could also work for a rifleman as well, though its max range is about 120 feet, meaning it might not get the range you would hope for to be a sniper.

  • ​Great muzzle velocity of 420 feet per second
  • AEG allows semi-automatic and full-automatic modes
  • plus
    Polymer construction is durable and lightweight
  • plus
    ​Ergonomic motor grip for easy handling
  • plus
    Long barrel aids with distance and accuracy
  • Not as long range as other AEGs

3. Lancer Tactical Airsoft M4 EBB

High Performance

The Lancer Tactical Airsoft M4 EBB is one of the best airsoft M4s you can get. Known for its high performance, the Lancer M4 has perfect proportions to allow for easy handling and manoeuvrability.


The Lancer M4 is designed to resemble the classic M4, but with some modern updates. There is a rail located underneath the handguard of the rifle to allow for easy optical or flashlight mounting. Designed with an ambidextrous mock charging handle, an ergonomic grip, and a six-position tactical crane stock, the Lancer is comfortable to use for any hand with a reliable grip to keep it easy to hold onto. The grip is well-suited for hands of any size. The Lancer M4 has a polymer body and a full metal gearbox as well as a metal barrel.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The Lancer has a high velocity, firing at 400 to 420 feet per second. The magazine has a high capacity, holding up to 360 rounds. The inner metal barrel provides a high accuracy, giving you long range ability and power. This M4 has nearly perfect proportions that let you still have high powered shots while being able to duck into tight spaces easily.

Who It's Best For: 

The Lancer M4 is really designed for more advanced players who are looking to get a more realistic battlefield experience. The Lancer can work well for ambushing or offering cover, making it good choice for rifleman.

  • Durable inner metal barrel with great accuracy
  • High velocity at 400 to 420 feet per second
  • plus
    Low rail system has the ability to hold many different accessories
  • plus
    Performs well in CQB environments
  • plus
    Barrel is short enough to duck when you need to but still has good velocity
  • High price could be out of budget

​4. KWA LM4C Gas Blowback PTR

Another hit from the KWA brand, the KWA LM4C PTR M4 is another high performing rifle to keep you competitive on the field.


The KWA LM4C PTR M4 is the most realistic and accurate M4 replica you can get, meaning it is built to look and behave like the real deal. There is a 11.4 inch outer barrel as well as a full metal CNC aluminum upper and lower receiver. The stock on this M4 has 6 positions, making it completely adjustable. On the top there is a removable rear iron sight on top of the optics rail that you can use to help customize your weapon.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

One of the biggest differences that this KWA M4 has against the other guns that we have reviewed so far is that it is a green-gas powered gun rather than an AEG. Where AEGs are popular because of how easy it is to use them, the green-gas powered guns have a stronger blowback to give players a more realistic feel. The muzzle velocity of the LM4C is 390 feet per second, making it high speed. The magazine has a 38 round capacity, which is very small when compared to other guns as well, but not surprising since this is a blowback gun, not a semi-auto fun.

Best For: 

Whether you are a professional airsoft player or only an occasional player, the LM4C PTR M4 works well for players of all skill levels. This gun could work well for riflemen who do not need to spray their ammo across the field.

  • Lightweight, only 6 pounds
  • ​Excellent muzzle velocity with 390 feet per second
  • plus
    Realistic, perfectly mimics the real M4
  • plus
    Green-gas powered to give you the extra blowback feeling
  • plus
    Full metal CNC aluminum upper and lower receiver
  • Low capacity magazine holds 38 rounds.

5. KWA Metal VM4A1 M4 Airsoft Rifle

KWA has another gun in our rankings of the best airsoft M4s, the KWA VM4A1 is efficient as well as accommodating.


A high performing design, just like many of the other KWA are, the VM4A1 is a full metal design with a full metal upper receiver, barrel assembly, buffer tube, muzzle, and stock as well as a full metal gearbox. The all-metal design will really give you a realistic feeling when you are on the battlefield. The length of the VM4A1 is 32.5 retracted and 35.8 inches when extended. The weight of this M4 is a little heavier than others on this list because it is a metal gun. Polymer weighs less. There is a carry handle that can be taken off in order to expose 20 mm or accessory rails for mounting.

Fire Power & Accuracy:

This KWA is an AEG with full-auto, semi-auto, and safety mode choices for firepower.  The magazine capacity is up to 120 rounds, which is not as much as you might want, but still about average for what you can expect to get. The feet per second on this M4 is adjustable, allowing you to control how far you would really like to be able to shoot quickly. The motor within the gun is high-torque which should give you plenty of power and range during battle.

Best For: 

This M4 is meant for players who are really into the mil-sim style of games. It is easy to use as well, making it a good choice for players who are just figuring out how the game works.

  • Adjustable feet per second
  • Full-auto and semi-auto capable
  • plus
    Accommodates mil-sim players who want the real feeling on the field
  • plus
    All metal construction for durability and realistic design
  • plus
    Heavy duty springs
  • Uses a mini battery that might be harder to find or replace

6. G&G CM16 Light M4 CQB

For a lesser-known brand, the G&G CM16 M4 is a still an excellent choice if you are shopping for an airsoft M4.


This M4 is designed with a nylon fiber upper and lower receiver as well as a full metal version 2 gearbox. Because of the lightweight design, this M4 only weighs 5 pounds, making it much easier to carry than some of the other M4s that we have reviewed. This M4 also has a retractable LE stock with a sling loop we well as a removable carry handle to expose the rails below, allowing you to best customize the gun as you would prefer. The overall length of the gun is 26.5 inches when retracted and 30.25 inches.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

This M4 has a muzzle velocity of 340 feet per second and an overall effective range of 150 feet. The magazine can hold up to 300 rounds, making it one of the largest on the list. The gun also has a, 18,000 RPM hi-torque motor.

Best For: 

The CM16 M4 is a good choice for riflemen or DMs, giving you the accuracy that you need without an added weight. It is simple enough for beginners to use it, but it can also be a good base for advanced players who are ready to try out some of the newest add-ons.

  • Budget friendly, cheaper than most other quality M4s
  • Great magazine capacity at 300 rounds or wind up to 450 rounds
  • plus
    Muzzle velocity of 340 feet per second
  • plus
    Lightweight, coming in at only 5 pounds
  • plus
    Effective range of 150 feet
  • Nylon material is more likely to far part than if it were a full metal gun

​7. Lancer Tactical MK18 Nylon Polymer MOD O

While it is lower priced than other high quality Lancer rifles, the MK18 still brings with it all the quality and reliability that you would expect to get from any of the Lancer Tactical guns.


The MK18 is made with a nylon polymer stock as well as a metal RIS. It is an AEG with durable nylon polymer receivers. Aside from already including a rechargeable battery and charger, this includes AEG sports durable nylon polymer receivers, a modular rail system and other enhance furniture.

Internally, you're getting a 6.03 tight bore inner barrel and a quick-change spring system that will allow you to switch out your spring without opening up your gearbox. The handle on this M4 is ergonomic as well, giving you a chance to hold onto the gun still steadily and help you get a solid hold on the gun before you really start shooting.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The MK18 comes with a magazine that can hold up to 300 rounds. The magazine itself is a wind up so you can improve your magazine’s capacity at the start of the game and keep it going throughout the entire game. The muzzle velocity is between 350 and 390 feet per second.

Best For: 

Whether you're new to airsoft or a seasoned pro who wants an AEG that can be easily upgraded, the Lancer Tactical MK18 AEG is perfect for you. Role-wise, this gun would work for a rifleman, support gunner, or DMR, depending on what your team wants to use.

  • 300 round magazine capacity
  • Super lightweight at 4.10 pounds
  • plus
    Good muzzle velocity of 350 feet per second to 390 feet per second
  • plus
    Comes with rechargeable battery
  • plus
    Semi-auto, full-auto, and safety mode capabilities
  • The nylon polymer receivers make it hard to play a realistic game

AR-15 vs M16 vs M4 Airsoft Guns

AR15 vs M16 vs M4 Airsoft Guns

When it comes to assault rifles, it can be easy to overlap their individual features and lump them together in the same category. Realistically, there are a huge variety of types of rifles, each with something that makes them unique. This is what is different between the AR-15, M16, and M4.

AR-15: The AR-15 was designed to be a lightweight assault rifle, giving players a streamlined and consistent shot without having to lug around a much heavier weapon. It was made smaller in order to make it lighter but still be able to shoot at a high capacity if you wanted to. The AR-15 was really meant for civilian use and based off of its predecessor the AR-10. The AR-15 usually has a 16 inch barrel, which is still short enough to move around, though it might be a little tight. The M16 and M4 both are based off of the AR-15 as well.

M16: The AR-15 was adopted by the U.S. military after they had altered to be less of a civilian gun and more of a military gun. The modifications resulted in a new model name: the M16. The M16 is not a civilian model of gun, so if you can find a replica, you would be able to achieve a true military scenario and feeling. The M16 and the M4 are basically the same gun with the M4 just being a little smaller. The multiple firing modes you get on the M16 is part of what sets it apart from the AR-15.

M4: The M4 was designed to behave the same as the M16 but to be better in close quarter battles so it is easier to carry when things are tight, but still has the same power that you get from the M16. The M4 usually has a 14.5 inch barrel, but that can always be changed out for the 16 inch barrel that you get from the other two models. The M4 also has an hourglass shape which allows grenadiers to attach grenades when they want to. Otherwise, the M4 and the M16 are the same rifle, just a difference in length.

Why You Should Pick An Airsoft M4

If you are considering whether a M4 is the right style of gun for your needs, let’s take a look at the features you need. Typically there are three common explanations as well as issues that require a gun like an M4. Since it is shorter and can work in tighter spaces, this might be the right choice for scouts as well as support gunners. Otherwise, M4 airsoft rifles are used for recreational competition, wildlife control, or training in how to properly use a rifle. If you are looking for an assault rifle that is a little smaller, the M4 is the best choice.

Why You Should Not Pick An Airsoft M4 

There are a couple of reasons that you might not want to just jump straight on board with getting an assault rifle. To begin with, the accuracy rating on most of these might be great, but it is not sniper level. If these guns are not sniper guns, then they will also not work for the DM on your team since they are not accurate enough to make any sense. Otherwise, if you like the look and the feel of the M4, go for it.

Final Words 

Once you know that you need a M4, you need the best airsoft M4 that you can possible get. While different players need different features from their guns, there are quite a few constants that you can get from your M4.

The best airsoft M4 that you can buy is the KWA KM4 SR7 DEVGRU M4, which brings with it all of the best and most reliable features of KWA. The price is right and the gun itself is durable, meaning it should last many years before giving up. There are plenty of other M4 guns out on the market, but you need to be careful about the features you are looking at. We have broken the guide up for you, so if you have any further specific questions, you can look through it again.

Bottom line: get a reliable M4, like the KWA KM4 SR7 DEVGRU M4, and you will have a lot of fun out there on the field.

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