5 Best Airsoft DMRs For 2018

If you have decided to be (or been elected to be) the designated marksman (DM) for your airsoft team, you will naturally want to make sure that you have the best airsoft DMR that you can get.

Like all airsoft rifles, you will want to ensure that the features you are getting from your airsoft DMR meet your needs as a player, which includes not only your role on your team, but your style of gameplay, abilities, and even the strategies that go into battle.

You will need to look at the best airsoft DMR that are on the market now as well as what the best features that each of them have to offer, so you can really kick ass on the field! We are going to break it down for you so that the choice is not as difficult or overwhelming.

  • Do you need a semi-auto or full-auto?
  • What is the right barrel length?
  • What muzzle velocity should you go for?

These are all questions that you should be asking.

What's A DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle)

Let’s breakdown what a DMR is before we look at the best airsoft DMR you could get. The DM, or designated marksman, stays by the rifleman, helping take out the enemy and move toward the ultimate objective. The big difference between riflemen and DMs is the rifles they use. A DMR is always a semi-auto or full-auto scoped precision rifle, allowing players to be mobile, shoot quickly, and shoot at a great distance.

Most of the DMRs are specifically modeled after military assault rifles, mimicking the design and operation, giving players a realistic feeling on the battlefield. The barrel of a DMR is longer than most of the other rifles on the fields typically, and they also need to carry high capacity magazines. DMRs might resemble sniper rifles in some ways, but sniper rifles don’t have the high capacity magazines and are usually spring action. To be effective on the field, DMs really should stick with DMRs.

What To Look For In The Best Airsoft DMR

Airsoft DMR Specifications

Not all DMRs have the same features, but ideally you will get the best of each of these you can to have the most effective DMR possible.

  • Effective Range: While a DM is not a sniper, having the distance of a sniper rifle is important to a DM. Ideally, the effective range should be more than 150 feet.
  • Velocity: Velocity is important as well, but there is such a thing as too much velocity. Ideally it would be greater than 350 feet per second and less than 450 feet per second.
  • Weight: As a DM you are on your feet the whole time and being agile is important in your survival throughout the game. Your DMR should weigh less than 10 pounds.
  • Trigger: When it comes to the trigger, you need a minimal delay between the pull and the firing the pellet.
  • Barrel: You should need a long barrel in order to have a solid effective range while keeping a good amount of accuracy. Having a barrel that is between 18 to 20 inches is a good length to aim for.
  • Magazines: The magazine of a DMR should have a minimum of 250 BB capacity, but more is ideal in order to last throughout a full game.
  • Scope: You will also need a scope that has somewhere between 2x to 4x power, but ideally having the ability to adjust your scope is best.
  • Hop-Up: The hop-up should be securely mounted and compact so you don’t bump it when aiming or moving.

What's The Effective Range of a DMR

While a DMR is not the same thing as a sniper rifle, realistically, they need the same effective range. The difference is that a DM is moving around the field, where a sniper is situated on the top of a hill. A DM needs the same range, but also needs to be unencumbered. You could get by on anything greater than 150 feet, but ideally, your DMR should be able to reach at least 250 feet with accuracy. A wider bore barrel can help you increase the range, but you will not get the same distance if you try to shorten the barrel.

5 Best Airsoft DMR Of 2018






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1. Golden Eagle SR-25

Editor's Choice


350 FPS

7.0 lbs


2. KJW KC02 Rifle



430 FPS

5.25 lbs


3. CYMA M14 Rifle

Budget friendly


380 FPS

10.3 lbs


4. Lancer Warlord 


395 FPS

4.83 lbs


5. VFC Elite Force HK417

High Performance


430 FPS

8.5 lbs


1. Golden Eagle Airsoft SR-25 AEG

Best Airsoft DMR Overall (Editor's Choice)

The Golden Eagle Airsoft SR-25 is an AEG rifle that is known for its accuracy as well as its speed. It is the perfect gun for a DM and the best airsoft DMR you can buy.


The design of the SR-25 is a polymer body, which should make it a little easier to operate and carry than the full metal guns. It might mean that the gun looks and feels a little less realistic than others, but it definitely pays off in your speed. This rifle is upgradable, so it should be able to grow with you as your airsoft skills improve and your level of game changes.

The gun comes with a Picatinny rail system to allow you to add onto the gun as you would like. The polymer foregrip is a stick style, giving you a more realistic feeling, though the polymer does detract from this feeling. The grip is one of the features that you can switch out if you would like.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The muzzle velocity of the Golden Eagle Airsoft SR-25 is not as fast as some of the other guns that we have reviewed here. The velocity can reach up to 350 feet per second, which might not be fast enough for some players, while beginning players might find that the velocity is better suited to their needs. The magazine has a 300 round capacity, which is pretty standard for this type of gun.

  • Upgradable, allowing the gun to grow with you as a player
  • Superior ergonomic grip for the ultimate hold and control
  • plus
    Lightweight replica of the real SR-25 DM rifle
  • plus
    Full metal gearbox that is resistant to damage
  • plus
    Folding front and rear combat sights, keeping them out of the way with a scope
  • ​Not as realistic looking as other DMRs

2. KJW KC02 Open Bolt DMR


The KJW KC02 Carbine is one of the best airsoft DMRs that you can get that is powerful, semi-auto, and have the realistic blowback feature.


With its nylon fiber frame, the KJW KC02 is lightweight at an impressive 5.5 pounds. The CNC aluminum barrel is durable and reliable. The rail system has lots of room to upgrade your optics, a bipod, foregrips, or any other accessories that you might want. The blowback feature gives you a more realistic feel. The flip up front and rear sights will help you aim on the run and fold down to get them out of your way.

A good choice for pros or newbies alike, the KJW KC02 has an immaculate trigger response, hefty magazine, and reliability that you cannot beat. The open bolt system locks to the rear when all rounds are spent. The hop-up on this DMR is adjustable and located on the top of the top rail. Ultimately this carbine has a truly authentic feel and a great realistic look while still keeping the price low enough to be reasonable.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The muzzle velocity of the KJW KC02 is 400 to 460 feet per second. The magazine is low capacity, holding 30 gas rounds as this is a gas-powered gun. The blowback gives the gun a more realistic feeling when you fire, adding a natural kick to the gun. This gun does not have the option to move into full-auto, but does operate semi-auto. It really does have a heavy fire, excellent range, and shoots consistently.

  • Nylon fiber and CNC aluminum construction
  • ​Lightweight, only 5.25 pounds
  • plus
    High velocity at 400 to 460 feet per second
  • plus
    Excellent trigger response
  • plus
    Natural kick, realistic blowback
  • ​Low round magazine capacity

3. CYMA Full Metal M14 EBR AEG DMR Sniper Rifle

Budget Friendly Airsoft DMR

Don’t’ let the name deceive you, this sniper rifle can work well as a DMR as well.


The CYMA M14 is an enhanced battle rifle (EBR) that is built to be high quality, without the high price. It is a full metal rifle designed to mimic the M14 EBR that was designed for the US Navy Seals. It is meant to be both compact and long range, allowing you to move easily while still being able to shoot well. It has a CNC machined aluminum railed handguard and a rugged full metal receiver.

All in all it is the same weight as the real M14 EBR, which is 10.3 pounds. It is heavy, but that is part of the realism. The CYMA M14 is long as well, with an overall length of 40.5 inches. The rail itself is 33 inches, making it one of the longest rails that you will find on a DMR.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The muzzle velocity of the CYMA M14 is 380 feet per second, making it faster than the average rifle, but ultimately mid-range as far as DMRs go. The magazine capacity is excellent, holding up to 370 rounds, ensuring that you will make it through the whole battle without needing to reload. Effective range of the CYMA M14 is greater than 200 feet, due to the Tokyo Marui style hop up.

Because of its magazine capacity as well as its speed and distance, the CYMA M14 can work as either a DMR or sniper rifle, allowing you to change up your role if you prefer.

  • Built to resemble the real M14 EBR used by Navy Seals
  • ​Full metal body, extremely durable
  • plus
    ​Great muzzle velocity at 380 feet per second
  • plus
    ​High magazine capacity at 370 rounds
  • plus
    ​Effective range of 200 feet
  • Heavy, weighing in at 10.3 pounds

​4. Lancer Tactical Warlord Type A

The Lancer Tactical Warlord is a DMR AEG, giving you the force you want from a DMR while still working as an electric rifle.


Designed to be a no-nonsense type of DMR, the Lancer Tactical Warlord has an 18 inch aluminum Keymod rail system that will allow you to attach multiple accessories to meet your needs. It is extremely lightweight, coming in at 4.83 pounds, making it very easy to carry around.

The Lancer Tactical was made with nylon polymer receivers, a nylon grip, and a nylon stock with a metal rail system, metal outer barrel, and metal gearbox. It is a long gun as well with an overall length of 35 to 39 inches and an inner barrel length of 14.5 inches. The fire mode selector is ambidextrous to make it easier to switch between semi-auto and full-auto as needed. The stock is a fully adjustable Warlord stock with a sling mount point. There are a pair of rail segments that will allow for accessories, one of them being a monolithic 20mm upper rail to attach optics. There is also an ergonomic contoured pistol grip to make it easier to handle.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The magazine capacity on the Lancer Tactical Warlord is 120 rounds, which is not as large as other DMRs and since it has both semi-auto and full-auto capability, you might burn through your ammo before the game is up. The muzzle velocity is excellent, ranging from 379 to 395 feet per second using the standard size BBs.

  • Excellent muzzle velocity at 379 to 395 feet per second
  • Offers both semi-auto and full-auto modes
  • plus
    Has two rail segments to attack accessories
  • plus
    ​Lightweight, only 4.83 pounds
  • plus
    Ambidextrous fire mode selector for easy mode change
  • Low magazine capacity for a full-auto DMR, only 120 rounds

5. Elite Force HK417 DMR AEG Airsoft Battle Rifle

High Performance Airsoft DMR

The VFC Elite Force HK417 is the epitome of a modern EBR. It has all of the versatility of an M4 with the power of a marksman rifle.


The HK417 is designed to be the best airsoft DMR that is also high performing. It was developed by Heckler & Koch in order to fill the need for a high caliber rifle that is easier to move around quickly. The VFC Elite Force version has all of the look, feel, and power of the real gun, giving you a realistic battle experience. It is even built realistically with a metal receiver and metal outer barrel as well as an authentic pistol grip and crane stock.

Weight-wise, this HK417 is under 10 pounds, which is ideal, though not as light as other DMR models. Considering it is a full-metal DMR, the fact that it is only 8.3 pounds is impressive. It has a rear iron sight that has an adjustable diopter, allowing you to move it if you need to.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The VFC Elite Force HK417 has a high muzzle velocity of 440 feet per second. The magazine is fairly low capacity, holding 100 rounds, which might not make it through the entire battle. The effective range of this DMR is 200 feet, putting it right on par with where you would hope it to be in order to be competitive. Since it is an AEG, it does have the ability to shoot either semi-auto or full-auto.

  • ​High velocity, shooting at 440 feet per second
  • Realistic replica of the original HK417
  • plus
    ​Easy to manoeuvre on the battlefield
  • plus
    Shoots either semi-auto or full-auto
  • plus
    Full metal construction, outside of the nylon fiber grip and stock
  • Magazine only holds 100 rounds

​How To Upgrade Your DMR

Unfortunately, not all DMRs will have the best of every feature that you want in your rifle. But don’t worry, there is a good solution. Any of the parts that are not working for you can be upgraded usually, especially on a quality DMR.

The first and most common upgrade that players do is to switch the barrel out to a tight bore barrel with a range of about 6.01 mm to 6.03 mm. A tighter bore should increase your distance on the field. The hop up should also be changed to a hard buck in order to improve the range of the gun, while changing the spring to a harder spring can increase your overall velocity.

The trouble with upgrading your DMR is that it is going to increase your overall cost of your DMR. Once you pay for a DMR, you might cringe at the idea of spending an extra $200 on accessories to customize your gun. Fortunately, upgrades do not need to happen right away. You can wait until you have used the DMR a few times and figured out what is not working for you and can be changed out.

Final Words

Ultimately we all want the same things from the best airsoft DMR out there. Having the ability to shoot long range while on the go and do it quickly is a lot to ask from any gun and DMRs are no exception. For this reason, you need to know what you really want your DMR to do for you as a DM and sort out the features that are best for you.

The best airsoft DMR that you can get that works best for most DMs is the Golden Eagle Airsoft SR-25 AEG. It has the range and velocity that you need while still being a workable price. If you are looking into being a sniper more than a DM, you do not need the magazine capacity that some of the DMRs have and the lower capacity would work well. Overall, choose the DMR that has the most features to work with your kind of gameplay.

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