5 Best Airsoft AK 47 Guns For 2018

Airsoft is a great extreme sport for those who would like to try a scenario or combat game that is not the same as other sports, like paintball.

One of the biggest advantages that players can experience with airsoft is that they can get a more realistic feel, especially when using the replica AK 47 airsoft guns that are available.

We have looked at the top 5 best airsoft AK 47 guns on the market and broken it down for you.

While the airsoft AK 47 models only shoot BB’s, the design and look of the guns are realistic and for fans of the military combat simulations, a lot of fun. But how can you decide which is the best airsoft AK 47 for you?

An airsoft gun should be considered based on its design, durability, as well as its accuracy before you can truly know what to get. The type of AK 47 that you get will also vary based on the strategy that you use when you play. It is true that airsoft guns might not be the real deal, but they are a great alternative in order to still get a military feeling without using live ammo. This is what you need to know before you commit to one gun over another.

What To Look For In The Best Airsoft AK 47 

AK 47 Rifles Specifications


There are actually a few different designs that you can choose from when it comes to airsoft AK 47s. The design can be based on what your specific tasks are. Some of the design is based on the aesthetics of the gun rather than the way that it shoots, but much of the design is also functional.

The most powerful type of airsoft gun is the gas-powered gun. The gas-powered guns use an internal canister that releases some of the gas in order to propel the BBs forward. This is the ultimate type of AK 47. Having a folding stock is more for players who would like to shoot from the hip, which would put the stock in the way. Also in terms of stock, the decision between tactical or wood is mostly based on aesthetics. There are some weight differences between the two, but really, it is mostly an appearance question.

Metal Body:

While there are some plastic airsoft guns you can get, the best airsoft AK 47 guns are going to have a metal body. Plastic is reserved for first-time players and has a higher chance of breaking than the metal body. The best quality you are going to find is the kind that comes with a stamped steel receiver. Metal bodies are far more durable and a higher quality, even if they come at a higher price. You could go with a plastic body to start, but chances are the gun is going to break pretty quickly.

LTC Style AK 47:

The two primary types of an airsoft AK 47 are the Tokyo Marui style and the LCT style. Tokyo Marui has been around longer, but it is difficult to take apart to clean due to the quantity of screws in the gun. The LCT, however, is simple to break down and clean because it uses pins instead of screws. The LCT also looks more like a live ammo AK 47 than the Tokyo Marui, giving you a more realistic feeling when you are playing. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, the LCT is the best airsoft AK 47 design.

Benefits Of Airsoft AK 47 Over M4

Tactical Airsoft AK 47 Rifles

Both the airsoft AK 47 and the M4 have advantages, but the AK 47 is overall the better choice when you are choosing between the two in airsoft. Generally speaking, it is a personal preference to which one you should use, but there are some advantages to the AK 47.


In terms of durability, the airsoft AK 47 gun is a more durable gun. The AK 47 is usually made with stamped steel, which makes breaking it difficult. The M4 does not have the same level of steel in its construction. The AK 47 also uses enhanced reinforcement around the piston head.

Since piston head gets a lot of pressure and has a tendency to break, the extra reinforcement means the airsoft AKs will last longer than the M4s. The final piece that affects the durability of the AK 47 is the external wiring the M4 doesn’t have. External wiring prevents the mechanics of the gun to get caught on the inside.


If durability is not really your concern when deciding on an airsoft gun, you should at least consider the accuracy between the airsoft AK 47 and the M4. The AK47 has a hop-up unit that is screwed into the outer barrel. With the M4, the hop-up is spring-loaded against the gearbox. The AK 47 also has a slide-based hop-up system that is easy to clean or adjust, but really doesn’t need much in the way of adjustment since it does not have a take-up to throw it off like the M4 does. Finally, the airsoft AK 47 has the ideal barrel length for the best possible accuracy.

5 Best Airsoft AK 47 Guns Of 2018



Play Level



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1. JG AK47S Rifle

Editor's Choice



7.75 lbs


2. Double Eagle AK47

Budget Friendly



5 lbs


3.E&L A110-C AK 47

High Performance



9 lbs


4. Lancer Tactical AK47



6.15 lbs


5. Golden Eagle AK47



6.5 lbs


1. JG Full Metal Gearbox AK47S Airsoft Rifle 

Best Airsoft AK 47 Overall (Editor's Choice)

The best airsoft AK 47 gun is the JG Full-Metal Gearbox. It brings with it the reliably, durability, and accuracy that you need to be competitive in airsoft.


This is a heavy-duty AK 47 with a polymer receiver. Its gearbox is all metal. It is designed to take seamless .20 gram or heaver BBs, giving you the option to move up to something heavier if you prefer. The JG AK 47S is 34 inches in length and has a 455 millimetre inner barrel. The tactical metallic rear folding stock allows the gun to adapt to your style of play. This AK 47 is a little heavier than other guns due to its metal body, coming in at 7.5 pounds.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The JG AK 47S has a muzzle velocity of 380 to 410 feet per second. The magazine is a gear-wind up design with a 600-round capacity. As most AK 47s are, the JG can operate both semi-automatic and fully automatic. This gun also comes with a precision polished tight bore barrel that improves the gun’s overall durability, but also improves accuracy since it has no possible catches internally.

Who It’s Best For

One of the best features that you will find with the JG AK 47S is that it is a versatile gun. That means that it can work well for beginners or advanced players alike. The gun is adaptable to suit your needs and your style of gameplay, making it the best airsoft AK 47 that you can get.

  • High velocity, reaching up to 410 FPS
  • 600-round capacity magazine with a gear wind-up
  • plus
    Precision polished tight bore barrel
  • plus
  • plus
    Versatile and adaptive to any kind of gameplay
  • Heavy, weighing in at 7.5 pounds before you put the BBs in

2. Double Eagle Airsoft AK47 AEG ABS

Budget Friendly

If the price of the JG AK 47S makes you cringe, there is a budget option that is also a good choice. The Double Eagle Airsoft AK 47 is the best airsoft AK 47 on a budget.


The Eagle comes with a wood stock with a metal outer barrel. The Eagle also has the classic folding stock option, allowing you to extend or retract depending on your preference. The gun is 30 to 35.8 inches, depending on whether you have the stock unfolded or not. This AK 47 also has a metal gearbox. The Eagle might be metal, but it also manages to be lightweight, coming in at only 5 pounds due to the ABS plastic body. The rifle does not look plastic, however, due to the wood and the metal overlay, giving it the appearance of being a full-metal gun.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The magazine capability of the Eagle is not as high as the JG version, holding only 350 rounds. The Eagle is both semi-automatic and full-automatic with a functional safety setting. The muzzle velocity is 360 feet per second, which is about average for this type of airsoft gun.

Who It's Best For

The Double Eagle Airsoft AK 47 is a straightforward airsoft rifle, which makes it a great choice for beginners and enthusiasts alike. The plastic body might not be a first choice for the more advanced players, however, because plastic rifles tend to not be as durable, but makes it a great choice for new players.

  • Folding stock
  • Lightweight, weighing in at 5 pounds
  • plus
    Straightforward rifle, great choice for beginners
  • plus
    Muzzle velocity of 360 feet per second
  • plus
    350 round magazine capacity
  • Plastic body which is not as durable as a full metal body

3. E&L Full Metal A110-C PMC-C AK47 RAS Airsoft AEG 

High Performance

For players who are more careful with their shots and looking for a high performance rifle, the E&L A110-C PMC-C AK 47 is the best AK airsoft model.


The E&L AK 47 has a full metal body for enhanced durability. Unfortunately, the full metal body means that the gun is especially heavy, weighing in at 9 pounds. The weight is actually on par with a real AK 47, however, giving you a more realistic experience. The E&L has a folding stock, making the gun anywhere from 32 to 35 inches, depending on whether the stock is folded. While the E&L is an AK 47 model, it has a M4-styled crane stock. In addition, the E&L has an ambidextrous QD sling mount, which you really will not find with many other airsoft rifles.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The E&L has a reinforced full metal version 3 gearbox with 7mm bearings, a nylon piston with silent piston head, and a smooth M110 spring for a high velocity. The E&L shoots up to 380 feet per second. The carbine-length barrel improves the accuracy of the rifle. The integrated rail system also allows you to customize the rifle to suit your needs.

Who It's Best For

The E&L is a high performance airsoft ak 47 rifle, making it a good choice for intermediate to advanced and competitive players. Beginners might have a rough time with this rifle as it is not straightforward or easy to use.

  • Nylon piston has a silent piston head to reduce sound
  • Shoots up to 380 feet per second
  • plus
    ​All-metal body and gearbox makes it a durable rifle
  • plus
    Ambidextrous QD sling mount
  • plus
    ​Retractable M4-style crane stock
  • Low magazine round capacity at 120 rounds

4. Lancer Tactical AK47 RIS Airsoft AEG 

The Lancer Tactical Beta Project AK 47 is an airsoft rifle that acts more like a modern equivalent to the classic AK 47.


The Lancer AK 47 is designed to resemble the classic AK 47, but with some modern updates. Designed with an ambidextrous mock charging handle, an ergonomic grip, and a six-position tactical crane stock, the Lancer is comfortable to use for any hand with a reliable grip to keep it easy to hold onto. The grip is well-suited for hands of any size. The body of the Lancer is polymer, which makes it a light 6.15 pounds.

Fire Power & Accuracy

The Lancer has a high velocity, firing at 380 feet per second. The magazine also has a high capacity, holding 500 rounds, which is more than many of the gun’s competitors. The rail system along the top of the gas tube allows players to really customize the gun to meet your needs.

Who It's Best For

The Lancer AK47 is really designed for more advanced players. It is essentially a budget option for a high performance rifle, which is what the more experienced players would rather be using. The polymer body might not be the first choice for experienced players, but it does make the gun lighter for a faster style of gameplay or for players who are younger who cannot carry the heavyweight rifles easily.

  • Lightweight, coming in at 6.15 pounds
  • High capacity 500 round magazine
  • plus
    ​High velocity at 380 feet per second
  • plus
    Rail system has the ability to hold many different accessories
  • plus
    ​Adjustable stock to transition from long range to CQB engagement with adjustable length of pull
  • Polymer body is light, but not as durable as a metal body would be

5. Golden Eagle Airsoft AK47 Airsoft AEG 

Our final airsoft AK 47 review is of the Golden Eagle Airsoft AK 47, which is an adorable option for a straightforward airsoft rifle.


The Golden Eagle AK 47 is lightweight rifle with a polymer body, weighing only 6.5 pounds. The flip-up forward sight is a nice touch, allowing you to use it when you want to as well. The outer body and barrel of the Golden Eagle is metal, so you will still get that classic AK 47 look even if the gun is not completely metal. Unlike the other guns we have reviewed here, the Golden Eagle has a blue color to it, which is a little less military and a little more of a fun touch.

Fire Power & Accuracy

Like most of the AK 47 models, the Golden Eagle has both semi-automatic and full-automatic firing modes with functional safety. The magazine for the Golden Eagle is high capacity, holding up to 400 rounds. The sling mount swivels in order to keep your rifle secure during battle. The muzzle velocity of the Golden Eagle is 350 feet per second, which is pretty good for the level of rifle this is.

Who It's Best For

The Golden Eagle is a good choice for beginner players. The design is simple, making it straightforward, but it might be too simple for more experienced players. Additionally, the blue color is not as tactical as more serious players would opt for.

  • Lightweight polymer body, weighing in at 6.5 pounds
  • Ergonomic motor grip
  • plus
    High capacity 400 rounds magazine
  • plus
    Flip-up forward sight
  • plus
    Folding stock to allow you to play how you would like to
  • Blue color is a little fun and different, but it makes the gun less tactical appearing than other airsoft AK 47 rifles

AK 47 History

The AK 47 was a Russian-designed military weapon that came about following World War Two. The number 47 is in reference to the year it was first manufactured – 1947. The AK stands for “Avtomat Kalashnikova,” which means “automatic weapon of Kalashnikov.”

Mikhail Kalashnikov was a soldier who created the automatic weapon to compete with the Germans. The gun was created in order to provide a reliable and easy-to-use automatic rifle that could still work in any weather condition. Because of its reliability as well as its durability, the AK 47 has consistently been a popular style of gun for many different types of guns. Even though the ammunition used in airsoft is not the same as the ammunition that you would use in live ammo, the design of the gun is the same in either situation. There are other AK models out there, but none have reached the popularity that the AK 47 has.

Final Verdict

When deciding on the best airsoft AK 47 rifle for you, there are several factors that you have to consider, including your level of play as well as what you would like to get out of your rifle. Overall, the best choice is the JG AK 47 model. Not only is the JG inexpensive, but it has the highest magazine capacity and highest velocity that you can find, making it the best gun that you can get.

The higher performance AK 47s, like the E&L have the option for more attachments and customizations than the lower-end rifles, but whether you need the attachments relies entirely on how you like to play the game and the level of military feel that you are hoping to get out of the gun.

Ultimately, the top airsoft AK47s are going to have a great velocity, be simple to use, and be durable enough to last a long while.

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