5 Best Airsoft Assault Rifles For 2018

When you are in the market for an assault rifle, you will naturally want the best airsoft assault rifle that you can get.

But, what exactly does that mean? Best can be decided using several factors, including the range, the accuracy, power, and even the weight. There are few guns that will meet every need perfectly, so part of the decision rests in knowing which features are what you really need.

You will have to think of several important factors before you purchase the best airsoft assault rifle, including what your role is on the team, how much you want to spend, how heavy you would like the gun to be, and really what you are expecting to get out of the gun.

A rifleman will not be looking for the same features as a DM or a support gunner, though all of them will need an airsoft assault rifle. Assault rifles are not used by snipers. Sometimes scouts prefer to carry one, while other times they do not. Knowing what you are to your team and how you play is going to be the biggest consideration. This is what you need to know before you commit to one gun over another.

Airsoft Assault Rifle vs SMG vs DMR 

Assault Rifle Specs

When looking at the best airsoft assault rifle, the first question that you might want to ask is what type of assault rifle that you might need. There are three basic types of assault rifles: a standard assault rifle, SMGs, and DMRs. The right gun for you will depend on your role on your team as well as what you would like to get from your gun.

Assault Rifle:

An assault rifle is a gun that can fire either semi-auto or full-auto. They have better range than a submachine gun due to the longer barrel. They are able to shoot quickly, at a reliable distance, and consistently. Assault rifles are meant to be carried during action, so they usually weigh less than 10 pounds, but that can vary depending on the type of material they are made out of, which is usually polymer or metal and sometimes both.

The best-known assault rifle is the AK47, which remains one of the most popular models. In airsoft, assault rifles are meant to resemble real assault rifles and often the airsoft models match up to life-ammo guns, allowing players to experience a more realistic game or military simulation. Assault rifles are either gas-powered or electric powered, both of which will allow you to fire a lot of pellets at a high velocity.

SMG (Submachine Gun): 

SMGs, or submachine guns, are smaller than an assault rifle, making them easier to manoeuvre and operate. They do not usually have the room on them for all of the optics or other attachments that you might want on the battlefield. Their smaller size makes them a good choice for scouts or any role that does not need a great deal of accuracy.

 Some players will carry a SMG as a side arm or back up gun because they are lighter and smaller than an assault rifle. SMGs generally operate in the same way that a standard assault rifle does, only smaller.

DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle):

DMRs, or designated marksman rifles, are an intermediate-range rifle. They are to be used by the DM who will engage the enemy that is further than the effective range of the squad’s weapons. They are different than a sniper because they are moving around and need a gun that can shoot steadily, far, and on the go.

Most DMRs are semi-auto in order to encourage them to have well-aimed shots rather than just letting pellets fly. DMRs need to have power and range as well as being able to shoot consistency. They are not meant to be versatile rifles, just reliable.

5 Best Airsoft Assault Rifles Of 2018



Play Level



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1. ICS M4A1 Rifle

Editor's Choice



6.5 lbs


2. Beretta ARX160

High Performance



7.2 lbs


3. JG AK47S Rifle

Budget Friendly



7.75 lbs


4. Lancer AK47



8.5 lbs


5. ICS R36 RIS



5.0 lbs


Different Types Of Airsoft Assault Rifles

Assault Rifle Types

While there are many different types of assault rifles that you can choose from, three of the most common types that you will come across are the G36, M4, and AK47, each of which have their own purpose. Let’s breakdown the primary differences between the three.

G36 Airsoft Assault Rifles:

The G36 airsoft assault rifle is designed after the German Heckler and Koch. It has a few different varieties, ranging from full-sized rifles to shorter close quarter battle rifles. They typically are compatible with red dot sights, scopes, lasers, or even flashlight mounts. The G36 usually feature’s a polymer body, which makes it lightweight as well as a folding stock, to make it easier to engage in CQBs. The real G36 was created for the German military and has since been adopted by other militaries and police agencies. The airsoft version also has a blowback to give it the realistic feel.

M4 Airsoft Assault Rifles:

The M4 airsoft assault rifle is based on the M4 platform and is also a variation of an AR15. The M4 is a great choice for battles that are in close quarters and the real version has been used in the military since the Vietnam War. The barrel length is short, which can reduce its accuracy and range, but it allows you to move easier and less encumbered. Some players prefer to carry an M4 as a sidearm or backup gun rather than use it as their primary airsoft weapon.

AK47 Airsoft Assault Rifles:

There are actually a few different designs that you can choose from when it comes to airsoft AK 47s. The design can be based on what your specific tasks are. Some of the design is based on the aesthetics of the gun rather than the way that it shoots, but some of the design is also functional. Having a folding stock is more for players who would like to shoot from the hip, which would put the stock in the way. Also in terms of stock, the decision between tactical or wood is mostly based on aesthetics. There are some weight differences between the two, but really, it is mostly an appearance question.

1. ICS Full Metal M4A1 RAS S

Best Airsoft Assault Rifle Overall (Editor's Choice)

The best airsoft assault rifle is the ICS M4A1. Not only is the rifle high performance, but the gearbox on this gun is easy to access and change if you would like to as well.


The ICS M4A1 was designed specifically to give its users the best level of quality possible, which is why the gun is made almost entirely out of metal, minus the grip which is ergonomic to promote a better grip. The carry handle on this gun also can be removed, making space for a sight.

Fire Power & Accuracy

With a 13.5 inch outer barrel, the ICS M4A1 has a long range. The muzzle velocity is 400 to 410 feet per second, making it very fast and powerful as well. The M4A1 has both semi-automatic and full-automatic modes, allowing you to play as you would prefer. The magazine can hold up to 450 rounds, putting it at a higher quantity than average, though not as much as the JG AK 47S. The firing speed will shoot about 10 rounds per second, making this one of the best M4’s that you can get.

Who It’s Best For

The M4A1 is a high-powered airsoft gun, acting like a machine gun. This makes it better for DMs, support gunners, or even the riflemen, but it is the wrong choice for snipers. The M4A1 works for any level of player, whether you are just getting into airsoft or you have been playing it for years.

  • ​High speed muzzle velocity of up to 410 feet per second
  • Great magazine capacity at 450 rounds
  • plus
    Full metal design, including gearbox
  • plus
    Easy to take apart to change out parts or repair
  • plus
    Stock barrel is remarkable
  • Selector level is too easy to switch, making it easy to do accidentally

2. Elite Force Beretta ARX160

High Performance Airsoft Assault Rifle

​One of the most high performance and best airsoft assault rifles, the Elite Force Beretta ARX160 is an accurate replica of the Beretta used by the Italian armed forces.


The Beretta ARX 160 is designed to look and act like a real Beretta. With ambidextrous features like a front and rear sling mounts, bolt release, and fire selector switch, this rifle works great no matter what is your dominant hand. There is also a full metal QD outer barrel that can come off to expose both the outer and inner barrel easily. The retractable stock can fold in when you want it to. The Beretta ARX160 also has picatinny rails to allow you to add on optics and remove the iron sights.

Fire Power & Accuracy

With the electric blowback system, the Beretta ARX160 gives you a very realistic feeling when you fire. The trigger has a micro-switch as well which increases the trigger response. The velocity can be set from 350 to 400 feet per second. This Beretta also has a full metal tooth piston, allowing it to withstand even higher speeds.

Who It’s Best For

The Beretta is a high powered, high performance airsoft assault rifle. This would most likely be too much for a newer player to handle due to the high speeds. Players who prefer a more realistic battlefield experience would be happy with the Beretta ARX160. On the field, the support gunner would work well with this rifle, but also a rifleman or DM might also have fun with it.

  • Incredibly realistic and licensed officially by Beretta
  • Ambidextrous mag release, fire selector, and bolt release
  • plus
    Foldable or retractable rear stock
  • plus
    Monolithic top rail system to allow for optics
  • plus
    High velocity
  • Iron sights do not fold down, though they are removable

3. JG Full Metal Gearbox AK47S Airsoft ​​​​Rifle 

Budget Friendly Airsoft Assault Rifle

The best airsoft AK47 gun is the JG Full-Metal Gearbox. It brings with it the reliably, durability, and accuracy that you need to be competitive in airsoft with all of the power you want from an assault rifle.


This is a heavy-duty AK47 with a polymer receiver and an all-metal gearbox. The JG AK47S is 34 inches in length and has a 455 millimetre inner barrel. The tactical metallic rear folding stock allows the gun to adapt to your style of play. This AK47 is a little heavier than other guns due to its metal body, coming in at 7.5 pounds.

Fire Power & Accuracy 

The JG AK47S has a muzzle velocity of 380 to 410 feet per second. The magazine is a gear-wind up design with a 600-round capacity. As most AK47s are, the JG can operate both semi-automatic and fully automatic. This gun also comes with a precision polished tight bore barrel that improves the gun’s overall durability, but also improves accuracy since it has no possible catches internally.

Who It's Best For

One of the best features that you will find with the JG AK47S is that it is a versatile airsoft assault rifle. That means that it can work well for beginners or advanced players alike. The gun is adaptable to suit your needs and your style of gameplay, making it the best airsoft AK47 that you can get. Role-wise, this would be a great choice for support gunners who need to provide cover or even riflemen.

  • High velocity, reaching up to 410 FPS
  • 600-round capacity magazine with a gear wind-up
  • plus
    Precision polished tight bore barrel
  • plus
  • plus
    Versatile and adaptive to any kind of gameplay
  • Heavy, weighing in at 7.5 pounds 

4. Lancer Tactical Metal AK47

The Lancer Tactical Metal AEF AK47 is one of the best airsoft assault rifles you can get. Known for its high performance, the Lacer AK47 has perfect proportions to allow for easy handling and manoeuvrability.


The Lancer AK 47 is designed to resemble the classic AK47, but with some modern updates. There is a rail located underneath the handguard of the rifle to allow for easy optical or flashlight mounting. Designed with an ambidextrous mock charging handle, an ergonomic grip, and a six-position tactical crane stock, the Lancer is comfortable to use for any hand with a reliable grip to keep it easy to hold onto. The grip is well-suited for hands of any size. The Lancer AK47 has a polymer body and a full metal gearbox as well as a metal barrel.

Fire Power & Accuracy 

The Lancer has a high velocity, firing at 390 feet per second. The magazine only holds 240 rounds, which can be half as much as other assault rifles. The inner metal barrel provides a high accuracy, giving you long range ability and power. This AK47 has nearly perfect proportions that let you still have high powered shots while being able to duck into tight spaces easily.

Who It’s Best For

The Lancer AK47 is really designed for more advanced players who are looking to get a more realistic battlefield experience. The Lancer can work well for ambushing or offering cover, making it best for support gunners.

  • ​Durable inner metal barrel with great accuracy
  • High velocity at 390 feet per second
  • plus
    Low rail system has the ability to hold many different accessories
  • plus
    Performs well in CQB environments
  • plus
    Barrel is short enough to duck when you need to but still has good velocity
  • Magazine can only hold 240 rounds of BBs

​5. ICS G33 Series R36 RIS

A competitor to the M4s and AK47s, the ICS G33 Series AEG is fairly new to the assault rifle scene. While the G33 series is not as popular as other models, it still ranks as one of the best airsoft assault rifles that you can get.


The G33 is designed with an easy-to-access gearbox as well as an enhanced railed handguard. There is also a lot of rail space, even on the bottom. There are mounting options for foregrips, heavy duty bipods, and grenade launchers. There is an AR magazine release and it also works well with most M4 AEG magazines, giving you plenty of options.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The ICS G33 has a muzzle velocity of 370 to 400 feet per second. The ICS Turbo 3000 high torque motor gives your shots a little extra power. The M120 spring and tightbore barrel work together to give you the best range and velocity you can get. The G33 series works with most of the M4 magazines, but cannot work with G36 or R36 magazines because of how the hop-up is situated on the rifle.

Who It’s Best For

The ICS G33 is a great and versatile assault rifle. Because it has the ability to add on a grenade launcher, the G33 series could be a good choice for a grenadier as well as a rifleman. Support gunners would also enjoy using this rifle because of the turbo torque motor, giving you the ability to spray BBs when you need to.

  • Waffled high capacity magazine
  • Railed carry handle optic rail
  • plus
    M4 styled magazine capability
  • plus
    Foldable and retractable stock to increase the length as you need
  • plus
    ​Ambidextrous fire selector switch
  • Does not work with G36 or R36 magazines because of the position of the hop-up

​Final Verdict 

Shopping for the best airsoft assault rifle means taking into account several factors. The first is to know what role you are playing in airsoft. If you are not sure what your role is exactly, do not commit to an assault rifle that is locked into its role like a DMR or grenadier. Instead, you can use a versatile assault rifle that could work regardless of whether you are a rifleman, support gunner, or even a DM.

The best airsoft assault rifle that you can get is the ICS M4A1. Not only is it high powered, but the magazine can hold a lot of ammo, it is high performance, and has great velocity, checking off all of the needed boxes that you need from an assault rifle. Although most assault rifles are not terribly expensive, if you are on a tight budget, you can still get a quality rifle like the JG AK47S, which is still great quality, but at a better price. Think about what you need and how you play, then you will know the right rifle for you.

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