10 Best Airsoft Guns Of 2018

What qualifies as the best airsoft gun for you depends on a few factors, including your experience level, how you like to play, what role you like to play, and even how you would like your airsoft gun to perform.

If you are just getting into airsoft, you might have already noticed that airsoft guns are not like paintball guns. Instead, best airsoft guns are built in the exact likeness of real firearms, giving players a more authentic experience on the battlefield.

Regardless of whether you are an advanced competitive airsoft player or someone just getting into the game, you will need to review the important features found in an airsoft gun, including how it is powered, the size, and even the design. Getting started in the hunt for the best airsoft gun does not need to be overwhelming.

In this guide, we will take you through the 10 top airsoft guns of 2018 and walk you through all of the important features in each gun, helping you find the perfect airsoft gun for you.

Different Types Of Airsoft Guns

While there are endless types of airsoft guns to choose from, there are three basic types of power: electronic, gas, and spring powered guns. One type is not better than another, but instead each has its own purpose and function. The type you need will depend both on your type of gameplay and your role.

AEG (Automatic Electronic Guns):

An AEG, or automatic electronic gun, is a battery-powered gun with a fully automatic operating rifle. The battery is usually rechargeable and the rifles themselves have multiple modes to choose from, including semi-automatic and full-automatic, letting you operate your airsoft rifle like a machine gun. An AEG is the most popular style of airsoft gun for airsoft enthusiasts who like the automatic function. They work when the gears turn inside the gun, compressing the piston and creating a blast of air to launch the BBs. These guns usually can fire anywhere from 600 to 900 rounds a minute, mimicking a live ammo machine gun.

Gas Powered Guns:

Gas powered airsoft guns use compressed gas, usually CO2, to drive the shooting mechanism. They do not operate in the same way as the AEGs. Before the introduction of the AEG-styled rifle, gas power was the way that most players preferred to go. Gas can be affected by the weather, however, and they do not have the same full-automatic shooting power that you can get with the AEGs. Gas power is usually the preference for the smaller guns, where having an electric board doesn’t make sense. Regardless, some airsoft players still prefer gas over electric.

Spring Powered Guns:

Spring powered airsoft rifles are definitely the least complex of the three types of guns. They do not need the fuel or power in order to operate like the other types. This also means, however, they do not have the same shooting power that you can get from a gas powered or electric rifle. For beginners or snipers, however, having a simple rifle to test out how the game works might be a good idea. You also need to rely more on accuracy with a spring powered gun since the BBs will not shoot as quickly.

What To Look For In The Best Airsoft Gun 

Airsoft Gun Specifications

Plastic vs Metal Body:

One of the biggest considerations when choosing the best airsoft gun is the type of material that the body is made out of. Plastic or polymer airsoft guns are naturally lighter while still being durable. They do not have a very realistic appearance, however. Metal guns are also durable and provide a more realistic feel, but they are also very heavy to carry around. The material you need or want depends on the type of game you like to play.

FPS and Accuracy:

FPS, or feet per second, is how fast your BB flies form the barrel to the target. Having a great and quick range is a great goal to have, but you should also remember that the gun needs to be able to fire accurately as well as quickly. The speed you need will depend on what your role on the team is and the type of gun you like to play with.

Accessories & Upgrades:

While many of the best airsoft guns on the market come with a great quality that is good to go for many people, some players will need modifications, add-ons, or upgrades. Accessories can usually be added with a picatinny rail system, allowing you to add a flashlight, scope, red dot, or a different sight. You can upgrade pieces of your gun to better suit your needs, including the barrel, trigger, and hop up.

Top 10 Best Airsoft Guns Of 2018






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1. Lancer Tactical M4

Editor's Choice


Rifleman/ Support Gunner

6.5 lbs


2. JG AK47S Rifle

Budget Friendly


Support Gunner

7.75 lbs


3. Kalashnikov AK47

Editor's Choice


Support Gunner

9.5 lbs


4. Beretta ARX160



7.2 lbs


5. Tippmann Army

High Performance


Support Gunner

8.5 lbs


6. Golden Eagle PP-19



6.0 lbs


7. JG X47 AKM Rifle



8.0 lbs


8. KJW KC02 Sniper

Designated Marksman



5.25 lbs



Sniper Rifle



10.3 lbs


10. Cybergun FN SCAR



6.83 lbs


1. Lancer Tactical Full Metal M4 Commando CQB

Best Airsoft Gun Overall (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the best airsoft gun is the Lancer Tactical Full Metal M4 Commando CQB. The Lancer M4 Commando is an AEG rifle that works well in close quarter combat (CQB).


The Lancer Tactical Commando is a replica of the M4 assault rifle. This model is built with a metal receiver and outer barrel, giving you a more realistic look and feel than you would get from a polymer gun. This gun also has full metal upper and lower receivers as well as a full metal reinforced Version 2 gearbox, ensuring that the gun is going to hold up for a long time. The outer barrel itself is 11-inches, making it a shorter barrel. Because it is shorter, it is a great choice for those who might fight their battle in close quarters. 

The weight is on the lighter side, even though it is a full metal airsoft gun, weighing only 6.5 pounds. The overall length is 26.5 inches when the stock is folded in or 29.75 when it is fully extended. It’s lightweight and compact design make it easy to manoeuvre from spot to spot quickly while still giving you the fire power you would hope for.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The Commando has a high magazine capacity, holding 300 rounds of ammo. This makes sense considering the gun is an AEG, allowing you both semi-auto and full-auto capabilities for firing. It has a great muzzle velocity, firing at 420 feet per second. This gun also comes with iron sights that will help most players achieve the accuracy that they would hope for.

Best Use:

Because this is such a great replica of a real M4, the Lancer Tactical Commando M4 is a great choice for players who are hoping to have a more realistic experience on the battlefield or those who enjoy military simulation strategy games. Role-wise, this would be a great choice for many different roles, including the rifleman and the support gunner. It is also easy to use, so it would work well for both beginning and more advanced airsoft players.

  • High magazine capacity, holding 300 rounds
  • Great muzzle velocity, firing 420 feet per second
  • plus
    Excellent choice for CQB
  • plus
    Has both semi-auto and full-auto capabilities
  • plus
    Full metal gun, gives you a more realistic gameplay
  • Short barrel would not be a good choice for long range accuracy

2. JG Full Metal Gearbox AK47S

Budget Friendly  

The best airsoft gun on a budget is the JG AK47S with a full-metal Gearbox. It brings with it the reliably, durability, and accuracy that you need to be competitive in airsoft with all of the power you want from an assault rifle. As an added bonus, this gun will stay within your budget.


This is a heavy-duty AK47 with a polymer receiver and an all-metal gearbox. Despite the fact that this is not an all-metal design, this AK47 replica still has a more realistic appearance being made from polymer. Really, the only pieces made from the polymer plastic are the grip and forestock, meaning the internal pieces are still full-metal. The JG AK47S is 34 inches in length and has a 455 millimetre inner barrel. The tactical metallic rear folding stock allows the gun to adapt to your style of play. This AK47 is a little heavier than other airsoft guns due to its metal body, coming in at 7.5 pounds.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The JG AK47S has a muzzle velocity of 380 to 410 feet per second. The magazine is a gear-wind up design with a 600-round capacity, making it one of the highest magazine capacities that you will find with an airsoft gun. As most AK47s are, the JG can operate both semi-auto and full-auto as it is an AEG. This gun also comes with a precision polished tight bore barrel that improves the gun’s overall durability, but also improves accuracy since it has no possible catches internally.

Best Use: 

One of the best features that you will find with the JG AK47S is that it is a versatile airsoft gun. That means that it can work well for beginners or advanced players alike. The gun is adaptable to suit your needs and your style of gameplay, making it the best airsoft AK47 that you can get. Role-wise, this would be a great choice for support gunners who need to provide cover or even riflemen who would like a little more power. It is not a great choice for snipers or anyone who would not appreciate the firing capabilities.

  • High velocity, reaching up to 410 FPS
  • 600-round capacity magazine with a gear wind-up
  • plus
    Precision polished tight bore barrel
  • plus
  • plus
    Versatile and adaptive to any kind of gameplay
  • Heavy, weighing in at 7.5 pounds before you put the BBs in

3. Kalashnikov AK47 RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle

Editor's Choice

Without a doubt one of the best airsoft guns that you can possibly find, the Kalashnikov AK47 RIS is a 60th anniversary replica of the famous and popular AK47.


The Kalashnikov AK47 RIS is designed to mimic the original AK47 to the best of its ability. It has a metal receiver and a metal outer barrel, really giving you the appearance that this is the real deal. The rifle is heavier than others, weighing in at 9.5 pounds, so this might not be a good choice if you are not prepared to hold it up throughout the entire battle.

The tactical folding rear stock will also give you the best tactical versatility that you can find. This airsoft gun also comes with a molded grip to give you a solid hold while keeping your hand from getting too tired.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The magazine capacity for the Kalashnikov AK47 is 550, making it one of the higher capacity magazines out there. The muzzle velocity is also excellent, shooting at 400 feet per second. This is an AEG gun, which means that it has the capability of shooting either semi-auto or full-auto as you would prefer. This AK47 replica also has a great accuracy rating due to its tight-bore, full-metal barrel. This airsoft gun also comes with an ultra-high torque motor to give you speed.

Best Use: 

This is a great choice for players who like to get a more realistic feeling when they are playing airsoft, really trying to recreate the look and feel of the original AK47 in the form of an airsoft gun. This edition especially is a wonderful choice for players who enjoy mil sim setups or who just appreciate a more authentic experience on the battlefield.

Even though this is a heavier airsoft gun, the weight is also part of its authenticity, making it a good choice for those looking for that type of feel from a gun. Just like other assault rifle replicas, this is a good choice for riflemen or support gunners, but would not be a good choice for snipers or scouts.

  • Great muzzle velocity, shooting at 400 feet per second
  • High capacity magazine, holding 550 rounds
  • plus
    Full-metal design, including a metal top cover
  • plus
    Tight bore full-metal barrel gives it extreme accuracy
  • plus
    Tactical folding rear stock for great versatility
  • The rate of fire is slower than other modern models because of its replica authenticity

4. Elite Force Beretta ARX160

One of the most high performance and best airsoft rifles, the Elite Force Beretta ARX160 is an accurate replica of the Beretta used by the Italian armed forces.


The Beretta ARX 160 is designed to look and act like a real Beretta. With ambidextrous features like a front and rear sling mounts, bolt release, and fire selector switch, this rifle works great no matter what is your dominant hand. There is also a full metal QD outer barrel that can come off to expose both the outer and inner barrel easily. The retractable stock can fold in when you want it to.

The Beretta ARX160 also has picatinny rails to allow you to add on optics and remove the iron sights. The airsoft gun is a middle weight, coming in at 7.2 pounds, meaning there are both lighter and heavier guns out there. The railed handguard has a removal lower section to allow you to get the perfect fit for your needs.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

With the electric blowback system, the Beretta ARX160 gives you a very realistic feeling when you fire. The trigger has a micro-switch as well which increases the trigger response. The quick change spring system allows you to control the muzzle velocity. The velocity can be set from 350 to 400 feet per second. This Beretta also has a full metal tooth piston, allowing it to withstand even higher speeds. The magazine capacity of the Beretta is 300, which should last you for either an entire game or at least a good portion of one depending on how you are shooting.

Best Use: 

The Beretta is a high powered, high performance rifle. This would most likely be too much for a newer player to handle due to the high speeds and the intensity. Players who prefer a more realistic battlefield experience would be happy with the Beretta ARX160 as well. On the field, the support gunner would work well with this rifle, but also a rifleman or DM (Designated Marksman) might also have fun with it.

  • Incredibly realistic and licensed officially by Beretta
  • Ambidextrous mag release, fire selector, and bolt release
  • plus
    Foldable or retractable rear stock
  • plus
    Monolithic top rail system to allow for optics
  • plus
    High velocity, shooting at 390 feet per second
  • Not an easy gun to use for newer players, making it a better choice for more experienced players


High Performance

If you are looking for one of the best airsoft guns that is also a high performance gun, the AY UXR3 RIS M4 might be a good choice for you.


The AY UXR3 RIS M4 is an AEG that works well in close quarter battles. The gun is one of the heavier choices out there, weighting 8.5 pounds. It has a retractable crane stock, which is 26.3 inches when folded in or 30.8 inches when it is extended. This is an assault rifle replica of the M4. This has a metal receiver, but the motor grip is polymer.

This is a great choice of guns if you are fighting in close quarters. This gun also has a RIS, also known as an airsoft rail interface system, which will allow you to add on attachments to the airsoft gun. There is also a folding front and rear sight on it for better accuracy, but the RIS allows you to add on a better scope if you need to.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The AY UXR3 RIS M4 has a magazine capacity of 300 rounds, which is kind of middle ground for capacity size. It has the ability to operate semi-auto and full-auto as well. The muzzle velocity is 370 feet per second, making it more middle of the road as far as speed goes. This airsoft gun is better designed for CQB, meaning it works well close up, but is not a great choice for far away. The effective range on this airsoft gun is about 90 feet, which is not very far on the airsoft battlefield.

Best Use:

This M4 is a better choice for airsoft enthusiasts and would not be a great choice for players who are just getting started in the game. Because it is an AEG with semi-auto and full-auto modes, it is a good choice for riflemen as well as support gunners, but like other AEGs, it would not be a good choice for snipers. Because it is a CQB gun, however, this could still work well for scouts who do not need a bulky weapon to run around with.

  • 300 round magazine capacity
  • 370 feet per second muzzle velocity
  • plus
    Both semi-auto and full-auto firing modes
  • plus
    CQB capability
  • plus
    Comes with a RIS (airsoft rail interface system) for attachments
  • It is a good choice for CQB, but does not have great range otherwise

6. Golden Eagle PP-19 Bizon SMG

Another choice for the best airsoft guns on the market is the Golden Eagle PP-19 Bizon SMG. This is an AEG with a side folding stock.


The Golden Eagle PP-19 Bizon SMG has polymer receivers with a metal stock and a metal barrel. The gun is one of the lighter ones that we have reviewed today, weighing 6 pounds. The overall length of the gun is 19.6 inches when the stock is retracted and 29.1 inches when the stock is fully extended. The inner barrel of this gun is 310mm.

The original Bizon submachine airsoft gun was designed by two Russian firearms designers and continues to be used by Special Forces around the world. The Golden Eagle model is mimicking this design, making it a good choice for CQB. The side folding capabilities also helps it work well in CQB. Many of the components of the gearbox come pre-upgraded, meaning that the piston has been reinforced and the gears are made out of high quality carbon steel.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The muzzle velocity for the PP-19 Bizon SMG is 360 feet per second. The magazine capacity is without a doubt one of the highest capacities that you will ever see. It holds 1,200 rounds of ammo. The magazine also has an integrated hand stop. This PP-19 Bizon SMG has a 14mm CCW threaded barrel to help with your accuracy, though this gun will not have the same accuracy as a sniper rifle. This is an AEG so it has both semi-auto and full-auto firing modes to choose from.

Best Use: 

While this is designed to be an assault rifle, the stock retracts in such a way that makes it a good choice for those who are engaging in close quarter battles. The look of this airsoft gun is realistic, making this a good choice for mil sim players. The high torque motor that comes with this gun makes it a good choice for more advanced players as it probably has too much of a kick for beginners. It would be appropriate for riflemen, support gunners, and even scouts, making it a versatile choice.

  • Incredibly high magazine capacity at 1,200 rounds
  • Good muzzle velocity at 360 feet per second
  • plus
    Both semi-auto and full-auto modes
  • plus
    Lightweight at 6 pounds
  • plus
    Visually appealing, strongly resembling the real Bizon SMG
  • High powered torque can be too much for some players

​7. JG Works X47 AKM Full Metal AK47 RAS

Another good airsoft gun choice is the JG Works X47 AKM AK47 RAS. This is a full-metal AK47 replica.


Designed to mimic a real AK47, the JG Works X47 AKM AK47 RAS is a full-metal airsoft gun, with both a metal receiver and a metal rail system. The only plastic parts on this gun are the hand grip and the stock. The outer barrel is made of a light metal alloy rather than the stamped steel that the rest of the gun is made out of. It weighs 8 pounds, making it one of the heavier airsoft guns out there. The inner barrel of this AK47 is 470mm. The overall length of the gun is 36.5 inches when the stock is retracted and 39.5 when it is extended.

There is not a big difference in length regardless of whether the stock is folded. This gun also has both side and under rails for a variety of attachments. The rail systems are long enough to mount large sighting systems as well as grenade launchers and flashlights.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The JG Works X47 AKM AK47 has an excellent muzzle velocity at 430 feet per second with a high magazine capacity of 600 rounds. This is an AEG airsoft gun that has the ability to operate at both semi-auto and full-auto modes. The 470mm inner barrel ensures the accuracy of this AK47 replica as well.

Best Use: 

The JG Works X47 AKM AK47 RAS is a great choice for more advanced players wanting to have a more authentic experience on the battlefield. Because of its excellent rail system, this gun can work for grenadiers as well as riflemen, and support gunners. The CQB ability makes it a good choice for anyone playing in tighter quarters or who prefer a submachine gun style, but still want a full-size airsoft gun.

This is not a good choice for beginning players just getting into the game. Beginners can anticipate some breaking in time before getting a good handle on the operation of the gun.

  • High magazine capacity at 600 rounds
  • High magazine capacity at 600 rounds
  • plus
    Full-metal AK47 AEG for realistic gameplay
  • plus
    Collapsing crane stock to make it easier to manoeuvre
  • plus
    Side and under rails for attachments, incredibly long rail system
  • Not a self-explanatory gun and needs some breaking in time

​8. KJW KC02 Gas Blowback Sniper Rifle

The KJW KC02 Carbine is one of the best airsoft guns that you can get that is powerful, semi-auto, and have the realistic blowback feature. This is considered a DMR.


With its nylon fiber frame, the KJW KC02 is lightweight at an impressive 5.5 pounds. The CNC aluminum barrel is durable and reliable. The rail system has lots of room, more room than other guns on the market, to let you upgrade your optics, a bipod, foregrips, or any other accessories that you might want. The blowback feature gives you a more realistic feel. The flip up front and rear sights will help you aim on the run and fold down to get them out of your way.

A good choice for pros or newbies alike, the KJW KC02 has an immaculate trigger response, hefty magazine, and reliability that you cannot beat. The open bolt system locks to the rear when all rounds are spent. The hop-up on this DMR is adjustable and located on the top of the top rail. Ultimately this carbine has a truly authentic feel and a great realistic look while still keeping the price low enough to be reasonable.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The muzzle velocity of the KJW KC02 is 400 to 460 feet per second. The magazine is low capacity, holding 30 gas rounds as this is a gas-powered airsoft gun. The blowback gives the gun a more realistic feeling when you fire, adding a natural kick to the gun. This gun does not have the option to move into full-auto, but does operate semi-auto. It really does have a heavy fire, excellent range, and shoots consistently.

Best Use: 

The KJW KC02 is the perfect gun choice for DMs, offering the speed, accuracy, and the weight that a DM is looking for. A rifleman who conserves ammo or a sniper would also work well with this choice of airsoft gun. The blowback you get from this gun also mimics the real thing, making it a good choice for mil sim players and enthusiasts. This gun is also easy to operate, however, so it should work well for both beginners as well as more advanced players.

  • Nylon fiber and CNC aluminum construction
  • Lightweight, only 5.25 pounds
  • plus
    High velocity at 400 to 460 feet per second
  • plus
    Excellent trigger response
  • plus
    Natural kick, realistic blowback for an authentic experience
  • Low round magazine capacity

9. CYMA M14 EBR DMR Sniper Rifle

One of the best airsoft guns on the market, the CYMA M14 EBR is meant to function as both an airsoft sniper rifle and a DMR.


The CYMA M14 is an enhanced battle rifle (EBR) that is built to be high quality, without the high price. It is a full metal rifle designed to mimic the M14 EBR that was designed for the US Navy Seals. It is meant to be both compact and long range, allowing you to move easily while still being able to shoot well. It has a CNC machined aluminum railed handguard and a rugged full metal receiver.

All in all it is the same weight as the real M14 EBR, which is 10.3 pounds. It is heavy, but that is part of the realism. The CYMA M14 is long as well, with an overall length of 40.5 inches. The rail itself is 33 inches, making it one of the longest rails that you will find on a DMR.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The muzzle velocity of the CYMA M14 is 380 feet per second, making it faster than the average rifle, but ultimately mid-range as far as DMRs go. The magazine capacity is excellent, holding up to 370 rounds, ensuring that you will make it through the whole battle without needing to reload. Effective range of the CYMA M14 is greater than 200 feet, due to the Tokyo Marui style hop up. Because of its magazine capacity as well as its speed and distance, the CYMA M14 can work as either a DMR or sniper rifle, allowing you to change up your role if you prefer.

Best Use: 

Don’t let the name deceive you, this sniper rifle can work well as a DMR as well, though it does run a little on the heavy side. A sniper would not need to be as concerned with the weight since he would be watching most of the time, but a DM is on his feet most of the time, so that might not be ideal for all players. This heavy duty gun is best used for more experienced players.

  • Built to resemble the real M14 EBR used by Navy Seals
  • Full metal body, extremely durable
  • plus
    Great muzzle velocity at 380 feet per second
  • plus
    High magazine capacity at 370 rounds
  • plus
    Effective range of 200 feet
  • Heavy, weighing in at 10.3 pounds

10. Cybergun FN Herstal SCAR-L

The final airsoft gun review that we have for you is the Cybergun FN Herstal SCAR-L.


The Cybergun FN Herstal SCAR-L is a mostly metal design with a metal upper receiver. The stock is made from polymer, however. Weight-wise, this is a lighter gun, weighing 6.83 pounds. The overall length of the gun is 28.54 inches when the stock is retracted and 30.11 inches when the stock is fully extended. The stock can fully collapse with a multiple position breakdown as well, making it easy to carry.

The gun has an upper monolithic rail to allow for a quick precision attachment as well as easy access to fully upgradable external and internal parts. The rear stock has an adjustable cheek piece as well to ensure your comfort. This airsoft gun is modeled after the SCAR firearm and is known for its authentic look as well as its reliability.

Fire Power & Accuracy: 

The muzzle velocity for the Cybergun FN Herstal SCAR-L is 370 feet per second, which is a good speed for most players. The magazine capacity for this gun is a nice middle of the road 300 round capacity. This is an AEG with both semi-auto and full-auto modes to choose from and has an ambidextrous selector so choosing or changing the right mode should be easier than ever. This gun has the BAX shooting system that greatly increases the accuracy of the AEG as well. There are also removable flip up front and rear sights to help you improve your precision.

Best Use: 

The FN Herstal SCAR-L is an AEG with semi-auto and full-auto firing modes, making it a good choice for rifleman, support gunners, and grenadiers. This would not be a good choice for snipers or DMs. This choice will also work well for either beginning players who are just figuring the game out as well as more advanced players who are looking forward to upgrading or adding on attachments. This is a replica of the SCAR-L model, which would work well with mil sim enthusiasts or anyone hoping to have a more authentic airsoft gun.

  • Good muzzle velocity at 370 feet per second
  • High magazine capacity at 300 rounds
  • plus
    Adjustable cheek piece on the rear stock
  • plus
    Ambidextrous fire selector to choose semi-auto or full-auto
  • plus
    Upper monolithic rail for quick attachment
  • While the brand is well-known in France, it is less known in North America

​What's Your Role in the Game 

Airsoft Game Roles

Every airsoft team has a set of positions that each member should abide by in order to have an efficient and successful game, including the rifleman, DM, sniper, scout, grenadier, and support gunner. Each position requires a different type of airsoft gun in order to play the role well.


The rifleman is the main striker in the game whose goal is to reach the final objective. These players have to be versatile and really have a handle on all of the other positions. There are two rifleman positions in the game of airsoft. The first one is the urban rifleman will engage the enemy at close range. The other is the field rifleman who engages the enemy in an open space at a great distance. Long barrelled rifles are ideal for field rifleman since you will not be shooting at close range. An urban rifleman should aim for a rifle that is less than 10 inches to be able to move better in tight spaces.


The sniper is a stationary position usually perched on high ground in order to have a great view of the enemy. Snipers scope out the area, watch for the enemy, and usually only wipe out critical opponents. Sniper rifles usually have long barrels that can reach targets at a distance with accuracy. For a starter airsoft gun, a spring rifle might be the less complicated, not having to worry about the components of gas powered or electronic rifles. Sniper rifles normally come with a bipod that should be collapsible as well as a scope to help you keep an eye on your target.

Designated Marksman:

The designated marksman (DM) stays by the rifleman and helps to hit the targets that the rifleman cannot. The DM is always moving, which is what separates it from the sniper position. A DM will need a specific type of gun, which is specifically designed for the DM position: a designated marksman rifle or DMR. DMRs have long barrels to shoot at long distances like a sniper rifle, but that has a free float handguard or bipod to make it easier to manoeuvre. DMRs are not spring loaded like sniper rifles either, giving you the ability to shoot more rounds quicker.

Support Gunner:

Support gunners are the most terrifying players on the field. They provide the cover needed in order for the rifleman and DM to move forward. They spray BBs in high quantities to clear the way for the teammates who are moving toward the ultimate objective. Because they need to be able to shoot a lot of ammo quickly, support gunners need rifles that have a long barrel and the ability to operate like a machine gun. A submachine gun is also a good option for a support gunner because they are lighter and easier to manoeuvre in CQB.


The scout will run ahead and scope out the enemy territory, keeping tabs on where the enemy is and what they are up to. The scout does not carry a rifle because it makes running hard. Scouts need small airsoft guns, like submachine guns, because they travel quickly and need to be unencumbered. These guns do not shoot far, but a scout would only ever need to shoot up close. The scout has to be stealthier than any other player on the team, including the sniper, since he has to move around without being seen. Smaller or lighter players work best in this role.


Similar to a rifleman, a grenadier has the same type of weapon as a rifleman, but also has a “grenade.”The rifle needs to have a good rail system for attachments in order to function as the grenadier. They have the same job as a rifleman, but usually have a whole array of attachments or devices that will simulate an explosion on the field. In airsoft, there are three types of grenades: smoke grenades, flashbangs, or fragment grenades, which is when a lot of BBs are fired at once. The type of grenade you use is up to you.

How To Upgrade Your Airsoft Gun

Airsoft Gun Upgrades

Once you have played a few battles of airsoft, you might discover that some features of your airsoft gun are not working out the way that you would have hoped they would. In these cases, it might be time to upgrade your airsoft gun. There are many upgrades you can get, including a barrel, trigger, scope, or even the hop up.


Airsoft barrels come in a variety of material choices, including polymer and full—metal. If you are hoping to stay with a metal barrel, you can usually choose from aluminum, stainless steel, or brass, with brass being the ideal choice. The goal of a barrel upgrade is to improve your accuracy and range, ensuring there is nothing within the barrel to slow the BB down as it shoots. Some players need a tighter bore barrel while others might want a different length.


This is especially true when it comes to an AEG, but sometimes you might need to get a trigger upgrade. Some triggers do not have the same simplicity of pull as others, making it harder or more work to fire on the battlefield. You want to keep your rate of fire high and could need to upgrade to a double trigger or even just an easier trigger. Some AEG triggers work like a computer mouse, making them easy to “click.”


Depending on the type of airsoft gun that you have, your gun might have come with a scope. While we all hope that the scope that comes with the gun is excellent, the truth is that the scope might not work for everyone. Looking at your eyesight, how you hold the gun, and what distance you are hoping to get from it, you might want to upgrade to a better and more suitable scope for your airsoft gun.

Hop Up:

The hop up on your airsoft gun is the device that is between the inner barrel and the gearbox that helps create a kind of spin on the BB as it fires. The back spin from the hop up helps the BB curve upwards as it leaves the barrel. If you would like a smoother or faster hop up, which is when you know you might need to upgrade the stock hop up that came with your airsoft gun.

Different Types Of BBs

Airsoft Gun BBs

It might surprise you, but there are actually a few different types of airsoft pellets or BBs that you can choose from for your airsoft gun. The pellets are small round balls that are normally made of plastic. The size of these pellets is typically the same at about 6mm. There should not be much variable in size as they wouldn’t be able to fire through the barrel if the size was changed.

The factor that you need to consider when it comes to the BBs is the weight that you would like to choose from. The most common weight that players opt for is .20, .25, and .28 grams. The weight that you need depends on the gun that you are using. If you use too heavy of pellets, you can harm your opponents. If they are too light, they will never reach your opponents. You might want to practice first to find the right weight for you.

Why Do Airsoft Guns Have Orange Tips 

You might have noticed that all airsoft rifles come with a bright orange tip on the end of the barrel. The reason behind this is that the orange tip can help an observer differentiate whether the gun is an airsoft gun or a gun with live ammo. It is illegal to remove the orange tip from your gun, even if it makes it harder for you to camouflage on the battlefield.

While it might be obvious to us that an airsoft gun is not a real live ammo gun, there are many airsoft guns that are built specifically as replicas with the goal of mimicking military grade assault rifles. These replicas are actually illegal in many countries, but are allowed in the United States as long as the orange tip is not removed from the barrel. The tip is really there for your own safety as well as the safety of those around you, showing that you are not carrying an actual assault rifle.

How Long To Charge Airsoft Battery

If you are using an AEG, then you will need to make sure that your battery is completely charged up before any battle. You do not want to leave the juice left in your battery up to chance. It is much better to ensure it has a full charge before a battle.

The proper amount of time to charge your AEG battery will depend both on the charger output and the battery capacity. Generally speaking, your battery should take between 5 and 6 hours to reach a full charge after it has died, but that time will vary between chargers and batteries.

On the battery, you should see a number with a mA behind it, like 300mA. This indicates how many mA are charged an hour. Therefore, if you have a 1500mA battery with a 300mA charger, you would just divide the battery amps by the charger amps, leaving you with 5 hours.

How To Do Basic Maintenance On Your Airsoft Gun

Airsoft Gun Maintenance

Once you have purchased your very own airsoft gun, you will need to make sure that you can give it a long life by taking good care of it. You will know if your barrel needs to be cleaned by the way that the BBs are coming out the barrel. If they are not straight, it is time to clean. Use a cleaning rod with a rag or paper towel that has been sprayed with silicone lubricant to clean inside of the barrel.

The gearbox and hop up might also need to be lubricated from time to time to ensure that the gun continues to fire smoothly. Using the silicone lubricant, you can spray the gun once the magazine is removed to keep all of the parts moving well.

Magazines for spring powered guns should be emptied each time where gas powered guns should keep the magazines pressurized to keep all components intact.

Does It Hurt To Be Shot With An Airsoft Gun 

While they will not hurt as much as live ammo or even a metal BB, the pellets can still pack a punch if you are hit at close range. For this reason, safety is essential in having a good time playing airsoft. In order to have a good time playing airsoft, make sure you have the proper safety equipment, including eye protection.

If you are far enough away from the shooter, you should feel just enough pressure to know you have been hit without it going so far as to hurt you. Since the speed and accuracy on guns varies greatly, you might get hit harder than you expect.

Travelling With Airsoft Guns

Since airsoft guns are neither firearms nor toys, they are hard to categorize in terms of safety. That can put them in a kind of gray area when it comes to travelling with them, especially if you are flying. But if you plan well ahead, you should be able to successfully bring them with you in your adventures.

If you are driving across the United States, it is important to remember that every state has its own regulations regarding airsoft guns. You should make sure that your gun complies with the laws of each state you are travelling through to avoid trouble. If you are flying, you will have to check your airsoft gun as they are not allowed as carry-ons. While an airsoft gun is not the same as a live firearm, you need to consider the TSA agents might not recognize it as an airsoft gun. It’s best to review the airline’s policy and declare to the airline that you have it to avoid surprises.

Are You A Casual Or A Professional Airsoft Player

For anyone who has experience playing airsoft, you will also need to ask yourself whether you are a casual or professional airsoft player before you select the type of airsoft gun that you would prefer. Casual players are people who play once in a while with a group of friends. These players won’t necessarily have the stickler roles during the game. As a result, you would not need a high-powered airsoft rifle that has all of the accessories you could imagine.

If you are a professional player, who plays frequently and competitively, you should have a gun that has the ability to hold all of the add-ons you might need to make it through the airsoft battle. These players appreciate the mil sim aspect of the game and need guns to match. Consider how often and aggressively you are playing before you determine whether you are more of a casual or professional player.

Final Words 

Ultimately, when it comes to finding the best airsoft gun possible, you have to remember that the best airsoft gun for you is not going to be the same as it is for everyone else. This is even true among teammates, with each player having different needs in order to be successful on the team.

You will need to consider the weight of the gun, your role as a player, as well as all of the functions and accessories that come with the airsoft gun before you can truly commit to buying one gun over another. Your experience level as well as your style of play also factor into what the ideal choice to meet your needs is.

For riflemen, support gunners, scouts, and grenadiers, the best airsoft gun that you can get is the Lancer Tactical Full Metal M4 Commando CQB. This airsoft gun meets the needs of the mil sim players, but is easy enough to use for the beginning players out there. While there are many other options on the market, the Lancer Tactical M4 Commando is definitely the overall best airsoft gun that you can get.

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